Who Produced The First Battlestar Galactica Action Figure?


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Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos wasn't kidding when he said "the series is even better than the miniseries." Check it out http://amzn.to/BSGalactica

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Who Produced The First Battlestar Galactica Action Figure?

  1. 1. ==== ====Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series in Blu-ray. Check it out!http://amzn.to/BSGalactica==== ====Battlestar Galactica Quote:"There are those who believe...that life here...began out there.Far across the universe. With tribes of humans...who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians...or the Toltecs...or the Mayans...that they may have been the architects of the Great Pyramids...or the lost civilizations of Lemuria...or Atlantis...Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man...who even now fight to survive...somewhere beyond the heavens." In 1977 a new era in cinematic history began with the opening of Star Wars. The swashbucklingheroes of the past were transported from their ocean faring ships into the vast oceans of space. One of the most popular sci-fi programs to follow and capitalize on this new trend was BattlestarGalactica.Battlestar Galactica was a story of betrayal, heroism, love and courage. A story of survival against all odds. The story of one species fight for survival, against the merciless onslaught of another. The story began in a distant part of the universe where a series of planets, known as the 12Colonies, was home to a civilization of humans. The Colonies had been at war with the cybernetic race known as the Cylons for many years and atlast it seemed like the war was about to come to an end as a Peace Conference was held to signa new treaty between the two adversaries. But the colonies were ambushed by the Cylons, helped by a the traitor Baltar, in a surprise attackthat laid waste to all the planets and all but wiped out their population and the human race. Fleeing the colonies in any spacecraft they could find the few human survivors sought refuge inspace. Of all the Colonial Fleet an all the military ships only the Battlestar Galactica survived theattack to lead the survivors in the search for a new home and the mythical planet "Earth".
  2. 2.  Battlestar Galatica boasted similar effects to those seen in Star Wars, probably because JohnDykstra head of special effects on the Star Wars movie, now worked as producer on the show (anargument that eventually ended up in court). But, despite its success, the show was cancelled in 1980. Richard Hatch tried to re-launchthe series in 1998, which ultimately failed, but Universal Television was set on a new mini seriesand finally made in 2004 the new re-imaged Battlestar Galactica had its TV debut. The success of the new series has since led to a resurgence of interest in the original BattlestarGalactica figures and merchandising, particularly the vintage Mattel Battlestar Galactica figures,which can still be found at very reasonable prices. The original line of Battlestar Galactica figures was first released in 1978 and stood approximately3 3/4 inches in height with very limited articulation. At the time Mattel had high hopes for thesefigures and had planned many different figures as well as playsets and vehicles but two serieswere ever made it in to stores..These figures, even by 1978 standards, were fairly crude and bore little resemblance to thecharacters they were supposed to portray unlike Hasbros Star Wars figures, even Kennersfigures (which Im not a huge fan of) were generally better. Series one consisted of Starbuck, Adama, Daggit (the robot dog)*,  a Cylon Centurion(Silver), Ovion (a fly-like alien) and the Imperious Leader. These figures are generally easy to findand can be acquired for a very reasonable prices, so shop around before committing yourself tobuying any. Series two was released in 1979 and included a Gold Cylon Commander with a gun, Lucifer,Boray (a pig headed creature) with a club, Baltar with a gun and Daggit (tan)*. *Note: There were two different colored versions of Daggit, the robotic dog, a brown Daggitin series 1 and a tanned Daggit in series 2. The second series seems to be much more difficult to find and as a result they tend to be moreexpensive, although still very reasonably priced. Its also worth noting also that the weapons are generally a lot harder to find and are often absentfrom the figures. As well selling these in their regular blister packs Mattel also released a six figure and four figuregift pack. Mattel also released two 12-inch figures in 1979, a Colonial Warrior and a Cylon Centurion. The Colonial Warrior was based on the original mold from Major Matt Masons Captain Laserfigure and came with a laser beam, scanner device and Arial, the Cylon Centurion figure had theadded bonus of a manually operated moving red eye and glowing chest.Both figures also hadbattery operated light up weapons.
  3. 3.  These figures are extremely hard to find now, especially in mint condition complete with their boxand weapons and are worthwhile looking out for. In 1980 Mattel introduced a limited edition mail away offer featuring a Gold Cylon CenturionLeader but in order to get this figure you had to send four proofs of purchase from any four of thesix figures in the series. Mattel had also planned to release a series of Battlestar Galactica vehicles which were advertisedin their catalog and prototypes were displayed at the New York Toy Fair in 1979. The Colonial Landram was released in Canada and a Viper Launch Station was also produced but the Holy Grail of them all must be The Battlestar Galactica Command Ship which proved tobe far too ambitious and costly at the time and was cancelled. BUT a prototype of this does exist and was sold for just over $5000 on eBay in 2004!Article Written and researched by Colin Dorman, owner of http://www.mcfarlanes-figures.com.Discover the full range of Battlestar Galactica figures past and present with a free downloadablechecklist.Colin has gained much experience and knowledge over the years on the subject of collectingaction figures as both a collector and trader. He previously owned two retail stores and asuccessful internet business selling collectibles and now enjoys passing on his knowledge throughhis current site.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Colin_Dorman==== ====Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series in Blu-ray. Check it out!http://amzn.to/BSGalactica==== ====