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0856522 fashion

  1. 1. fashion bold trends & timeless designs bringing glamour to your everyday life.
  2. 2. Glamour is in the details. Regardless of what the latest fashion trend is, if it doesn’t look good on you, and doesn’t empower you in a way that makes you feel great - then take a pass. Francisco Costa, the creative director of the Calvin Klein collection puts it: “Fashion is fashion. Stylish people might use fashion. But fashion has its place.” Style, on the other hand, is what defines you - the best of you - from your shoes to your sheets. It’s there in the choices you make, in the quality of the things in your closet or home, and in the way you entertain or jet off on holiday. Whether this is something your glamorous neighbour told you or you read in a magazine a dozen times over, deep down you know this. Now put it to practice. So dream on...
  3. 3. five glamour essentials under $50 1 Red lipstick 2 Black eyeliner (always with mascara!) 3 Great heels - the higher the better 4 Faux fur shrug - even second hand 5 Metallic Clutch Some of he most stylish glamazons are living it up on a dime. They just know how to reinvent a look with a belt or by wearing their hair another way.
  4. 4. hot or not? no yes 13% 24% 47% 53% 87% 76%
  5. 5. prints & patterns Prints and patterns make fashion fun. But, wearing busy fabrics and having it look good can be difficult. When wearing a sassy print or pattern, you need to remember to balance things out. If you’re wearing a busy top, pair it with a neutral pant or skirt and if you are wearing a printed pant, wear a plain top. What not to do: Don’t wear head to toe prints... ever. Wear only one print piece at a time. Never wear printed accessories when wearing clothes in busy prints or patterns.
  6. 6. some of my favourite excessories Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist, reveals her personal favourites. 1. Circa 1960s Dior earrings with clear crystal drops set in yellow gold. They were my mom’s, and she gave them to me. Kate Beckinsale wore them to the premiere of Underworld. 2. A slinky gold Lanvin necklace, circa 1970s, with interchangeable pendants - one jade, one carnelian, and one tiger’s eye. I got it at a Paris antique show. 3. A vintage Chanel oversized gold cuff, studded with pearls and green and red cabochon stones. 4. My Cartier Roadster watch. It’s very big and very gold. I feel naked without it. 5. My snake rings and bracelets, all of them. I have a gold snake ring with a ruby eye fro Neil Lane that covers half my finger, and there’s the serpent I bought in Paris some time ago. I have five different snake rings so far. I wear them constantly. To me there is something mysterious and spiritual about them. 6. My wedding rings. I never, ever take them off.
  7. 7. Vote! Which one do you 21% like best? Readers voted... And the eggplant ruffle 17% clutch by Zoey Bloom is most popular! 62%
  8. 8. Citations http://www.renie.com/ Zoe, Rachel. Style A to ZOE: The Art of Fashion, Beauty, & Everything Glamour. Hachette Book Group USA. 2007.