Social Media with Marketing


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Social Media with Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media
  2. 2. Background• Our company still relies on old way to market products• To get customers attention by advertising in print and broadcast media• e.g. newspapers, magazines, TV – 2009 Wii Sports Resorts TV ad – 2010 Wii Fit Plus TV ad – 2012 Just Dance Wii Print Ad. on free newspaper, Headline
  3. 3. • However, market place for advertising nowadays gets more cluttered and customers have a finite amount of attention• It is more difficult to get target customers notice of company`s advertisements• e.g.Headline Daily from 3/7-5/7, nearly 50% content inside are commercial advertisments, one advertisement follow one full page of news
  4. 4. e.g yahoo HK, there are 3 to 4 advertisements on the top half part
  5. 5. • Moreover, it creates wastes of company`s advertising resources• e.g. According to my Saturday research in APITA after Just Dance Wii print advertisements being allocated in Headline Daily such free newspapers• About 80-85% of customers had NOT even see Just Dance Wii print ad
  6. 6. Present Situation• Therefore, our company started promotions in-stores• e.g. Videos in department stores booths, pamphlets and promotion card boards• e.g. Just Dance Wii trial play around Hong Kong in different stores and even in big shopping malls like The One and APM recently• e.g. As well as Mario Party 9 video, pamphlets, leaflets in stores
  7. 7. • Other companies also face this advertising disaster and has new policies• e.g McDonald`s, Adidas change in making advertising campaigns more often to keep customers "interesting and fresh"• And develop them into a long-term brand recognition campaign
  8. 8. e.g New products being launched some months after one, maintaining fresh brand recognitione.g Nike has its long term brand recognition campaign "Impossible is Nothing"throughout the world, and uses Hong Kong celebrities to adorse the products inorder to localise the brand
  9. 9. What should do next?• Traditional media no longer suitable for advertisments and maximum desire effects• With rise of social media, e.g. facebook weibo (in China), there are increasing numbers of companies start to create own facebook page and weibo account to develop new relationship with customers• From previous one-way communication to two- way communication, customers are able to give feedback to the company, and company can have immediately notice of any hot comments
  10. 10. Facebook in Hong Kong• According to Socialbakers 2012•
  11. 11. • It is believed that numbers of views can be ensured• Different age Hong Kong residents are using facebook as well• Facebook can reach customers of a variety of age group than those traditonal media e.g. newspapers or specific segmentation of magazines
  12. 12. Advantages• 1) Free to advertise and promote which saves up advertising expenses• 2) Earn word of mouth by users sharing on facebook because people love to share good things to friends, family• The power of transmitting a message is huge as well as the speed of spreading a message
  13. 13. e.g. Hong Kong KFC uses famous drama artist as andorser and create an eventasking customers to leave "SO GOOD" meal experience at KFC and share to friendsin order to get a chance to win the drama show tickets. The share of that eventincreased sharply from its normal share rate of about 1 to 2 times to 119 times.
  14. 14. Advantages• 3) Two-way communication provides a win-win situation• Company and customers have interactive information exchange• Company can track latest customers` reactions, questions towards any new information and products• Customers can have more direct communication with their beloved brands by giving comments
  15. 15. e.g. Xbox360 HK in March 2012 had 20% off discount of their accessories. Whilecustomers have questions of where to buy those discounted accessories, Xbox360 canquickly reply them in order to smooth any potential customers buying wants.
  16. 16. e.g Like is the most common use button in facebook and can be viewed as customersself expression. They Like an information, page reflect their needs and wants of somebenefit in exchange for their Like, e.g. exclusive information. Playstation HK public theinformation of new white PS Vita launching on 29th June, which excited their loyal fanson facebook and resulting 360 Likes in that post.
  17. 17. Advantages• 4) Fast, Quick, Latest and Update information for fans• Placing information on facebook does not need to wait for media processing, e.g. sumbit the copy of advertisement to the print company and wait for some days• Company can use facebook to have last minute calling for customers to participate an event while traditional media probably may not help
  18. 18. e.g. Playstation HK used facebook to update their trial of new White PS Vita in MongKok and Causeway Bay on 23rd June (right) and in Tsim Sha Tsui on 2nd July (left). Itcalls customers to participate the trial play that day and ensures fans who miss the newsin traditional media can still aware the trial day immediately. Loyal fans so that will notmiss the campaign.
  19. 19. • Our company can probably use that in our trial plays• For Saturday research in APITA, I recognize a group of potential customers miss our trial plays but they want to• So using facebook in this way can somehow let those customers who do not visit our website can still notice trial play information
  20. 20. Advantages• 5) Give company the customers` permission to advertise• Offers customers an opportunity to volunteer to be marketed to and gurantees them paying more attention to marketing message• Encourages customers to participate in a long-term, interactive marketing campaign with giving rewards
  21. 21. • Rewards, incentive can include information, entertainment, sweepstakes etc as example give above• e.g. Playstation HK fans are rewarded by latest, exclusive information of new white PS Vita launch, as well as Xbox360 20% discount on accessories
  22. 22. Advantages• 6) Facebook campaigns have to turn strangers into friends and friends into customers, ideally, lifetime customers
  23. 23. Steps to open 1) Choose Build a fan page at the bottom of facebook pageReference:
  24. 24. Steps to open2. Choose the category of fan page.(We choose the right hand side one, Brand or Product)
  25. 25. Steps to openThen click that square and we choose our category of Game/Toy
  26. 26. Steps to openRead through the statements of building a fan page
  27. 27. Name:All letters in capital letter are NOT ALLOWED. e.g. X NINTENDO HKReferences:
  28. 28. Cover Layout:i) information related to price or any buying words, information CANNOT be used e.g. X 10% Discount Off, $1999 Discount set, Avaliable in JUSCO, APITA ....ii) Contact information e.g. website, telephone no, email etc should be put in About Sectioniii) facebook function includes Like and Share words, logos cannot be includethere or any arrows that point to Like and Share are NOT ALLOWED=Therefore, it is recommend that Cover Layout should just put an image withoutwords in order to prevent breaking the rule.
  29. 29. Advertisements on fan page:It is prohibited to upload third party advertisementse.g. Our company fan page cannot upload APITA 5% Discount off advertisement nomatter our products are being price cut as well
  30. 30. Benefits or discounts:Make sure all restrictions e.g. deadline of discount, only certain places have discountpromotion, should be clearly show to facebook users.
  31. 31. Promotion campaign: i) All promotion campaigns should use Apps on ( to manage, while the meaning of manage include: collecting candidates information, lucky draw, choosing winners and announcing winners ii) Company CANNOT ask users to Like or Share certain Wall post directly in order to get the application of campaign automatically iii) Company CANNOT use facebook functions e.g. Like as the voting system of campaign iv) Winners announcement CANNOT be done by facebook functions, e.g. facebook chatting inbox message or a Wall Post with winners informationFacebook Advertising Guideline:
  32. 32. e.g. O Playstation HK gives another link and customers should go there to completethe survey in order to gain rewards. They are not suggested to answer the survey in thisWall Post under the picture.
  33. 33. Steps to open3. Upload a profile picture
  34. 34. Steps to openType in brief information of company
  35. 35. Steps to openCreate own website address in order favour the search of fan page
  36. 36. Steps to open4. Soon the page is ready. The upper part is formanaging and checking any update Like, messages etc
  37. 37. Steps to open5. Row down to lower part, the fan page layout is like the below.Start decorate Cover Layout (Top Banner), Profile Picture and input any relatedand useful important in About Section.
  38. 38. How to manage?Using Fan Page owner to edit the page instead of personal account.
  39. 39. How to manage? Upload a profile picture(Click Add personal photo > Upload photo)
  40. 40. Then, choose the picture you want from computer and enter.Wait for fewseconds and thepicture will bedisplayed asprofile picture
  41. 41. How to manage? Editing information(Click Edit the page > Update personal information)
  42. 42. In Basic Information, enter the information you want to show in fans page thereClick Save whenfinished.Information will beshow in fan page
  43. 43. How to manage? Cover Layout(Click Add Cover > Upload Photo)
  44. 44. Select the banner you want and enterAdjust the banner until theposition of it is idealClick Save
  45. 45. Wait for a while and the banner will be uploaded and displayed
  46. 46. How to manage?Manage any images being upload and use Click into Photos
  47. 47. Click into the ablum which has the photo that you want to edit or deleteClick into that photoand at right bottom,Click Select >Delete
  48. 48. How to manage?Type in the message you want to tell fans in the SituationBox,click Post when finished
  49. 49. Edit or delete the Wall Post that you do not want (Click the Pen icon box on top left corner)
  50. 50. By clicking Star button, wall post box can change to longer rectangle shape.By clicking the Star button again, it can change back to shorter rectangle.
  51. 51. How to manage? Upload Video(Select Photos/Videos > Upload Photos/Videos
  52. 52. How to manage? Create an event Select Activities > Click Activites
  53. 53. Then, fill in the name, descriptions, place, date and time for the event Click Build to submitClick Share(Right hand side)
  54. 54. Choose Share on your Fan PageType short, simple sentence tomake fans aware of the eventClick Share the activity whenfinished
  55. 55. Now you see the activity is ready on fans page
  56. 56. What competitiors do?• Playstation HK and Xbox360 HK already opened their facebook pages for some years• May we now going to see what have been done by them and what are they doing now on facebook
  57. 57. Playstation HK• Join facebook since 12th October 2010• 80,382 Likes
  58. 58. Cover Layout: Use and change it frequently whenever new product is launchedPlaystation HK changes the cover layout with Playstation Vita White. A simple, eyecatching image is always the best way to get customers first eye attentionAbout: " Welome to Playstation HK Fans page, this is the official page for SonyComputer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Playstation. Once you Like this fan page,you can get the latest information."Profile picture: Use Playstation logo to be easily identify
  59. 59. Most fans age between 18-24 years old
  60. 60. There were 28 past activities they promoted on facebook,with detail names, dates, places
  61. 61. Photos: There are 204 photo ablums and can be divided 6 main categories
  62. 62. 1) Facebook voting promotion events (Total: 10 ablums) (Ask fans to vote their preference and get chances to win prizes.)e,g [LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW] 電鋸甜心 e.g. Under Siege event, fans TagNo.1 ♥♥♥ asks fans to vote their Game themselves on one Avatar, give reasonsGirl. 5 lucky draws will taken place, free about that and get a chance to win Undersoftware LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW will be Siege Media Kit (11 Likes and 1 Share)given (211 Likes and 2 Shares)
  63. 63. 2) Press activities and promotional events (Total: 68 ablums) (Both in Hong Kong and outside Hong Kong, for Hong Kong, fans events and trial plays are also included.)e.g. E3 (Electric Entertainment Expo),NEVER STOP PLAYING Playstation Press e,g, Asia Game Expo in August HongConference in Los Angeles in June2012 Kong 2011 (76 Likes)(117 Likes)
  64. 64. e.g. Trial play in Hung Hom in October 2011 (41 Likes and 1 Share)e.g. Trial play in Hung Hom in October 2011(41 Likes and 1 Share)
  65. 65. 3) Games (Total: 70 ablums) (Characters screen captures, games design...)e.g.   One Piece game launched in April e.g Street Fighter X Tekken, posted in2012 , showing a character screen captures March 2012, showing the characters only(126 Likes and 11 Shares) appeared in this game PS3 version              (153 Likes and 3 Shares)
  66. 66. 4 )Promotional campaigns with prizes motivated ( Total 26ablums )(It uses prizes e.g. movie tickets as incentive to attract fans to pay attention,   any price promotions are there as well e.g. discount off.)e.g.   Christmas discounts for games in e.g. Free movie tickets "Drive" forDecember 2011 (5 Likes) fans in November 2011 (125 Likes and 14 Shares)
  67. 67. 5) Products (Consoles and Accessories) (Total: 14 ablums) e.g. New colours of PS3 console in September 2011 (2 Likes) e.g. MHP3 limited edition for PSP in 2011 (33 Likes)
  68. 68. 6) Others (Total: 16 ablums)(Include Wall photos, Cover Layout images, profile pictures and uncategorizeitems...)
  69. 69. Previous postPlaystation HK organized differentcompetitions for fans, players toparticipatee.g. GHOST RECON Future Soliders e.g. Street Fighters 25th Anniversaryonline competition on 11th July 2012 Memorial Competition Hong Kong Region (103 Likes and 11 on 6th July 2012Shares) (136 Likes and 15 Shares)
  70. 70. Pre-launch promotion trailers, videos are sound to fans and make them excited about the coming productse.g. Street Fighter X Tekken, PS Vita version pre-launch trailer on 24th June 2012(189 Likes and 30 Shares)
  71. 71. During festivals or special days, Playstation created wall post for that andtry to use that opportunity to promote and advertisee.g. Mother`s Day in May 2012, Playstation HK posted a wall post and add a link directed fanto their webpage, provided suggestions on which games are suitable to buy for mothers. i.esports, dance games for mother staying fit. (131 Likes)
  72. 72. Playstation HK used facebook on 31st March 2012 to notice fans about demoplay booth locations, places so fans do not miss chance to try the games(167 Likes and 2 Shares)
  73. 73. When fans Likes reach or overcertain numbers, Playstation posta Wall Post express Thanks toloyal fans and persuade them keepsupporting both the company andfacebook page when the Likesreach 70,000 on 31st March 2012.(193 Likes)
  74. 74. Questions related to company,games or even promotionalevents can also be raise tofans and enables fans to haveinteractive with company.6th January 2012(293 Likes and 19 Shares)
  75. 75. When new products information aresaturated, DO NOT STOP there,there is other way to have relationshipwith customers. Playstation HK post the first version Playstation on fan page in order to share the itimacy with fans, especially loyal fans who started supporting Playstation from its very first version till now version 3. This post successfully get 2692 Likes and 49 Shares.   Such recall of past, old but nice, great experience can somehow get fans much attention. 1st August 2012
  76. 76. 29th July 2012 Playstation organized 25th anniversary Street Fighter competition at The One. Photos of the campaign were surely uploaded for fans to see how`s the event. More important, it is valuable to see how fans think and feel of the event. Then using comments leave, company can improve the event next time.Fans reflected the event area is toosmall, and TV position is too low.Those at the back cannot see what ishappening and made them feeluninterested.
  77. 77. Xbox 360 HK• Join facebook since   12th July 2009• 17,456 Likes
  78. 78. Cover Layout: This area is the largest area that fans can notice when they firstly enterthe fans page. Xbox360 puts England and sports edition consoles there to match theLondon Oylmpic trendAbout: "This fan page belongs to Xbox360 HK official. We provide you the fastest andlatest Xbox360 information, welcome to join"Profile Picture: Use Xbox360 brand icon as profile picture
  79. 79. Most facebook fans comes from age 25- 34 years old(It is relatively older than Playstation HK one, 18-24 years old)
  80. 80. There were 59 activities hold before.
  81. 81. There are 185 photos ablums and can be divided into 5 main categories.
  82. 82. 1. Press events with promotional functions (Total 74 ablums) e.g. Xbox360 organized dance lessons with mYoga and promoted Dance Central (14 Likes) July 2012 e.g. Kinect Star Wars Roadshow in Easter 2012 (74 Likes and 2 Shares)
  83. 83. 2. Games (Total: 84 albums)(Including Xbox360 Hot games recommend for a week) e.g. Hot Games: Top 3 in February (14 Likes and 1 Share)e.g. Halo 4 (65 Likes)
  84. 84. 3. Hardware products (Total: 13 ablums) e.g. Kinect Star Wars limited edition console in March 2012 (78 Likes and 17 Shares)e.g. Controller and bluetoothearphone (39 Likes)
  85. 85. 4. Special offers (Discount promotions) (Total: 7 ablums) e.g 2011 Kids` Day Promotion (4 Likes) e.g. 2011 Special offer price of charger hardware
  86. 86. 5. Others (Total: 7 ablums) include profile pictures, cover layout etc.
  87. 87. Previous PostFor 2012, 14th Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong, Xbox360 post a posteron wall on 18th July, a week before the exhibition start, to announce fansthat there will be new games to try and must-have items
  88. 88. Xbox360 is willing to post frequently their games video, previewOn 16th July 2012, there are already 3 videos posted, GEARS of WARJudgment and Deadpool the Game.
  89. 89. There are Xbox LIVE posts as well. They run online membership and fanscan use points owned to exchange software or hardware
  90. 90. Xbox360 reported there were users cannot link to Xbox LIVE, reflectedthey were handling the errors. This can give users some kind ofconfident and make the company image more responsible
  91. 91. 29th September 2012, there was typhoon signal no.8 and Xbox360 usefacebook to recommend fans wo stayed home should play Gears ofWar and Fifa football (227 Likes)
  92. 92. 4th April 2011, Xbox360 posted a Wall Post to invite fans joining Gearsof War 3 competition (68 Likes)
  93. 93. In order to have close relationship with facebook users, Xbox360 payattention to the issues happen in Hong Kong or over the World. Like thetsunami in Japan 11th March 2011, Xbox360 issued a Wall Post to show care.
  94. 94. 25th July, 2 days beforeACGHK start, Xbox360 HKpost the promotioninformation on facebook toattract people
  95. 95. 29th July 2012 ACGHKXbox organized competitions in the exhibition. Once player win and reach certain requirementslevel, free games are given.But fans leave comments saying that the games are extremely old which may just costs few tendollars. They are not satisified with such prizes.Getting fans the real and direct comments are useful as well.
  96. 96. What other companies doing?• Besides competitors, it is also worth to see other business in Hong Kong, how they do their marketing with facebook• Popular and successful cases include Ocean Park Hong Kong and Disneyland Hong Kong.
  97. 97. Ocean Park Hong Kong• 348,529 Likes• When Disneyland Hong Kong set up in 2009, many people thought Ocean Park would face visitors no. decrease crisis• But in truth, it does not have that problem and the visitors no. are even higher than Disneyland Hong Kong
  98. 98. 24th June 2012 7401 Likes and 369 SharesThe new Penguin World is going to open in mid July, Ocean Park put the exclusive photo ofthat, which surprise the users and make them feel excited, creating 7401 Likes and 369Shares, which is the greatest Likes numbers last month.
  99. 99. 25th June2012 1618 Likes and 142 SharesVideos are sound to users as well. Ocean park upload a video of the new coming animals inthe park, penguin. It promotes the new penguin world insignificantly while users have joy withthe video which create desire to take a look of the penguin when it opens.
  100. 100. 5th July 2012Ocean Park used facebook to motivateusers keep track of their fan page as theyare going to announce the night party begin There are 1669 Likes and 75 Shares.on 14th July.Users who want to know the details have tokeep looking the fan page in order to getlatest information.
  101. 101. 12th July 2012 12,752 Likes, 410 SharesOn the opening ceremony of new area,Penguin Ice World, famous artisit, AndyLau is being invited to be the guest.With his popularity, the post already get12,752 Likes, 410 Shares.But creative description is also importantin making the post fun.The desrciption is translated as following"When Superstar Andy Lau got close tothe penguins, they come closely in group.Do the penguins want the signature ofSuperstar as well?"
  102. 102. 25th July 20123825 Likes and 595 SharesLater, Ocean Park post the latestinformation of night party.Only Hong Kong residents can pay$120 to play in Ocean Park at night.First because of price, secondbecause of Hong Kongers premiumroles, this results in 595 Shares asgoing to Ocean Park is friends,families` activity.Fans help spreading thenews.
  103. 103. Fans ask is thepromotion avaliableon only Weekendswhile Ocean Parkreplied to thesequestions andsmooth thepromotion process.
  104. 104. Disneyland Hong Kong• 135, 523 Likes• 1 st Disneyland in China, this name catches much attention and numbers of visitors from China• However, it records profits in these 2-3 years only
  105. 105. 3rd July, for the new area open, Grizzly Gulch Sneak Peek, 2034 likes and 163 shares.
  106. 106. 29th June 2012Announce of typhoon signal no.3, outdoor games are all close. This kind of incident informationannouncement is also important to users while there were 693 likes.
  107. 107. 1st August 2012Choosing the right time to post the information is key point, too. At lunch time, DIsneyland HKposted the suggestion of having new lunch if visiting the park. Again, some customers thought thefood were yummy while some reflected the food were expensive, less in quantality and crowdenvironment.
  108. 108. WeiboSocial Media
  109. 109. Background
  110. 110. Users spend 60 minutes in average a day browsing Weibo, which providesa sound marketing environment for business.
  111. 111. Weibo in Hong Kong
  112. 112. What`s difference with Facebook • 1) Layout is simple • Weibo just provides a text box with maximum 140 words type in, with photo uploading area • While facebook includes status box, audios, events, apps, games etc, which is more complex and stick with details
  113. 113. Friends who Status also like this page Pages liked Recent actionsWithin a page, facebook provides more than 4 interfaces, which sometimesmakes users hard to catch up the updated information.
  114. 114. Only status with Fixed information Fixed Functions photos are shown Follow, Fans and PostWeibo interface is comparatively simple that ables to show the most importantinformation in the center, while two sides are fixed information.
  115. 115. • 2) Easy to trace back previous updates• What can be trace back in weibo are only words with photos• While facebook has too many interfaces, any latest movement, e.g. Likes of other pages, Photos upload, Join an event etc will ALL be update
  116. 116. • 3) Longer time to open a page• Open a page for company, Weibo needs 2-3 documents and some times to validate the account• Facebook does not need documents and can quickly open a page
  117. 117. ApplicationOperation form withLicense When operation license and Weibo company`s chop account name is different, need to hand in supplementary documents
  118. 118. • 4) Homepage has more information• Weibo has own homepage with different information, explores users to worldwide hot issues and encourages users to participate in sharing, discussing• Facebook homepage is personal home page that limits users within friends issues only
  119. 119. There are local, international e.g. SIngapore, Japan, news in homepage.
  120. 120. New voting is opened andlet users represent theirideal.e.g. How do you feelLiuXuang was out from11OM hundles?
  121. 121. There is a daily hot issue discuss in the homepage as well. Users can freelyand easily replied their comments towards the discussion topic. E.g. Above saying: China 110M Hundles athlete, Liu Xiang has out from thecompetition, how do you think?
  122. 122. There is Hong Kong popular ranking in homepage too.The sina weibo homepage is far more interesting, with various contentsthatn facebook`s one.
  123. 123. • 5) Celebrities effect• Many Hong Kong celebrities own weibo accounts and fans need not to wait for approving as friends, they can directly follow their idols• While celebrities open a personal account in facebook, they have to click each time when there is new friend want to be added
  124. 124. Open a business weibo• For business to open a weibo account, there is a specific one, Enterprise Weibo Page• Enterprise Weibo 2.0 is the latest version provided••
  125. 125. 1.When enter into weibohomepage, slide to thebottom, click Company.
  126. 126. 2. Choose Brand
  127. 127. 3. From left handside catogory,chooseConsumedElectricalProducts >Game products
  128. 128. Taiwan Beijing Hong Kong ChongqingThen you will see which companies have opened a weibo account indifferent cities of China.
  129. 129. 4. Click Open enterprise weibo
  130. 130. • Due to open a weibo account for enterprise needs documents to provded, therefore an example of open the account cannot be take place like what has been done in facebook.
  131. 131. Playstation Hong Kong• Among our competitors, only Playstation has a Weibo account• Having 42,165 Fans followed• With 1,993 weibo posts published
  132. 132. Getting the icon V is extremely important. It proves this weibo account is theonly one official account which enables fans recognize the page moreeasily and have confident in it. The information shared there are of highestcredibility.
  133. 133. The latest update of weibo was 18th May.And the information was about PS Vita Hatsune Miku limited editionlaunched on 30th August 2012.There are products pre-launced photos uploaded too.
  134. 134. By doing public relations, giving new free game to celebrities, it earns freepromotions and word of mouth in weibo.E.g. Playstation gave the new software, Sleeping Dogs, to famour TV artist, VincentWong. Then, Vincent Wong updated in his weibo with games photos, said thanks toPlaystation and stated he is going to play them all before his next job tasks.In this case, the artisit performed free promotion for the company and it enables morepeople can notice as not just Playstation weibo fans, as well as the artisit`s followers.
  135. 135. Playstation uses weibo to publishgame information mostly.And because of weibo style, only1 photo can be upload per eachstatus, therefore, it is common tosee photos collage into 1 andupload there.
  136. 136. Information posted in weibo and facebookare different.It is NOT RECOMMEND to have sameinformation, same post at weibo andfacebook account at same time because itcreates redundancy for users and makesthem ignoring.
  137. 137. Example-Harbour City•• The article above interviewed Karen Tam, who do marketing successfully on social media, weibo and facebook as well as iphone apps for Harbour City• "She explained one post on Weibo can reach maximum eyeballs because of its @ function to keep related users in the loop, unlike a status on Facebook which is more liked than shared, or Karen Tam Twitter which has limited reach in China." (pictured right),• "When marketing on social media, brands need to be senior manager - sensitive of whats happening to the users, like a promotions and advertising at real friend does," Harbour City
  138. 138. Comparasion• Compared facebook and weibo, facebook is more easy to develop a customized page while weibo needs official documents and time.• For application, both facebook and weibo have own advantages.• Facebook share power is great and different functions, photos, videos, events can be posted.• Weibo with celebrities effect, there is high visibility of a message, photo.
  139. 139. How social media helps?• Traditional marketing approach is one to many, a company produces a message and tries to touch as many people as it can.• However, it is no longer workable as a person faces too many advertising messages, pictures a day, company cannot make sure whether a person can still remember the message after exploring many information a day.
  140. 140. • New approach is one to specific. A company figures out which group of people are customers, then design, tailor-make a message for them only in order to maximize their consume power.• 1. Social media helps that way. e.g. Facebook, those who like and become fans of fan page are surely loyal fans of the brand.• Therefore, they are willing to pay attention to brand`s message, information.
  141. 141. • While doing marketing on those group, the attention and receive power of a message is relatively higher than those just pure customers outside the brand.
  142. 142. • 2. Social media acts as cost-free channel to promote.• On social media, the format of a message is no longer be limited. The message can be words, pictures, videos, audio, or even games.• Traditional media has limitations, e.g. newspaper can support only words with pcitures, it cannot show the excitement.
  143. 143. • For TV, time is too short but cost is expensive. It cannot show details.• Internet probably is better, but people notice the message by chance as the advertisements changed every time when you enter a website.• Social media can work to subsidied the traditional media as well.
  144. 144. • 3. Social media serves as a platform to collect first-hand data.• Customers are easiler to leave comments and thoughts towards any promotions, information on social media.• They are more willing to leave comments as they think the feedbacks can be directly transmitted to the company, and it is no harm and pressure because they need not to give comments face to face, person to person like in an interview mode.
  145. 145. Conclusion• Social media marketing has grown popular in Hong Kong these few years. In order to catch the opportunity, it`s time for our company to practice besides traditional marketing.• Since our company is passive in building relationship with customers, most relationships end after customers buy the products, which results customers turn to competitors` market after some years.
  146. 146. • A new relationship with customers is needed as customers nowadays do not just look for tangibles goods quality but also intangible goods, e.g. customers services, company and customers relationships management.• Although without social media, the company can still run its marketing, what matters is without social media, the company cannot move a step forward and develop a new sight.