Tips For Taking Great Pictures With Your Digital SLR Camera


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Canon 5d Mark II will help you take proffessional quality pictures just like the Photography Professional's. Check it out

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Tips For Taking Great Pictures With Your Digital SLR Camera

  1. 1. ==== ====Canon 5D Mark II is the best Full-Frame Digital SLR Camera you can get. Check it out! ====The Grand Canyon: 6 Tips for Taking Better PicturesThe one thing you will do at the Grand Canyon is take pictures. Lots of them. But, because most ofus are amateur photographers, many of our images will be just OK. Dont settle for that. Here aresix simple tips that will make your average photos great:#1. Cameras: iPhones, manual SLRs, disposables, digital cameras...No matter what you use, gowith the one with which you are most familiar. Learning settings on the fly is a recipe for poorimage quality. By all means, bring spare batteries. Digtal camera-users: Bring extra memory sticks(between 8MB and 16MB is recommended). If you are a picture taker who likes to tinker, thecanyon offers the perfect landscape for large-format, Polaroid, and video cameras.#2. Film: If you are shooting non-digitally, bring along several types of film. Generally speaking,film has an ASA or ISO light-sensitivity speed rating between 100 and 800. Film thats at the highend of the scale is best for landscapes with little light. During broad daylight, go with a 100-speedfilm. Shooting in the early morning or evening? Go with a 400-speed film. Try a roll of black andwhite - the canyons subtle drama really plays out in this format.#3. Lighting: The Arizona sun is bright and direct, two elements that can "wash out" a landscapephotograph. Oftentimes, its best to shoot during sunrise and sunset when light is softer. These arealso the times when youll be able to pull deeper reds and oranges from the rock. I suggest, too,using flash in the evening, especially if your image includes people or wildlife. Same goes whenshooting the canyons darker, shadowed sides.#4. Composition. This is the tip that all of us can benefit from the most. Landscape shots lookgreat to the naked eye, but fail to live up to that image when photographed. First, increase yourshutter speed for more detail and sharpness. Next, find a strong foreground object, like a rock,person, or tree. Then stand just an arms length from it. Using this technique will let you keep thespotlight on the distant landscape while giving it scale and a three-dimensional quality.#5. Stability. Many of todays handhelds are programmed with a built-in stabilizer. Before you hitthe canyon for a photo session, make sure the settings activated. Use a tripod for extra stability(great for self-timer shots). Taking pictures during an airplane or helicopter tour? Be aware ofengine and rotor vibration. Avoid it by not letting any part of your arm touch aircrafts frame.#6. Patience. The Grand Canyon is a photogenic place. It seems that theres a photo opportunityaround every corner. Dont feel obligated to walk about with your eye glued to your viewfinder. Bepatient. Youll find your shots. I personally put my photographers mind at ease by telling it that thecanyon is to be as much experienced as it is to be photographed.
  2. 2. Todays photographic equipment, especially digital cameras and smart phones, make it easy totake pictures of the Grand Canyon. They dont, however, "make" the pictures for us. This can besolved in part if we take a moment to learn about composition, light, and shutter speed. Thoseskills under our belt, its now simply a matter of being prepared (extra batteries, memory sticks,tripod, etc.). Give these six tips for better Grand Canyon photography and Im confident youll takea bunch of Grand Canyon vacation pictures of which you will be proud.Travel expert Keith Kravitz writes exclusively about Grand Canyon bus, helicopter, and airplanetours. If you found this article useful, check out his Grand Canyon tour reviews at:http://www.GrandCanyon123.comArticle Source: ====Canon 5D Mark II is the best Full-Frame Digital SLR Camera you can get. Check it out! ====