Research Skills - Sharp Searching
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  • 1. Making the Mostof Google Searches Learn to Search Like a Librarian
  • 2. Everyone Googles! It’s no secret!
  • 3. Making the Most of GoogleFine-tuning “googling” skills better command of searches leading to validand more reputable results.
  • 4. Use Likely Words Avoid questions for queries.  NO: Where can I find a cheap hotel in Savannah?  YES: cheap hotel SavannahAvoid extra words to connect search terms.  NO: documentation on knee replacement surgery  YES: knee replacement surgery
  • 5. Be Specific Avoid ambiguous searches.  NO: java  YES: Java Indonesia  YES : java coffee  YES: java programming  NO: Michael Johnson  YES : Michael Johnson guitarist  YES: Michael Johnson sprinter  YES : Michael Johnson Georgia Tech football
  • 6. Brevity Stick with a few concise terms.  NO: programs on how to lose weight  YES: weight loss programs Spelling Stick with a few concise terms.  NO: programs on how to lose weight  YES: weight loss programs
  • 7. Stop Words Google ignores certain search words.  Common Google Stop Words – a, all, any, few, how, in, into, of, more, most, my, only, so, some, such, the, this, those, through, very, which, while, who, whom, why, with…  BUT Google is “smart” enough to generalize when not to ignore a stop word. Example – Google will not ignore the “for,” “whom” and “the” in a searching Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls.
  • 8. Become Familiar with Operators  Minus Sign  The minus sign excludes a term(s) in the results and used by librarians to filter a search term with multiple connotations.  jaguar –football –Jacksonville –car  #..#  Search a range of numbers.  Martha Stewart Halloween 2008..2011, editions 3..8  Wildcard –> *  Placeholder for a word(s), letter(s) or number(s).  pumpkin * recipe, Jan * 2011, environ*
  • 9. Become Familiar with Operators >  Add site:> to only search a type of site (ex: .gov or .edu) or a specific website url.  grammar activities site:> .edu  Hubble telescope images site:> or  Tells Google to search for either variable though not necessarily together.  crescent moon or quarter moon Filetype:  Google will only yield sources of the requested filetype.  Women* suffrage filetype:ppt
  • 10. Become Familiar with Operators  define:  Use this preceding anything unfamiliar.  define:kerning, define:planking  quotes:  Surround an exact phrase with quotes.  “But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”  phonebook:  Fast way to locate a telephone number.  phonebook:Rite Aid Peachtree Rd
  • 11. Become Familiar with Operators  related:  Browse sites with similar content.   movie:  Instant 411 of current movies – times, reviews, rating (G, PG, PG-13, R), trailers, etc.  movie:Moneyball  weather:  Quick weather synopsis by location.  weather:31093, weather:Paris, weather:Turner Field
  • 12. Bibliography Images Sources: in-google-places.png 675_468x286.jpg s%20world%20war%20I.jpg On-the-Internet.jpg clip-art.jpg content/uploads/2010/05/real_stop_sign.jpg