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7 Signs You Don't Need a New Job, You Need a New Life
7 Signs You Don't Need a New Job, You Need a New Life
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7 Signs You Don't Need a New Job, You Need a New Life


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Published in: Career
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  • 1. January 31st, 2013 Published by: Rokadudle7 Signs You Don’t Needa New Job, You Need aNew Life7 Signs You Don’t Need a New Job, You Need a New LifeYou may not need a new job; you may just need to step out onto the ledgeand jump for a new life.1. You’re underpaid. Aren’t most people who work a job underpaid? If you need a new job and you’re underpaid at your oldjob, will a pay raise be the answer? Being underpaid can lead to feeling undervalued. Depending on the type of work that youdo, a new job will not help you. 1
  • 2. January 31st, 2013 Published by: Rokadudle2. You dread going into work. If you can’t get up to go to work, it’s ok. But if you DON’T want to get up to go to work, then thereare some personal issues that have to be dealt with. Depression can start to kick in around this time and a better alternativethan dreading each and every morning is to CHANGE.3. It’s the wrong job/career. Considering I worked three careers in one decade, you can see when you need a new job, it mightnot be the answer. You may just need to move onto working for yourself. You’ll know because the passion for your job/careerwill start to diminish.4. Don’t align with your values. If you have high moral values, but your job only thinks of profits, you’re going to snap whenyou ignore your values for so long.5. You’re bored. Holding down a job for a long time will likely lead to boredom. When you know how to do more things aroundthe office than the boss, your value will increase, but your enthusiasm will wane over time. Stimulation will help breathe newlife into each new day, week, or month. But repetition is the killer of dreams.6. You’re not growing. A job should provide some sort of challenge to stimulate growth into a new position. But if you reachthe top, or you have no way of getting to the top, then you’re trading time for money.Walking away from the job world is an exhilarating feeling. On my last day at my job, there was a small celebration.You will walk out into a world where you can take control of your future and start to create the life that you want. 2