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Opponents of the New Deal

Opponents of the New Deal



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18-3 ush Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Second New DealCh.18 Sec.3
  • 2. Challenges to the New DealNew Deal Effectiveness Had been in effect for 2 years, but the economy had not improved much 2 million jobs created, still over 10 million unemployed Public attitude towards the New Deal began to sour halfway through Roosevelt’s term
  • 3. New Deal CriticismNew Deal Criticism Roosevelt was criticized by both the left & the right Southerners were angry at the expansion of the federal govt over the states Republicans were upset at the use of deficit spending Many Democrats felt Roosevelt was not doing enough to help AmericansDeficit Spending The practice of borrowing money from other sources to pay for projects & expenses
  • 4. Opposition Leaders
  • 5. Huey Long•Democrat senator fromLouisiana•Wanted the govt to providemore relief for Americans•Supported wealth-sharingand targeted the rich•Planned to run againstRoosevelt in the 1936election•Was assassinated in 1935
  • 6. FatherCoughlin•Catholic priest from Detroit•Had a popular radio programthat criticized Roosevelt weekly•Wanted heavy taxes on thewealthy and govt control ofbanks•Started a new political partycalled the National Union ForSocial Justice
  • 7. FrancisTownsend•A doctor who had served in localgovt•Wanted govt to provide morehelp to the elderly•Proposed govt should givepeople 60 and over $200 a monthto spend•Hoped this would lessenunemployment, increasespending
  • 8. The Second New DealLaunching the 2nd New Deal Roosevelt needed to boost his chances for reelection Launched another series of programs to help the economy recover Targeted creating jobs related to the arts
  • 9. The Second New DealWorks Progress Administration Created more jobs for Americans to stimulate economySocial Security Act Created a security system for the elderly & the unemployedBanking Act Gave more power to the Federal ReserveResettlement Act Assisted poor families in beginning new farms and homes in rural areas