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  • 1. Lost In SnowTaming Center - 9:10 AM-Tuesday It was a winter morning. Snow fell from the light grey clouds. The snow covered the ground likea white sheet. Ah-lam had gone with her mother, Ming to the Taming Center. Ah-lam’s black hair blewback in the cold wind. Ming opened the door to the Taming Center. Ah-lam walked inside. Ah-lam wasstill cold however; she was beginning to warm up. She now wished that she had stayed home with herbrother, Jai. Ah-lam thought her 19 year old brother was lucky to stay home. Ming closed the large door;it made a large bang that made Ah-lam jump. “Now let’s go Ah-lam.” Ming said in a soothing voice. Ming began to walk down the hall. Ah-lamhesitated for a few moments. She soon turned too caught up to her mother. Then Ming opened thedoor to the stable. Her mother went to one of the stalls for the horses. Ah-lam had heard about thehorses that were going to be tamed. Ah-lam saw her mother stroking a white mare. “This is Thorn; Mr.Johnson is going to transport her to our new home in the country.” Ming Explained. This was the firsttime Ah-lam had heard of this ‘new home.’ Ah-lam turned to look at Ming. “What do you mean new home?” Ah-lam asked. Ming seemed tonot want to make eye contact with her 16 year old daughter. Ming then looked at Ah-lam. “Well, we aremoving.”Morrison’s New Home-1:02 PM-Wednesday Ah-lam lies on her small cot, staring up at the roof. She stood up to look out the window to seeher brother and mother getting Thorn into her pen. Ah-lam went down stairs and put in her coat. Sheopened the door, closing it behind her. Al-lam wanted to ride Thorn, thinking it would be fun. “Mom,can I ride Thorn?” Ah-lam asked with pleading in her eyes. Ah-lam’s eyes were soft. She thought that itwas the only bright side of moving. Ming smiled at her daughter. “Sure, but Thorn is a little wild, so becareful.” Ming warned. Jai and Ming held the rope tight to keep Thorn steady. Slowly Ah-lam climbedonto Thorn’s back. Then Thorn began to move. Jai and Ming lost grip of the rope. Soon Ah-lam fell off of Thorn andwithout hesitation; Ah-lam got up and ran to Jai and Ming. Ming hugged her, happy that she was okay.They all got out through the gate without a word. Shocked from what had happened, they forgot to putthe latch down on the gate.
  • 2. Morrison Home-11:21 PM- Wednesday That night, Ah-lam woke up. She woke up to a dark cloudless sky. Ah-lam looked out the windowto see that Thorn wasn’t there. Ah-lam quickly went down the stars, trying not to wake up Ming or Jai.Ah-lam grabbed her jacket and went through the door. She began to run, calling for Thorn. Ah-lamhurried, looking for Thorn. They have only begun to domesticate horses and Thorn was one of the firstbatches. She had not thought out her plan. She then stopped, listening to the howls of wolves. Scared,Ah-lam turned tight, away from the noises. She soon became lost. Ah-lam then heard steps and wanted to run, but saw Thorn. Ah-lam walked towards her,swinging her arms around Thorn’s neck. Ah-lam climbed onto Thorn, holding her mane. Thorn began torun, taking Ah-lam back home. When they returned, Ah-lam opened the gate and Thorn walked into herpen. Then Ah-lam latched the gate, so it wouldn’t happen again. The next morning, Ah-lam woke up,tired from last night. Well her family sat down for breakfast she began to tell them what happened that night. HowThorn had got out to when he was riding her home. Her mother smiled, which was good. This meant thedomestication of horses was getting somewhere, and this meant that the future would be brighter forChina.By: Chelsey M.