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Review of the FASTmag Magazine carrier

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Fast Mag Review

  1. 1. Fast Mag Review Gen II Fast Mag from ITW Military Products Brought to you by DIY Tactical, the best source for making and modifying tactical gear and military textiles and hardware.
  2. 2. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II As a follow up to our earlier review... While at SHOT 08 I was able to check out the newest generation of the Fast Mag. This product is still being manufactured by Down East, Inc and distributed through ITW Military Products. Instead of rehashing the concept of the design I'll focus on the improvements. As with the original Fast Mag, the case is made of high impact, anti- fragmentation polymer with Ghillitex Technology to reduce IR signature. The Fast Mag is compatible with the Magpul P-Mag as well as standard USGI M16/M4 Magazines.
  3. 3. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II One of the things noted on my original review was the width of the mag holder. The earlier model essentially took up half a PALS column and required a full column between multiple Fast Mags. This is no longer an issue. The width of the device has been significantly reduced.
  4. 4. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II Down East has also redesigned the friction retention pads to be direct molded instead of riveted onto the body of the holder. I have been told that future versions will be color matched. I've also noticed that these pads have been made thicker to increase contact with the magazine in the pouch.
  5. 5. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II Another design change is seen with the tabs that hold the top of the Fast Mag steady. On the new version these have been angled back so as to provide a forward cant to the top of the mag . This provides a better angle for a more positive grip and makes it easier for the user to execute the slight twisting motion that allows for an easier release of the magazine when extracting. You will also notice in the above photo that the quot;Jump Strapquot; has been rerouted. While on the subject of the Jump strap they has also replaced the webbing pull tab with an ITW Nexus Zipcor. As a personal preference, I still prefer the pull tab.
  6. 6. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II The tension band that goes along the outside has been reworked. It had been replaced with a heavy rubber band. This band is now able to be adjusted up and down to adjust tension and rides in between raised ribs. These ribs provide additional rigidity to the body of the Fast Mag as well as offer protection to the rubber band. This band can also be removed entirely. One potential problem I see is that this band may over time get nicked and break or get lost after someone removes it.
  7. 7. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II While the newer version of the Fast Mag is much more secure than the previous I am still weary of mounting it upside down. I was able to get some movement jumping up and down with a loaded magazine in the fast mag while it was inverted. However not nearly as much as the previous model (I was able to get the mag to fall out completely) Based on past field experience and Murphy's Law I would recommend using the Jump Strap when inverted.
  8. 8. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II In the photo below you can see that there is now a drain hole on the bottom between the two attachment straps. This is a nice addition to allow for the drainage of water, dirt, and dust.
  9. 9. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II Finally there are Two versions of the Fast Mag. The one we have show here and a version designed to be belt mounted. The Belt mounted model has had the stabilizer tabs removed. See photo Below (courtesy ITW Military Products)
  10. 10. Gear Review: Fast Mag Gen II Overall there have been huge improvements to the original design which in and of itself was not a bad product. This Review has been Brought to you by DIY Tactical, LLC For more information you can look at the ITW Military Products website or the Down East Inc website. Product Sheet (.pdf)