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Discussion 2 motivation
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Discussion 2 motivation

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  • 1. Week 1 / Discussion 2Hands-on Learning Technology
  • 2. Prior to any performances at our campus this year, we willpresent a short slideshow with motivational quotes. Our goal this year is to stop bullying and harassment and provide the students with positive words of encouragement. These short quotes are aimed to buildcharacter, develop better friendships among our students, and to establish a mutual respect for one another I hope you all enjoy this short presentation!
  • 3. " Happiness is not bought. It is a decision, so decide to be happy today.” -Author Unknown (Motivateus.com, 2013.)Photo by Lana Sutton
  • 4. " Friends might add color to your life to make it beautiful, but the source of beauty lies within you.“ - Author Unknown (Motivateus.com, 2013.) Your true beauty is not your outward appearance, but rather how you act when no one is watching.Photo by Lana Sutton
  • 5. " Everyday is a new beginning; never bring todays sorrows to tomorrow." -Author Unknown (Motivateus.com, 2007.)Photo by Lana Sutton
  • 6. “You are already on the winning path, if you have picked yourself up, dusted away the setbacks & have started moving forward.” - Caroline Naoroji (Motivateus.com, 2013)Photo by Lana Sutton
  • 7. " Whether you give it or receive it, forgiveness is music to the soul." - Kinza Christenson (Motivateus.com, 2008)Photo by Lana Sutton
  • 8. “Even in the storm, dont stop trying to fly.” -Mohammed Sekouty (Motivateus.com, 2008) Photo by Lee Sutton
  • 9. “Be truthful in all you do. Be loving to all you meet. Be kind in all you share. Be humble for all you have. Be happy in all your circumstances. Be the kind of person that people can look up to!! Be yourself!” Tatum Wiehahn (Motivateus.com, 2012.)Photo by Lana Sutton