Battlestar Galactica Became a Television Phenomenon


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Battlestar Galactica's Edward James Olmos wasn't kidding when he said "the series is even better than the miniseries." Check it out

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Battlestar Galactica Became a Television Phenomenon

  1. 1. ==== ====Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series in Blu-ray. Check it out! ====For decades, we have been fortunate to submerge ourselves in an amazing void that is SciFi.Old Classics ranging from Star Trek to Dr. Who and new classics like Stargate, challenge our mindand take us to a world we have never before imagined.In 1978 we were treated to a dark vision of the Future and the battle between good and evil that isBattlestar Galactica. Originally created by Glen A. Larson and pitched in the 60s, the idea wasscoffed at Hollywood executives. Then, in 1978 after the huge success of Star Wars, Glensopportunity arose and with the backing of Universal Studios the Battlestar Galactica television pilotwas created.The pilot and the series started off with a bang attaining the 1979 Peoples Choice Award for BestNew TV Drama Series, however after just 24 episodes, the Battlestar Galactica television serieswas canned by ABC. In 1980, the series was reprised as Galactica 1980 which lasted just tenepisodes before one again having the plug pulled by ABC.Over the years, there were multiple attempts to recreate the series as well as the creation of threefilms (Battlestar Galactica, Mission Galactica: The Cylon Attack, Conquest of the Earth) withlimited domestic and international distribution.Then, in 2000 Bryan Singer (X-Men, Usual Suspects, Star Trek Nemesis, Superman Returns) gotinvolved and the revival finally stood a chance. Then joined the likes of Edward James Almos,Sky One (UK), the Sci Fi Channel and in 2003 a three-hour miniseries was created and aired.Although short in nature, the miniseries was the highest-rated cable miniseries of that year andturned received overwhelming positive feedback and with it the rebirth of the Battlestar GalacticaTelevision Phenomenon.Since 2003, there have been 3 full seasons which have created a loyal fanbase for the series andattained multiple accolades including being named by the American Film Institute as one the tenbest shows on television. In 2005, the Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone magazine, and Newsdayalso named the series one of the best on television. In 2006, the series won a prestigious PeabodyAward in recognition of its creative excellence. Then, in 2007, Battlestar Galactica was nominatedfor four Emmy Awards including: Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding SoundEditing and Outstanding Special Visual Effects and Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series."Be dee be dee beep" -TwikiThe fourth season is set to debut in March of 2008 and the hype is building. If by chance, you are
  2. 2. new to the phenomenon do yourself a favor and check out the last 3 seasons on DVD or stop byone of the many Battlestar Galactica Television series fan sites to catch up on what you havebeen missing out on.Article Source: ====Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series in Blu-ray. Check it out! ====