5 Hard-Hitting Online Marketing Tactics for Sustainable Offline Growth


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Drive more business through your front door with these online NINJA tactics. Shown to increase customers, increase loyalty, and decrease overhead, which means…


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5 Hard-Hitting Online Marketing Tactics for Sustainable Offline Growth

  1. 1. February 4th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleLanell Beckles5 Hard-Hitting Online Marketing Tactics for Sustainable OfflineGrowthMaintaining a small business can be much simpler when online marketingtactics are used to spread your business to a wider audience.You are probably looking to integrate online marketing tactics that will help sustain your offline business and within a shortperiod of time, increase revenues and maintain customer loyalty.Well, if those are your goals, then what you will find are 5 hard-hitting online marketing tactics that when used effectively canincrease customer loyalty, increase referral rates, and decrease overhead.Online Marketing Tactics #1: Start building an email list. Build your email list through through your existing customers. Whatdo you craft in your emails?Anything you desire. Customer loyalty will actually increase when they understand what is happening with your business. Bepersonal, while providing value they can use from the services you provide.Also through your emails you can talk about upcoming specials, coupons, or events happening around your offline business.Building an email list is one of the best online marketing tactics that can save you time dealing with customers. Aweber is apreferred choice of many online marketers, although there are other choices.Online Marketing Tactics #2: Get involved through social media. Social media has made it very easy to maintain a relationshipwith a large group of customers. Facebook fan pages have become very popular for not only posting updates, but also providingvalue as well.Although Facebook and Twitter are the preferred social media outlets, YouTube is becoming a powerhouse in social media. People prefer to watch videos and you can provide to the marketplace great content through video in the forms of entertainment,information, and even motivation. 1
  2. 2. February 4th, 2013 Published by: RokadudleSocial media is also a fantastic way to get feedback about your business. Simply post questions on your Facebook wall and waitfor responses. Instantaneous feedback through social media can provide clear direction for your business improvements.Online Marketing Tactics #3: Get ranked in local searches. If you want to gain more customers, find your way to the top ofsearch engines. The Yellow Pages are slowly becoming outdated as Google and other search engines are starting to take on thatrole. By finding your way to the top of Google, you will find MORE people who seek out your business.Hiring a SEO specialist is the fastest way to get to the top of Google, but unless you have a big advertising budget, it is unlikelyyou will spend $1000s for this speciality. There are tools you can use to push your ranking up and they range from $20 for aflat fee to over $1000 per month.This is one those online marketing tactics that will drive customers through your front door very fast. Figure out if it worththe cost and choose wisely.Online Marketing Tactics #4 Market affiliate products. Cut down on your overhead by providing less products from your storeand offering more products through online marketing. Become an affilate of Amazon and offer your merchandise from thewebsite. Or ask your providers if they will pay you a online affiliate commission for anyone that buys from your website.Using these online marketing tactics with marketing affiliate products will lower your overhead from unused products on theshelves.Online Marketing Tactics #5: Start a blog. A blog is one of the online marketing tactics that give your business a personal touch,keeping customers loyal. Use your blog similar to how you would use your email online tactics by giving just as much value toyour viewers as you do in your email.There are free blogs that you can use; however, you will have a hard time finding the top of the search engines with these blogsbecause they are not optimized for your business.Instead you can build your own website with a blog.Take these online marketing tactics and you will find morecustomers walking through your door than you can imagine.Since you are looking for a way to utilize these online tactics, would you be interested in a platform that give you all these toolsfor a fraction of the price?A professional blog can cost you $1000s of dollars depending on the site design. And find your way to the top of the searchengines can be a effort that can cost you time and/or money.But what if there was a way to start a blog, market affiliate products, and find your way to the top of the search engines FASTER?You can get all that for the cost of $25 a month.Interested in this ninja online marketing tactics tool? 2