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  • Welcome, introduction
  • Introduction to Soc Net, Free tools that are available, potential for problems, how to get engaged
  • Introduction to Soc Net, Free tools that are available, potential for problems, how to get engaged
  • What is a community director?How long been blogging?
  • Five Keys To Winning At Social Networking:Strong communication skills, Consistent usage, Transparency, Networking, Personal integrity
  • As you’ll see as I introduce you to various networks, social networking is as worldwide as it gets
  • These are some of the more recognizable names
  • But there are a lot more tools
  • These tools still work, still are social but have been around for over a decade
  • Blogs are among some of the older tools but is widely adapted and not platform specific
  • HR capitalist is one of the best known blogs
  • Have you used YouTube before? Probably don’t think of it as social network but over 95% of the content is user generated. You can follow other users and comment on videos.
  • Career videos bring up almost 14,000 different entries, many of those generated by companies
  • You might notice this whole theme is based off of it. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world.
  • If you haven’t been to Facebook before, here is a preview
  • Twitter is a new kid on the block with some powerful search functionality
  • How many are on LinkedIn? At the ERE Expo, not a single recruiter was not on LinkedIn
  • Here’s a typical view from my LinkedIn profile
  • Wikipedia is one of the largest social media projects in the world. Millions of participants in all languages putting together a comprehensive guide
  • Human Resources entry on Wikipedia
  • These can actually have the most value
  • Institute for Corporate productivity bought HRM Today
  • I don’t hype things up but there are some things you need to know about social networking
  • Social networking is the solution for everything. Thousands of hours are being wasted on social media sites!!!
  • There are several steps to social media engagement (and you can stop at any time)
  • The ERE LinkedIn group
  • Here is our ERE fan page
  • Show if you are running long on time
  • Here are search results for #shrmhashtag
  • Reach out to smaller niche networks
  • While ERE has over 50k members, that’s nothing compared to the millions general networks. And most of our members are focused on recruiting.


  • 1. More from the Frontlines on Social Networking!
    Presented by: Lance Haun
    Community Director, ERE Media
  • 2. Before you take notes
    This information will be available online as well as some of the other resources I mention at:
  • 3. What You’ll Learn
    An intro to social networking
    The tools that are available
    Potential positives/problems
    Social networking policies
    How you can get engaged in the process
  • 4. Who am I?
    Community Director for ERE
    Former HR Professional
    Blogger at
    Started and sold a social network for HR professionals (HRM Today)
    Speaker and writer about using social networking in HR
  • 5. What Is Social Networking?
    Web based
    End user driven
    Free (or nearly free) tools
    Open access to all
    Transparency over privacy
    Widespread adoption
    Defined by change
  • 6. Social Networking is Global
  • 7. Tools Being Used Today
  • 8. Actually, it is more like this
  • 9. Older Tools
    E-mail discussion listservices
    Chat rooms
  • 10. Blogs
    Major platforms: Wordpress, Typepad and Blogger
    Long form entries with news and opinion
    Popular HR blogs include:
    HR Capitalist
    Punk Rock HR
    HR Bartender
    Fistful of Talent
  • 11.
  • 12. YouTube
    Video hosting and search
    Second largest search engine
    24 hours worth of video is uploaded every minute
    Over 95% of content uploaded is user generated (not uploaded by a media company)
  • 13.
  • 14. Facebook
    400+ million people on Facebook
    Half of users login at least once a day
    Second most popular site on the internet
    70% of users from outside of US
    Site was translated into 70 languages with the help of 300,000 volunteers
  • 15.
  • 16. Twitter
    75 million active users
    12th most popular site on the internet
    Powerful search functionality
    Media companies using it to break news (instantaneous news)
    Other companies using it to track trends, reputations or customer comments
  • 17.
  • 18. LinkedIn
    65 million members
    Half outside of the US
    Business networking and groups
    Considered the new Rolodex or Resume
    Median age is older than most social networking sites
  • 19.
  • 20. Wikipedia
    Online, user created encyclopedia
    Three million English language topics
    Content is edited via a fluid group of Wikipedia enthusiasts
    The wiki system is being used for collaboration in organization
  • 21.
  • 22. Niche Social Sites
    Subject matter specific
    Tend to be small, intimate
    Driven by several leaders
    Examples: Lawyrs, AerHub, and MechanicsHub
  • 23.
  • 24. Some Hype, Some Facts
    Social networking is a popular topic (especially in business)
    Popular topics tend to get overhyped
    Doubters doubt, Kool-aid drinkers drink
    What’s reality, what’s fiction?
  • 25. Hype
    Social networking is the solution for everything!!!
    Thousands of people are getting fired or disqualified from jobs due to it
    Building strategy around social networking is a proven winner
    [Insert social network name] is the greatest thing ever
  • 26. Facts
    Social networking can go hand in hand with your general business strategy
    Your employees can use social networking reasonably
    If done correctly, companies are having success using social networking for recruiting and branding
    Companies lack control of most content being generated
  • 27. Personal Experience
    Blogging at least twice a week for four years
    3 of last 4 companies had internal chat
    Facebook/Twitter used to contact people instead of e-mail
    One company had a social networking policy
  • 28. Want A Policy?
    Rules of thumb:
    “Don’t be stupid”
    Would you say it in person?
    Would you tell your boss what you did?
    Social media policy examples
  • 29. Engaging in Social Media
  • 30. Discover: LinkedIn
    Join (if you haven’t already)
    Create a profile
    Connect with past business connections
    Ask questions
    Join groups
  • 31.
  • 32. Discover: Facebook
    Join (if you haven’t already)
    Explore career related pages
    Join interesting groups
    Use Facebook search
    Interact with other users on Facebook pages and groups
  • 33.
  • 34. Discover: Twitter
    No need to make an account to start!
    Search common terms
    Use a hashtag (#) to do a search
    Try #shrm #hr or #tacoma
    You can try unique names without a hashtag (ex. Boeing)
    Sign up and follow other HR folks
  • 35.
  • 36. Discover: Niche Networks
    Search Google for industry social networks
    “HR social network” or “aerospace social network”
    Most allow open access but some may require membership
    Interact in a more intimate setting
  • 37.
  • 38. Advice from readers
    Helen – Follow your audience, don’t just go to popular sites
    Janet – People need to remember who signs their check
    Benjamin – Understand how your employees are using social media
    Lisa – Networking with colleagues is a huge benefit
    Ben – Just read and watch to start
  • 39. Next Steps?
    Reading regularly
    Sharing with peers and co-workers
    Commenting and critiquing
    Creating and engaging an audience
    Networking online and in person
  • 40. Questions?
  • 41. Contacting Me: