Behavioral Segmentation Analytics


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To increase conversions on your site, you must first understand your visitors and their experiences. Once you can tie these experiences to outcomes (conversions), only then can you optimize and improve the user experience.

This presentation demonstrates how conducting behavioral segmentation on your site's visitors can help you build better A/B testing scenarios, optimize the user experience, and increase conversions.

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  • Behavioral Segmentation Analytics

    1. 1. Connecting experiences & outcomes todrive optimizationBy Lance Wills
    2. 2. •••• 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. Enroll  Enrolls Consider  Abandons Enrollment  Downloads PDF beyond step 3  Views Plans/Rates Shop  Submits Lead Form  Multiple Visits Browse  Multiple Page High Bounce Rate Views Low Quality Peek Single Visit Single Page View 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. 1. Recognize the experiences of visitors 2. Connect experiences with outcomes 3. Connect non-converters with those experiences 4. Increase the chances that, they too, will convert or advance to the next visitor typeA X B Y C ZContent Content 7 1 7 1 Visits PDF D/L Visits PDF D/L Enrollee Non-Enrollee 6
    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. # Segment Size Criteria Attributes 1 Enrollees 5,200 Submitted online app. form Brand commited, strong intent, member 2 Abandoners 1,600 Abandoned application form Brand positive, nearly decided, impediment (step 3 or beyond) 3 Shoppers 3,000 Submitted lead form, d/l PDF Considering brand, info hungry, strong intent 4 Browsers 87,000 Page views =>5 Comparing brands, low intent, no engagement 5 Peekers 608,000 Remaining population Wrong audience, no intent * Framework Matrix * Dimensions * Acquisition – Traffic Source Channel (Paid, Organic, Referrer/Direct) * Content Section – Cost & Coverage, Seminar, Stars, Age-in * Engagement – App. PDF d/l, Seminar PDF d/l, Lead Form, Enrollment * Measures * visitors, visits, time spent, # of events, days till event, etc* Date Range – Sept. -Dec., 2011. Includes pre-AEP marketing run-up and AEP (Oct. 15-Dec. 7) 8
    9. 9. * Segmentation criteria based on visitors that enrolled online* We want to understand * Acquisition channel of preference * Section of the website they considered important * Online actions performed* Objective: Learn what worked and how to make it better* Visitor population: 5,200 9
    10. 10. 59% Of enrolled visitors complete 1 enrollment in 1st visit ENROLLEES • 83% of Enrollees used a non-paid search Visits to Enrollment channel as their initial channel 3,112 • 50% of the Enrollees visited the Cost & Coverage section of the site; 20% visited the age-in section 1,082 • Less than 2% of the Enrollees did any 528 action on the site (downloads or submit an 265 113 online lead) 72 1 2 3 4 5 6 • This group also spent the most amount of time on-site; enrollment is lengthy processRecommendation:• Develop special path for this segment that respects their familiarity with field, provides only new/updated info and delivers the shortest path to enrollment• Investigate visitors with 2 or more visits to enrollment and determine the catalyst 10
    11. 11. * Segmentation criteria based on visitors that * Did not enroll online, but reached enrollment form step >=3* We want to understand * Why they abandoned enrollment form * Section of the website they considered important * Online actions performed* Objective: Optimize enrollment process user experience* Visitor population: 1,600 11
    12. 12. 1,660 Visitors almost completed an 2 online enrollment ABANDONERS Enrollment Form • Less than 2% of the Abandoners did any action on the site (downloads or submit an Visits Scenario Conversion Step Conversion online lead); also took more visits to do any Step 3 of 6 1,660 - - engagement Tell Us More Step 4 of 6 Your Consensus 424 26% 26% • 50% of the Abandoners visited the Cost & Coverage section of the site; 20% visited Step 5 of 6 Our Terms 202 12% 48% the age-in section Step 6 of 6 Review and Submit 137 8% 68% • 74% drop-off from Step 3 to Step 4 on enrollment form; This step asks for member Confirmation 0 0% 0% number and could be confusing for non- Thank You Page membersRecommendation:• Conduct deeper enrollment form field VST integration to determine drop-off point• Integrate “Click to Chat” feature to catch near misses deep within enrollment form• Save abandoned applications (not available) and send email reminders 12
    13. 13. * Segmentation criteria based on visitors that * Did not enroll online * Did not go beyond step 2 of enrollment process * Performed an online action (submit lead, download PDF)* We want to understand * Acquisition channel and visit frequency * Section of the website they considered important * Online action performance* Objective: Learn what’s working & improve user experience* Visitor population: 3,000 13
    14. 14. 1:5:2 On avg. 1 visitor visits 5 times; 2 visits 3 to engage SHOPPERS # Visitors To Content Areas • 3,000 Shoppers had 15,744 visits • 26% of new visitors entered via the Paid Search channel, while 20% entered through 661 Organic; 65% of all visits are from Direct & Referred 587 2,299 • 92% of visits touched the Cost & Coverage 575 content area, and 20% of visitors submitted lead forms Cost & Coverage Seminar Star Age-In • This segment is the most active; ~70% of the visitors did an online action by their second visitRecommendation:• Deliver different experience to Shoppers in response to multiple visits via portlet• More investigation: (a) Visitors generating leads did they use telesales or fax to enroll (b) Influence of other websites to drive actions 14
    15. 15. * Segmentation criteria based on visitors that * Did not enroll online * Did not perform an online action (submit lead, download PDF) * Page Views >= 5* We want to understand * Why they don’t engage?* Objective: Get them interested in brand’s value proposition* Visitor population: 87,000 15
    16. 16. 87K Visitors not ready to engage (yet), but want 4 to understand the brand BROWSERS Acquisition • Browsers less concerned with Cost & 5 Coverage than Shoppers, as 48% visited 4 this section versus 78% for ShoppersVisitors (10K) 3 • Organic, “Free”, doing well to attract and 2 be reused as a channel by Browsers 1 • Less than 10% of the Browsers visited - the Seminar page, but they also visited Paid Organic Direct/ channel search Referrer most and spent most amount of time on Total Visitors New Visitors site (Great opportunity!)Recommendation:• Browsers need more high-level awareness of brand’s value proposition to engage• Develop a “brief” guided experience for those new to the brand; introduce brand (MHM video), Seminars overview, end on Cost & Coverage with info request lead form option 16
    17. 17. * Segmentation criteria based on visitors that * Did not enroll online * Did not perform an online action (generate lead, download, etc) * Page Views < 5* We want to understand * What channel these visitors use * Why they bounce * What sections of the website they landed on* Objective: Reduce the population size* Visitor population: 608,000 17
    18. 18. 86% Of overall visitors were not looking for our site 5 PEEKERS Acquisition • 50% of Peekers viewing the Star site left immediately (bounce)Direct/ 5%Referrer • Only 1% clicked deeper by viewing the Age-in and Seminar sectionsOrganic 7% • 4% viewed Cost & Coverage informationsearch • Remaining came to the home page and left Paid the sitechannel 88%Recommendation:• Focus on improving paid channel strategy, messaging, ad placement, & landing page• Investigate keywords, organic search, and update content 18
    19. 19. * Key insights * 59% of Enrollees enroll on their first visit * Abandoners drop off between step 3 and 4 of enrollment form * Shoppers are not really researching as they seem to be pre- committed to brand, yet make ~5 visits to Cost & Coverage * Browsers don’t want cost info, they need exposure to brand value * 88% of Peekers enter through Paid Channel * Organic search is performing well – leveraged as the initial channel & re-used to come back to the site 19
    20. 20. * Recommendations * Focus on understanding Abandoners’ drop-off between step 3 and 4 on enrollment form via enhanced form field VST reporting, on-page chat functionality, or on-site survey * Reduce return visits required by Shoppers (to enroll) by broadening messaging to address their Cost & Coverage questions; allow saving/emailing/sharing of Cost & Coverage info * Develop special user experience paths for visitor types: * e.g. Browsers – Create curated path that introduces visitors to brand value proposition, seminar offerings, online member tools, and other benefits * Review branded generic PPC keyword strategy due to high bounce rate from members * Scale back Paid Search spend on branded keywords as SEO is performing well * Optimize SEO keyword analysis by focusing on Peekers and Browsers 20
    21. 21. 21