Google Docs Vs. Slideshare.Net


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  • The            setup            in            the            video            no            longer            works.           
    And            all            other            links            in            comment            are            fake            too.           
    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :  
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Google Docs Vs. Slideshare.Net

  1. 1. Google SlideShare. Outcome Presentation net Feature Works on Works on This one is a tie Windows and Mac; Windows and Mac; right now; both No significant No significant services support browser limitations browser limitations multiple operating Platforms systems and Supported browser options. ppt, pps, ppx, doc, ppt, pps, pot, pptx, Slideshare easily docx, rtf, txt, html, potx, ppsx, doc, wins this one; not xls, xlsx, pdf docs, xls, xlsx, rtf, only does it txt, odp, Apple support more File Keynote: key, zip, traditional Formats pdf; iWorks Pages Windows and Office formats, it Supported also breaks into the Mac market, supporting Keynote and iWork Content can be Only allows file applications Google Doc's updated inside the uploads; any ability to allow application, with content changes direct editing of any changes being must be made content that has rolled out within 45 offline been upload seconds of the significantly cuts Content change. In down on the work addition, content needed to support Editing can be developed content that has directly online, been distributed. rather than relying on offline applications. Google makes Slideshare's Both services offer sharing and approach makes similar content collaboration over access to protections. files very easy to presentations, Slideshare does manage. In even ones not allow users to addition, since the maintained or indicate what kind Content only access to the file is based on controlled by the author, very easy. of licensing relates to the Control URL access, In addition, presentation, control over the Slideshare does though Google content being offer restricted gives the user presented is quite access to sensitive more control over easy to maintain. presentations. who can access the presentation and how.
  2. 2. Google provides Slideshare content This one is a close independent can be hosted on tie, though hosting of the the Slideshare site, Slideshare might presentation, as as well as take the well as providing distributed out in advantage at the the code needed embedded or end of the day. to embed the emailed format. In Google's option to presentation in a addition, host the website or blog. Slideshare presentation simplifies the independently process of adding adds a touch of content to popular professionalism, How is the online sites, while Slideshare's including social use of groups to File networks and connect similar Posted? blogging sites. content can improve the recognition and dispersion of a presentation. Both provide source code, though Slideshare makes the linking of presentations to other sites easier than Google. Google Slideshare allows The default setting Presentations use users to advance allowing viewers to both menu buttons both slide by slide, distribute content at the bottom of as well as from the is a little disturbing; the window, as beginning to the hence, my vote to well as embedded end with one click. give this one to arrows on the left A small window Google. With the and right hand also allows users increased levels of sides fo the screen to enter a slide plagiarism that to allow users to number to take place on the advance through advance directly to internet, anything the presentation. desired content. that simplifies or Full screen Full screen display supports this kind displays are also is also a clear of practice is not Embedded provided. option. In addition, something I like to users are promote. Appearanc presented with the option to directly e email the presentation to other users, making the content much more accessible, though I personally struggle a bit with the idea of making it so easy for one user to distribute my content to others without any control on my part.
  3. 3. Free Free This is what makes the choice all the easier for users. Since both sites offer free hosting space and Cost services, there is no challenge that might make other features more compelling. Not available. Not only does Adding audio Slideshare allow makes users to link presentations presentations much more with .mp3 files to interactive and create webinar- compelling. As Audio type presentations, Google offers no Slideshare now such options, this Support hosts those audio is a clear files on their own advantage to site, simplifying the Slideshare. process of connecting the two. Speaker Notes are Speaker Notes are This is a feature embedded along embedded along that is to be with the with the expected in this Speaker presentation. They can be presentation. They can be kind of service. Notes? accessed by accessed by clicking on the icon clicking on the icon during the during the presentation. presentation.
  4. 4. Google has a built Slideshare allows This is a tie, in chat feature that users to post though I think allows users to comments Google's Chat backchannel (or regarding any approach makes post live particular slide orfor a more useful comments) during the presentation classroom tool. By the presentation. as a whole. allowing students to engage in a live format with the content, teachers can avoid the "death by Audience PowerPoint" syndrome. Interaction Admittedly, Slideshare's comment option allows discussions to take place over long periods of time, most teaching takes place in synchronous settings - hence, advantage to Google. Google Slideshare prides Since this is a very Presentations are itself on the subjective stand-alone communities it comparison that products; they are builds through its relies primarily on not linked to other groups and file the reader's content, nor do tags. Each preference, I am they give viewers presentation is going to mark this ideas of other tagged and linked one a tie and leave related subjects. to similar it up to users to While this limits presentations decide which one the utility of the posted by other they like most. presentation users. These links Links to somewhat, it also are displayed on helps to avoid the Slideshare site, Other distractions and but are also Content improves content connected to control. embedded versions of the document. Personally, I find it a bit distracting, especially if students move onto other presentations that contradict content I am presenting.