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Antarctica’s animalsby jmaddy
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Antarctica’s animalsby jmaddy

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  • 1. Antarctica’s Animals
    By Maddy
  • 2. Emperor Penguins
    Emperor Penguins breeding season is in April to December.
    Emperor Penguins can get up to 1.5 meters and 30kg
    . Emperor Penguins are the largest penguin species
  • 3. Adelie Penguins
    Adelie Penguins breeding season is November to February
    Adelie Penguin height is 70cm and they weight is 5kg
    Adelie penguins are prey of Leopard seals large birds and skuas.
  • 4. Leopard Seals
    The female Leopard Seal is bigger then the male.
    They are 3 meters long and they weight is 350kg.
    Leopard Se als are built for speed, they have a powerful head.
  • 5. Southern Elephant Seal
    Southern Elephant seals can get up to 4.5 meters and they weight can get up to 4 tonnes.
    They are called Southern Elephant seals because obviously their size.
  • 6. Crabeater Seal
    Crabeater Seals weigh about 220kg.
    Crabeater Seals actually don’t eat crabs, crabs do not live in Antarctic waters.
    Crabeater Seals take big mouthfuls of water which brings in the krill and they get trapped in their teeth.
  • 7. Gentoo Penguin
    Gentoo Penguins breeding season is December to March. They are 71cm tall and they weigh 5.5kg.
    Gentoo Penguins feed their chicks away from the colony.
    Gentoo penguins are the last to arrive on their nesting sites at the southern limits of their range.
  • 8. Southern Fur Seal
    Adult Males can get up to 200kg which is 4 times bigger then the females.
    In the 1700s to the 1800s Southern Fur Seals were almost wiped out sealers.
    Southern Fur Seal pups weigh about 5-6kg
  • 9. Snow Petrel
    Snow Petrel mostly feed on krill they have to live near sea in order to feed.
    Snow Petrels nest around rocky outcrop or cliffs with suitable ledges for nesting holes.
    Snow petrels have been known to nest far inland on the Antarctic continent, nearly 200km from the sea they travel for food.