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Aaacvb Social Media Workshop 201
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Aaacvb Social Media Workshop 201


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOP Session 2 “ Socially Aware” 06.10.09
    • 2. Your Presenters
      • Ben Isenberg
      • Lane Douglas
    • 3. Preliminaries
      • Entire slideshow available as a PDF download on following this seminar.
      • Details will be provided at the end.
    • 4. Today’s Agenda
      • Social Workshop Series Timeline
      • Review of Key Elements of Last Session
      • Listening in the Social World
      • Developing a Social Strategy
      • Tools and Tips
      • Look Forward - Socially Active
    • 5. Social Workshop Series Timeline
    • 6. “Collect All 3”
      • Today’s workshop is the second of 3 over the next couple of months.
      • The workshops build upon one another.
      Socially Awkward 05.13.09 Socially Aware 06.10.09 Socially Active 07.08.09
    • 7. First Session Review
    • 8. So, do you think you can “lock up” your brand?
    • 9. A Brand Built on Security
    • 10. Overwhelming!
    • 11. A little cleanup...
    • 12. Social Categories
    • 13. “ There’s a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.” SPEED OF COMMUNICATION
    • 14. Listening in the Social World
    • 15. Dude It’s a Dell
    • 16. Dude, Do You Really Want a Dell!
    • 17. Let the Parodies Begin
    • 18. Then the Blogs Hit
    • 19. Dell Responds
      • Michael Dell returned to run the company after three years
      • Quality improved
      • And most importantly, Dell began participating with bloggers and social media experts
    • 20. Dell’s Social Strategy
      • Listening: Brand Monitoring
      • Blogging: Direct2Dell
      • Crowdsourcing: Ideastorm
      • Microblogging: 22 Corporate Accounts on Twitter
      • Virtual Worlds: Second Life island
    • 21. Brand Monitoring Source: Forrester Wave™: Listening Platforms
    • 22. DirectoDell
    • 23. IdeaStorm
    • 24. Twitter Accounts
    • 25. Second Life
    • 26. Grounded in Statistics
      • At start of program, 49% of blog posts were negative. Today, overall tonality is 22% negative.
      • Direct2Dell currently ranked about 700 on Technorati, among the highest corporate blogs.
      • Direct2Dell gets more than 5 million unique views per month
      • Over 7000 ideas have been submitted via IdeaStorm
      • Studio Dell is gets more than 200,000 views per month
    • 27. And How the Press has Turned Source: Business Week
    • 28. Develop a Social Strategy
    • 29. What is a Brand Community?
      • Direct Marketing - Consumer Database?
        • Does not link the community
      • Social Media Platforms?
        • A tool to help unite the community
      • Viral User Generated Campaigns
        • Short term, objective focused effort
    • 30. Brand Community
      • A group of people with a set of shared interests attached to a company/brand/product/idea, having the intention to improve its business operations for themselves and/or the brand’s benefit.
      Source: Agent Wildfire
    • 31. Community Goals
      • Connect the brand with the consumers
      • Establish a consumer based community
      • Connect the brand community members
    • 32.
      • Hired MotiveQuest to monitor online buzz.
      • Discovered Mini-owners were 4 times more likely to talk online than any other auto brand. (w/exception of Volkswagen Jetta.)
      • Mini-owners were sharing pictures and stories and saw themselves as an exclusive club.
      • Mini chose to focus marketing towards current owners and NOT prospective buyers.
      • Goal was to use word-of-mouth, and not other conventional means to market the car.
      • J.D. Power & Associates (2006) showed that Mini outranked every other manufacturer in owner’s likelihood to recommend their car to others.
      • 2100 photos posted on Flickr, and over 3,000 owners came to Mini sponsored events. Sold 38,000 Mini-Coopers that year.
    • 33. The Social Technographics Ladder
    • 34. The Social Technographics Profile Toys-R-Us and L.L. Bean
    • 35. Identify the Benefits
      • Increase Traffic & Conversions
      • Enhance Brand Loyalty
      • Improved Insight and Feedback
      • Public Relations Management
      • Viral Marketing through the Community
      • Feed the Online Conversation
    • 36. Organizational Audit
      • Does your firm have the passion for this?
      • Do your customers want this?
      • Do you want to truly listen/capitalize on your community’s/customer’s input?
      • Do you have the manpower and resources to support the effort?
      • Does your organization provide a consistent effort throughout the customer experience?
      • Can you make a large enough commitment to see the returns?
      • What areas of community input could you most benefit from?
      Source: Agent Wildfire
    • 37. Chevy Tahoe Ad
    • 38. Community Manager
      • Community management = building relationships with people
      • Gives a human face to the company, lets people know there are real people behind the brand.
      • Gives people a direct point of contact within the company for questions, problems, or feedback.
    • 39. What Skills Are Needed?
      • Dedication and persistence
      • Clear understanding of the brand
      • A connection with the brand community
      • Self motivation and a willingness to try new ideas
      • Project management & multitasking skills
      • Strong written skills
      • Ability to create new content (copy, imagery, messaging, etc).
      • Experience with social media & online platforms
    • 40. What Kind of Person
      • Can’t be a control freak
      • Outgoing personality
      • Sense of humor
      • Sociable
        • Ability to start conversations and encourage people to join the conversation.
    • 41. Text
    • 42. Conversions
    • 43. Success Metrics
      • Empower the listening ability of our organization to our community’s needs and desires.
      • Build an awareness of our organization through non-marketing efforts, measured by favorable or at least non-negative mentions on other blogs, forums, and in Twitter.
      • Deliver a blog and/or media platform that’s useful to the community at large, and that grows in number of subscribers as well as engaged commenters.
    • 44. The Marketing Funnel Awareness Consideration Preference Action Loyalty Eyeballs Buyers
    • 45. Hewlett-Packard
      • Hundreds of products, tons of software and billions of dollars in services.
      • Wanted to help the consumer make the intelligent choice in selecting the right product for their needs.
      • 50 corporate executives across the various divisions started company-sponsored blogs.
      • Exec over printer division posted a blog piece on which HP printers were “Vista-Ready.”
      • Other bloggers, rather than writing their own reviews, simply linked to the HP blog since it came from the “experts.”
      • Blog rose to #1 ranking on Google for the search “HP printers Vista .”
    • 46. Most Embarrassing Moment
    • 47. Twitter = Ask the Audience
    • 48. Twitter Makes the Sale
    • 49. “ The online world, or what we call the internet, is first and foremost about information.” Jakob Nielsen Nielsen-Norman Group Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 2.5
    • 50. “ There’s a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy.” SPEED OF COMMUNICATION
    • 51.  
    • 52. The Twitter Cloud
      • Air France disaster looms large.
    • 53. What I learned long before CNN reported it. CNN reported it.
      • AirFrance plane disappeared from radar over Atlantic Ocean.
      • Debris field found NE of Brazil’s coast.
      • Water depth there ~21,000 ft.
      • 2 Americans on plane.
      • AirFrance had similar plane with similar route (Buenos Aires to Paris) delayed several days earlier due to bomb threat.
    • 54. Real-Time Trends Popular Today
    • 55. The speed at which information can be made available will become an increasingly important factor in brand loyalty.
    • 56. Where are you eating today?
    • 57. Tacos via Twitter
    • 58. Tools & Tips
    • 59. Questions?
    • 60. Thank You!
      • Ben Isenberg [email_address] twitter: bdisenber g
      • Lane Douglas [email_address] twitter: lanedougl as