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Manda Brookman, from CoaST presents at the NAAONB conference - A sustainable future for protected landscapes -

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  • An odd thing to say to a room full of what might be called conservationsists. (and one of the things that struck me yesterday is that this is a family driven by values. Used to arguing the point; used to pushgin water up hill. Feels like Ive come home
  • Because everyone else is doing it? Any examples of this?
  • And when it comes to talking about the land, the earth, protecting and investing in the stuff underfoot and how profoundly integral it is to our well-being, in lots of ways its about changing people’s minds…or helping them to change their own.
  • Need for distributed leadership; an irrigated leadership where we stand up and be very counted. All us of. We encourage positive deviance. Young, middling and old champions; trojan mice who can take new ideas where fear and apathy and anaemic thinking have held sway.
  • And we do this in three ways – my three points.
  • We worked with our ambassadors on a communicaiton masterclass, and helped them to explain the best day out they had every had. And in every single one, it involved a special person, and a special place. Mine? Going up to the cliffs to show my five year old duaghter her very first sunset - she grabbed my hand and said Mum, it makes me feel like you’re a queen, and Im a princess. That happened nearly ten years ago and we remember it every time we go there now.
  • Do we think we’ve done this? Not really listened to how we say stuff?? Shout out examples….
  • Do we think we’ve done this??  shout out examples…
  • Having said that…remember that we may need to speak the language, but not forgo our vision.
  • Because even if we have to prove the importance of the very earth we live off by giving it a number in pounds to the number crunchers, we need to know ourselves that that’s not even half the story
  • Engage and connect; and give others to skill to do the same. Light a fire in their bellies by showing what it could be like.
  • Tell the story of what means so much to us. And help others do the same.
  • Tell the story of what means so much to us. And help others do the same.
  • And we give them the tools they need to draw what they mean. To do what they believe, to connect with others.
  • The network thing…
  • Not just marketing…
  • This isn’t about empire building. It’s about seeing who you can make a conneciton with; we are social beings, and we want to be connected with.
  • And then it just grows…
  • Take us straight to my final point of three.
  • It’s about a story. Move beyond the “bounded lives” of urban living.
  • Inspiration.
  • This isn’t about teaching people the inner workings of a low energy light bulb, or the carbon footprint of their car journey.
  • Being asked to by someone you trust? Because the person means something to you – it’s a personal thing??
  • Be a leader. Be a positive deviant. They’re all around you.
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  • CoaST - naaonb presentation 2011

    1. 1. CoaST: Change for Good The National Association of Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty 13 th Annual Conference Tremough Campus, Cornwall CoaST: Cornwall Sustainable Tourism Project & The One Planet Tourism Network One Planet Tourism
    2. 2. CoaST : a small, independent not for private profit social enterprise, founded 8 years ago, and just growing… Our job: to help ensure tourism contributes to a resilient present – and future Over 1,300 members One of the fastest growing networks of its kind… One Planet Tourism
    3. 3. One Planet Tourism (from this in 2004…) “ environmental input does NOT equal economic output ”.
    4. 4. To this: Not just Cornwall. Not just tourism. One Planet Tourism
    5. 5. One Planet Tourism across the UK…
    6. 6. Taiwan Chile New Zealand South Africa Oz Cyprus Scotland Wales Ireland US Canada Italy Venezuela France Poland Sierra Leone Slovakia Contagious change...happening whether we’re ready or not…
    7. 7. One Planet Tourism Context: Tourism is a big deal in Cornwall: - over 25% of our GDP - employs one in five of our population - brings in £1.7b pa - over 80% of visitors coming here because of the environment That’s a Big Thing to be operating unsustainably.
    8. 8. One Planet Tourism <ul><li>Our job: to generate change. </li></ul><ul><li>- stimulating micro business action on the ground </li></ul><ul><li>- going viral </li></ul><ul><li>generating “change for good”… </li></ul>
    9. 9. Game Changers. Early Adopters. Bell Cows . Positive Deviants.
    10. 10. One Planet Tourism Talking sheep.
    11. 11. One Planet Tourism “ Changing attitudes towards climate change is not like selling a particular brand of soap – it’s like convincing someone to use soap in the first place.” Futerra
    12. 12. One Planet Tourism It comes down to influence. It comes down to communication ; and inspiration.
    13. 13. This is the science bit. Concentrate.
    14. 14. visitors councillors colleagues peer businesses friends family mates employees employers neighbours supply chains our children distributed leadership positive deviance young, middling and old champions Trojan mice trusted advisors
    15. 15. One Planet Tourism 1: (only) connect
    16. 16. One Planet Tourism Understand it’s an emotional connection that works. Use the right words. Draw a great picture. Tell an amazing story. Animate, bring to life our mission to protect and enhance the landscape. And HRH said it: “we are as much a part of the whole system of the thing” as is nature
    17. 17. 1 million seconds: 1 billion seconds: 1 trillion seconds: Stories not numbers: values not stuff; setting light to someone’s mind… how you say something really matters. 12 days 31 years 31,688 years
    18. 18. We should listen to ourselves sometimes. One Planet Tourism
    19. 19.   One Planet Tourism And just because it makes perfect sense to you …  
    20. 20. One Planet Tourism Draw the right pictures in people’s minds. the economy society The environment
    21. 21. And especially to remind ourselves… (imagine a world where we justified economic activity by its contribution to social wellbeing and environmental growth.) society the environment the economy
    22. 22. … over three hundred people qualified with a BTEC in Sustainable Tourism (the first in the UK). - 3 day course - includes writing an environmental policy - starts writing a green certification action plan people, place and prosperity
    23. 23. people, place and prosperity
    24. 24. people, place and prosperity
    25. 25. Fowey’s very own Visitor Charter One Planet Tourism
    26. 26. Fowey’s very own Visitor Charter One Planet Tourism
    27. 27. people, place and prosperity pro-sperity: in accordance with our hopes. And the words we use matter. We should use them well. eco-logy: eco-nomics : management of the home; husbandry of our resources. knowledge of our resources
    28. 29. One Planet Tourism 2: expand
    29. 30. people, place and prosperity The network thing……
    30. 31. One Planet Tourism Our job: to generate change. - stimulating micro business action on the ground - going viral - generating “change for good”…
    31. 32. Taiwan Chile New Zealand South Africa Oz Cyprus Scotland Wales Ireland US Canada Italy Venezuela France Poland Sierra Leone Slovakia Contagious change...happening whether we’re ready or not…
    32. 33. One Planet Tourism
    33. 34. … big ones…little ones… … two person bands and a dog, or big multilingual green teams… … giving presentations, writing articles, inspiring other businesses, winning awards, provoking their supply chains to change.. One Planet Tourism
    34. 35. ..and we realised that our Ambassador business weren’t just influencing and inspiring other tourism businesses… they were changing the way our visitors behave : One Planet Tourism
    35. 36. Doing it right, and thereby, so simply, encouraging their visitors to do the same…
    36. 37. … making it easy… …” edited choice”…
    37. 38. and explaining why… One Planet Tourism
    38. 40. .. (captive audiences …) One Planet Tourism
    39. 41. people, place and prosperity … from fish n chip shops…
    40. 42. … resort holiday providers …
    41. 44. One Planet Tourism … from members all across the UK and further, sharing good practice, attending our many events, talking with their visitors, lobbying for change, raising the bar with every action they take…
    42. 45. One Planet Tourism 3: inspire
    43. 46. “ Dear Dave and Leza   Thank you so much for the most fantastic break we have just had !   I feel somewhat inspired by your “green” attitude and carrying each bottle and mostly plastic tray outside individually made me realise just how much rubbish we produce. We have the “Green Shop” in Bisley by us and I shall purchase more cleaning material etc from there in the future. Also seeing your fabulous grass roofs made Jason see sense and we hope to have one on our extension when we come to it..”… One Planet Tourism
    44. 47. This is about selling the sizzle of sustainability; generating excitement of what the world could look like if we did it all right…
    45. 48. Or because now it’s personal? He didn’t say…
    46. 49. “ The most significant direct impacts made by successful behaviour change campaigns were as a result of the role of leaders and champions …” (DEFRA “Selling Sustainability”, 2008: )
    47. 50. leadership positive deviancy sausages and hell the importance of the story social norm passion metrics of change social impact wellbeing the habit habit ego fear resilience   Way beyond light bulbs.
    48. 51. Two last thoughts: Landscapes for Life… there is an economy of the environment; we talk about eco-system goods and services; but any economy has to be not just about consumption , but equally about investment . … and just in case you ever feel that you just don’t have the energy to get out of bed and make the same arguments to the same people again…..
    49. 52. people, place and prosperity Don’t stop now, AONB’ers. You’re carrying the fire. Thank you! CoaST: Tel 01872 562 057 [email_address] Free membership, open to all… 20 countries and counting