Kindergarten Holidays Enrichment Unit


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Kindergarten Holidays Enrichment Unit

  1. 1. Reading Enrichment UnitAs it is late Fall, I have decided to continue with my Holidays theme from my initiative inthe middle school but tailor it for the lower elementary school level instead. In composingthis unit the following Georgia Performance Standards for Kindergarten will be considered:SSKH (In essence, students learn to identify and understand holidays.), ELAKR6 (Inessence, students gain meaning from orally presented text).This Fall, I am conducting a reading enrichment unit with one of the Kindergarten classes atCarter Elementary School. There are 21 students in this class – 13 boys and 8 girls.The first segment will consist of talking to the students about the significance of holidayswhich will lead into the opening segment. Christmas and Hanukkah are not a part of thespecified holidays that are required for inclusion in the above standard, but Thanksgiving isincluded among these. Since this grade level at this school chooses to include Christmas andHanukkah each school year, I will follow their lead.In introducing Thanksgiving, we will talk about how it represents a time to be thankful forthe most important things in each of our lives, i.e. family, friends, pets, food to eat, water todrink, etc. (The classroom teacher will already be reinforcing this in her routine holidayteachings. The students will be learning about the first Thanksgiving, making lists of whatthey are thankful for, along with a cut and paste turkey art project and their classroomThanksgiving dinner.) We will talk about how Thanksgiving begins a special holiday seasonwhere we spend time with our families and friends and ends with a time of giving andsharing at Christmas. I. I will read the following holiday season books: a.) How the Grinch Stole Christmas, by Dr. Seuss b.) Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect, by Richard Schneider c.) My Two Holidays: A Hanukkah and Christmas Story, by Danielle Novack & Phyllis Harris
  2. 2. We will talk about how older family members sometimes live in special homes where theyhave nurses who can help them do everyday tasks (cook for them, read to them, brush theirhair, etc.) and take care of them if they are sick. II. I will read My Grandma’s in a Nursing Home, by Judy Delton and Dorothy Tucker which is a story about a little boy named Jason whose grandmother must be moved to a nursing home to help with her Alzheimers disease. III. I am partnering with another school to adopt 20 nursing home residents with Alzheimers disease this holiday season. The Kindergarten classes and the teachers will be collecting items requested by the home to fill 10 (of 20 total) stockings for these residents. I am coordinating these efforts and will fill the stockings and deliver them in December. In addition to the stockings, the home has requested cards that are signed by the students so that the residents will feel as if it they are receiving a personal card.
  3. 3. IV. We will make Christmas cards in the class using American Greeting’s free online printable card making program ( to be delivered to the residents also. I will divide the students into small groups of 2- 3 at a time, and we will create cards for Christmas that the students will sign after printing.