5 Mistakes New Bloggers Make When Trying to Make Money Online


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Are you ready to become an authority blogger instead of "just another blogger"?

These common mistakes can save you time and money and also help you JUMP THE LINE to blogging success. Key points that will help you become an authority blogger and make money in the process.

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5 Mistakes New Bloggers Make When Trying to Make Money Online

  1. 1. 5 Mistakes NewBloggers Make WhenTrying to Make Money Online By Lanell Beckles
  2. 2. 1. What Do THEY Want?O Answer These Questions When Formulating a Blog Post O Who cares (target audience)? O So what (why should they read it)? O What’s in it for them (the reader)?O Attract readers by giving value THEY can useO Blog with a specific intention to provide value and make money.
  3. 3. 2. Who Are You? And Who Cares? O Gain a following… O Then invest in a website O Building your brand STARTS with your value O Not your name in lights or in the header O High-quality websites can cost hundreds or thousands O Without traffic, why bother? O Commit to creating great content, and driving traffic.
  4. 4. Syndicate, Syndicate…O Syndicate O In the beginning, sharing content is important O SEO strategies are long term strategy O Syndication is short term and necessaryO Key syndication strategies O Facebook groups O Pinterest O Spinning Your Blog Into Other Forms O Video O SlideShare O Audio?
  5. 5. Flexibility in StrategyO Find what works… O And stick to it.O Track traffic to popular postO The best post may not be the one you think O Create more content around that postO Track syndication efforts O Where are your readers coming from? O Keep tapping into that resource
  6. 6. Call to ActionO Is the purpose to just get the readers to read? O No…O What do you want your readers to do when they finish post? O Like? O Share? O Subscribe O BuyO Syndication efforts will be easier when others share your contentO Ask them to buy… O …to make money online
  7. 7. Start Blogging On PurposeO Join network that trains you to be successful bloggerO Teaches you the marketing strategies to get traffic and convert.O Become an authority by reaching the first page of GoogleO High quality blogging platform makes it simple to make money blogging
  8. 8. What do you get?O Powerful, ready-to-go blogging platform with existing Google authority O Ranked #117 as of 3/6/13O Blogging strategies not found anywhere on the market… O How to get thousands of readers in less than 2 hours of work…FOR FREE!! O How to find hidden topics to blog about that no one knows about… O How to get people to buy from you without ever picking up the phone… O How to build your brand AND get paid to build it…
  9. 9. Ready?
  10. 10. Start now by going to:http://www.socialmediabar.com/90day-challenge