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Causes of WWI and America's Entry

Causes of WWI and America's Entry

Published in News & Politics
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  • 1. The U.S. Enters World War I Ch.14 Sec.1
  • 2. The War to End All Wars…• World War I – 1914-1918 – 1st time the U.S. intervened in foreign affairs – Destroyed 2 major empires and created many new countries – Changed how people viewed war – Introduced many new weapons & technologies – Results helped pave way for Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin to come to power – Created the poo mess in the Middle East today
  • 3. The Outbreak of WWI• Causes of WWI – Militarism –Building up one’s military to prepare for war (Russia) – Alliances - Countries began signing alliances w/ other countries to protect themselves (France) – Imperialism –Trying to expand your empire by force (Germany, Austria-Hungary) – Nationalism- Pride in your own country and being ready to defend it (Everyone) – Self-Determination – People of a nation should be able to rule themselves independently (Serbians)
  • 4. The Alliance System (Pre-War)• Triple Alliance • Triple Entente Germany Russia Italy Great BritainAustria-Hungary France Serbia
  • 5. The Balkans
  • 6. The Balkan Crisis• The Balkans – Region controlled by Austria-Hungary – Cultures included the Croats, Serbs, Bosnians, and Slovenes – These groups wanted independence – Serbia was the most motivated of these groups – Austria-Hungary refused to acknowledge them as a country
  • 7. A Continent Goes to War…• Franz Ferdinand – Heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary – Visited the Balkans to win more support – Killed by a Serbian terrorist group (The Black Hand) – Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia
  • 8. War Begins… • Allies • Central Powers France Austria-Hungary Russia Ottoman EmpireGreat Britain Germany Italy Bulgaria
  • 9. American Neutrality• Woodrow Wilson – US should spread democracy and fight against imperialism (moral obligation) – Had sent US troops to help overthrow regimes in Mexico, D.R., Haiti & Nicaragua – Wanted to help the Allies immediately, but knew he would need a reason to get America involved – America remained neutral for the first year of the war – Convinced Congress to sell weapons to the Allies
  • 10. America Joins the War• America Joins WWI – – U-boats were sinking American vessels – Lusitania Sinking (Cruise ship carrying Americans was sunk by Germany – Zimmerman Telegram (Supposed telegram proposing a German/Mexican alliance)
  • 11. Section Quiz• List the five main causes of WWI (M.A.I.N.S.)• What was the event that sparked the beginning of WWI?• List two reasons why the United States entered WWI