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Broadband doc[1]


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Published in: Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Broadband Services in Ireland Tullamore & Surround ing Area Mary Lambe DL242/4 - N00063191 New Media Technology
    • 2. What is Internet? The Internet is a worldwide system of of interconnected computer networks that transmit data by using the standard Internet Protocol(IP).
      • What is Internet Protocol (IP)?
      • Internet Protocol (IP) is the set of techniques for transmitting data over the internet. Every device connected to the internet is given a unique IP number known as an address. This identifies the device among others connected to the network (internet).
    • 3. What is BROADBAND Internet?
      • Broadband Internet is a high-speed data rate Internet access, in whch the bandwidth is shared by more than one simlateous signal.
    • 4. 3 Types of Broadband Available
      • DSL - DSL is a form of broadband high-speed Internet that involves transmitting and receiving data over traditional telephone lines. ハ This type of Internet connection is considered メ always on モ because the line remains connected even when not in use.
      • Cable - cable modem lets you hook up your computer to a cable television line to receive data at about the same rate as DSL subscribers
      • Satallite - satellites are used to gather data and information from an ISP on land and then transmit that information to a satellite in the atmosphere. It then gets transferred back in the form of uploads and downloads to a receiving dish on land.
    • 5. Broadband Available in the Tullamore (Offaly) Area
      • BT Broadband
      • Eircom
      • Perlico
      • Digiweb
      • Imagine/Irish Broadband
    • 6. A small fact on each of these companies
      • BT Ireland - one of the leading providers of communications solutions and services in the world. BT uses a fibre optic network, submarine cables, wireless which provide a unique operating network.
      • Eircom - principal provider of fixed-line telecommunications services in Ireland.
      • Imagine - a pan-European communications provider with offices in Ireland, the Netherlands and the USA.
      • Digiweb - Ireland’s leading independent telecommunications company. Digiweb owns and operates Ireland’s largest alternative last-mile access network.
      • Perlico - a subsidiary of Vodafone provide unlimited high-speed Broadband, Pay as you go or time based dial-up Internet packages, wireless alternatives and VoIP services
    • 7. BT Broadband
      • 24mbps
      • Price: €40 per month
      • Wireless Modem included
      • No connection Fee
      • Unlimited Usage Allowance
      • Recommended for online software & file management
    • 8. Eircom Small Business
      • 24mbps
      • Price: €99
      • Wireless Modem Included
      • No Connection Fee
      • Free Wifi access out & about
      • Self installation
      • *Eircom phoneline required
    • 9. Imagine
      • 6mb Pro
      • Price €270
      • Wireless Modem Included
      • Connection Fee €150
      • Unlimited Usage Allowance
    • 10. Digiweb
      • 24mb
      • Price €94.95
      • Wireless Router Included
      • Connection Fee €44.01
      • Unlimited Usage Allowance
    • 11. Perlico
      • 36gb
      • Price: €46 per month
      • Wireless Modem Included
      • No Connection Fee
      • Always on Broadband
      • *Perlico landline required
    • 12. Possible Minimum Yearly Cost 12months BT Eircom Imagine € 480 € 1188 € 3240 Digiweb Perlico € 1139.40 € 552
    • 13. And the winner is…..?
      • As I am the owner of a small event management business, I rely heavily on the internet, therefore speed and cost is important to me.
      • After researching the options available to me I have chosen the BT broadband. Their price is the best value and the speed of the connection will allow me to achieve what I need to run my business successfully.
    • 14. Where in the world!!
      • If my business was situated in Sydney, Australia I would have to undertake a study to see what telecommunications compnay would offer me the best deal for business broadband. My location is my past address of Rose Bay in the Eastern Suburbs.
    • 15. Main Internet Providers in Oz
      • Optus
      • Telstra
      • Big Pond
      • Vodafone
      • Virgin Mobile
    • 16. Best option for me in Rose Bay!
      • Telstra Broadband
      • Telstra are offering a package of Unlimited usage for $300 dollars per month, considering the exchange rate and the costs of other companies, this is the best I can find that will accommodate me in the Eastern Suburbs.
    • 17. T
      • Australia's leading telecommunications and information services company, with one of the best known brands in the country.
      • Provide integrated telecommunications services to the vast geographical coverage through both fixed and mobile network infrastructure.
    • 18. Telstra Business Broadband Specs
      • 512/512 Kbps
      • Account Set Up Fee - 24 month term$0/12 month term $90
      • Unlimited Usage
      • Also Offering
      • 10 x Business Mail POP email boxes with web mail access
      • 1x Business Domain^ name registered and hosted (e.g.
      • Static IP address
      • Secure access to CustData – our service management and reporting tool online
      • Australian-based 24x7 business technical helpdesk
      • Remote working capabilities*
      • A range of optional tools and services