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  1. 1. The Rainbow of the Nile By: Taylor Orchard
  2. 2. Once upon a time in a small community in Egypt, there were three best friends named Seth, Osiris, and Isis. One day, thevillagers were all called together to have a meeting to discuss what to do with the flooding problems. Osiris Isis Seth The whole town came together and were requested to have at least one idea as to how the flooding problems are going to be solved. They all met at the local work station. Everyone stopped working when the Leader came into sight.
  3. 3. “We have asked you all to gather to discuss our floodingproblems! We are hoping you all have thought of at least some logical ideas to solve this problem.” the leader announced which lowered the communities chatter.             Lately, the town has had too much water and not enoughplaces to put it. Without a place to put the water, Egypt had an enormous amount of flooding.
  4. 4. “What could hold all the extra water in all of Egypt?” Isis hadwondered after being stumped on what her response would be to present to the leader and the rest of the town.                         The three of them had decided to get together before themeeting of the town to get some ideas to present to the leaderand after hours of thinking, the ideas started to make sense.
  5. 5. “What if we built a well to hold the water?” Osiris had suggested but clearly it did not make sense.“No that wouldn’t hold enough water” Seth pointed out butpaused shortly after to be sure that was the right answer.                        Just a few minutes later, the idea came! A river built by the three of them!
  6. 6. “I got it!” Seth exclaimed, “A river built by the three of us!” “It could be dedicated to us. Great idea, Seth!” his friends exclaimed.                        All of them agreed that it just might work so when it cametime for them to present their idea, there was no way the leader could decline it.
  7. 7. “The three of us have come up with an irresistible idea!” Isis began. “We have decided that the three of us will build ariver. Of course only by your permission Madame.” The leader looked pleased!   PERFECT!!!   A river   built by   us!!                “What would this river be used for? Give me all the details so Ican evaluate the full process.” The leader seemed very pleased with the three of them and wanted to know more and more. This idea might just work!
  8. 8. “We would build it as soon as possible and the three of us would build it on our own to prevent any inconvenient.” Isis continued!“And it would be used for the water storage and also for sometransportation as well. For trading and just traveling.” Osiris added.                   That was all that it took to convince the Leader. Soon there would be a river at that very location.
  9. 9. “You can start tomorrow and I want it done in 10 days”.The three best friends had a good night’s rest and got up at 1am to get a good part of the river laid out.On the first day, the three friends split their jobs into three. Osiris: South side laid out until half way Seth: East and West side just width Isis: North side until she meets up with Osiris.                   “Whoa”    When Isis got to the North where the river was going to end, she had a pleasant surprise.
  10. 10. Right in front of her, there was a large arch that was made up of many colors. It was a rainbow! “Wow! I wonder where the rainbow leads to.” Isis said to herself.                        Isis decided that she would take a quick break and follow the rainbow. “It will only take a few minutes” she thought.
  11. 11. A couple hours later, she finally reached the end of the rainbow! “Wow! What could that be?” Lying in front of her, there was a large pot which as she got closer, held a pot of gold!                          Isis was in shock! She had no words to the extreme delight she was experiencing. She was speechless.
  12. 12. “Um……I can’t believe my eyes!” She said still baffled. She began to walk back with the pot of gold and went back to work for another half an hour since she had spent about 2hours finding the gold. When she got back to her friends they were in shock of the gold as well.                       Minutes went by and no words were said.
  13. 13. “I found it at the end of where the river will end! It was at the very end of the rainbow.” Isis explained feeling bad that she wasted hours of their work time. “This is amazing! We could hire employees to do the building for us now!” Seth exclaimed. “We could hire people to do the jobs in the middle and we could go to the other end tomorrow to find more gold!” Osiris said excitedly.                     The next day the three of them went to the Leader and called for a community meeting! They asked for help and they still could not see any reason for refusal when this was going to benefit all of the community.
  14. 14. “We have started the river in which we will call it the ‘Gift of the Nile’ and have discovered…” before Seth could finish his statement, Isis interrupted. “We have discovered that we will need help to build the middle! We will work on the ends so it is done in the correct way” Isis explained to save the secret of the gold find.                      Without a second thought, the whole community including theleader had offered to help. The next day they got off to a good start. The whole community got to work as the three best friends searched for more treasure.
  15. 15. “What if the Leader follows us? She’d be mad!” Osiris worried “It’ll be fine Osiris!” Seth reassured him. Isis was silent and Seth and Osiris looked at her hoping she would have an idea. “Let’s just wait until after the volunteers leave and then we’ll get it” Isis finallysaid which without a word said by the other 2, it was what they were going to do.
  16. 16. After a long day of work, the Leader did come and was very excited!“We’re half way done our part! We will be done the river by tomorrow thanks to all the communities help” the Leaderannounced with a microphone so all of the community could hear. A cheer came across the community!
  17. 17. The rest of the community left shortly after and the three friends went to find more treasure. After hours of walking, they found it. “Is that what I think it is Seth….” “It couldn’t be Isis…” “No way guys…” “It’s…MORE GOLD!!!” They exclaimed together.
  18. 18. The three of them were in luck! They had a pot of diamonds and then one of gold. They decided to keep the gold in the river and figured they would just come early and take it away! The next day the three of them got up bright and early to get to the river before everyone else. It worked! There was nobody in sight!                         The three friends walked from one end of the river to the other searching for the pot of gold and the other pot of silver but it was nowhere to be found.
  19. 19. “Where could it be? Now what will we do?” Seth said sadly. Without the gold and diamonds, they could not afford the equipment.                           The three of them hid their secret and began to work.
  20. 20. By the end of the day, the river was done and all that had to be done was make the water flow through the river!                             “This is great you three! We are going to dedicate the river to!”
  21. 21. The next day, the three met at a local diner where they had left their wagon over night to also get fixed and had a long discussion.“What are the citizens going to say when they find out that there is no money to pay for the supplies? Osiris worried. After they ate they decided that they should start searchingagain and hope the thief had returned the treasure even thoughthey all knew it wouldn’t be. As walked toward the wagon they noticed something in the back that seemed like a pot!
  22. 22. It was the pot of gold and silver! Without a second thought, the friends jumped for joy! “It’s back!!!! Who cares who took it, it’s back now!!!” The friends ran home and got ready for the event the Leader had set up titled, “Grand Opening of the Gift of the Nile”.       Grand Opening of the “Gift of the Nile               Starting 7-8 on September 25 th  They hid the pots and prepared for their grand appearance at the celebration.
  23. 23. As they walked through the main doors the audience cheered! “Bravo my friends!” the Leader said who was dressed in a beautiful evening gown and escorted by her husband! She beganher speech of the night as Isis, Seth, and Osiris was getting seated.                    The event would have speeches and toasts followed by the filling of the Nile River
  24. 24. “I would like to thank the community for all the help on building the river so efficiently and of course to whom we dedicate the river to, Isis,Seth, and Osiris!” the crowd applauded. “Now we shall all head out to the river as we fill it with our lovely Egyptian water!”                       Here was the ultimate test. Will the river hold all the water?
  25. 25. As we turned the water tank on, the citizens grew silent! The water filled up the river and was a perfect fit! And the rainbow was still there at the time. Nothing could of went better and Isis, Seth, and Osiris saved all of Egypt!
  26. 26. Well, they saved a small community but made Egypt a landmark that would give Egypt popularity in the future! As all fairytales end... And they lived happily ever after! The End!