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Party En Mtl

Party En Mtl






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    Party En Mtl Party En Mtl Presentation Transcript

    • Bitch! In the bathroom kissing that asshole accountant.
    • Right in front of me. In the middle of our daughter’s birthday, with everyone here from the office…
    • Doesn’t matter. Should I kick the shit out of her? Should I take him on?
    • Why should I? She’ll tell me she was drunk, that deep down it didn’t mean anything to her .
    • Should I act indignant? Or pretend I didn’t see anything?
    • It really doesn’t matter to me, doesn’t mean a thing to me. But we have to play the roles we have… I’m a prick.
    • Fuck that, spent a fortune just to celebrate our daughter turning fifteen.
    • Hopefully it doesn’t all seem too cheap. Does that matter to her? Of course it does.
    • She wants to look good in front of her friends, did we make that happen?
    • Those fuckin‘ kids are out of control.
    • Surely the only thing they want is to lock the birthday girl in the bathroom and fuck her.
    • It’s unbelievable, a couple of years ago she was playing with dolls, and now she’s a woman.
    • My life is a cliché!
    • Everything’s changing. And what am I changing to?
    • Those fuckers are great. They’re crazy.
    • I should do that, I should just let everything go to shit
    • and get back the energy of being a teenager.
    • What are they doing with those bottles?
    • That fat one is the leader of the girls, you can tell from how they watch her.
    • And the one in the red shirt is the head honcho of the guys. He dances well .
    • Why are they lining up those bottles?
    • I should find out what drugs they’re taking nowadays.
    • We should have taken down that collection of Mayan owls from the shelf .
    • Some of them look like real jerks. Those assholes don’t give a fuck about
    • the unhappiness or suffering in the world. Nope, don’t give a fuck !
    • They piss themselves laughing at everything. How long will this party last?
    • When I was a teenager I climbed mountains and slept with two girls every day.
    • Ok that’s a lie, when I was a teenager the only thing that mattered to me was to be normal and accepted,
    • that nobody would know that I was a deformed and self-conscious bastard.
    • Wish they’d leave those bottles alone.
    • I remember a party one time when a fat guy committed suicide
    • just as they were blowing out the candles.
    • I don’t know who that fat guy was but I remember he shot himself in the bath and we
    • all froze as if for a picture and the guy whose cake it was didn’t blow out the candles.
    • Not a bad idea, killing yourself at a party, you’re guaranteed people will remember you,
    • although most likely as “that fat cunt who blew his brains out at my birthday”.
    • I’m wrecked. The preparations for this party nearly killed me.
    • I should take a holiday, alone. A few days at the sea, away from here.
    • That guy hasn’t stopped looking at me. Or maybe I keep looking at him?
    • I think he’s a friend of Steve, we were introduced once.
    • He works in personnel. I don’t remember his name.
    • Better not look at him, so. I heard something about him, what was it?
    • They told me he slept with his sister, that was it .
    • It seems they always slept together.
    • That’s barbaric… Sibling lovers… And still I wear the same mask as always.
    • I need more wine.
    • Will I talk to him? Nah, better not.
    • Yeah, I’ll talk to him. Why not? Anyway the wine is inside.
    • No, that wasn’t him…
    • The girls are prettier than ever.
    • This street reminds me of Europe. Europe, my ass!
    • The buildings on the other side of the street are the same as those on this side.
    • This place would be great for a film:
    • A man lives in a building on this side, and discovers that in the building opposite
    • there’s a man just like him, who does the same job, and who lives in an apartment identical to his .
    • But because it’s an inverted reflection, everything is a little different,
    • instead of an unhappy wife like his, the guy opposite has a happy wife,
    • instead of a son who doesn’t speak to him, there’s a son who loves him.
    • And the guy on this side spies on the guy opposite.
    • And fantasizes about killing him and then passing for him.
    • It’s not bad… but if it was to be a film it’d have to be filmed in another country,
    • since with local actors it’d be horrible.
    • If I could realize all the crazy things I think up my life would be infinitely better.
    • That way I could be different.
    • I could get someone else’s face tattooed on top of mine.
    • Or have surgery to get someone else’s face, someone better than me.
    • And then be the way I want to be.
    • At night I feel persecuted.
    • Cancerous policemen are chasing me with their cigarette in their mouth .
    • OK. Enough!
    • I’m going to put out all the Christmas tree lights that I have in my head
    • and stop fucking thinking these dark thoughts .
    • I’m going to buy all of Michael Jackson’s CDs to cheer me up out of this shit
    • a nd the darkness of this world!
    • Yeah, that’s the wave, to take me to calmness.
    • Things can go well for me too .
    • What do I care what other people do?
    • What do I care how other people see me?
    • Life is a personal experience .
    • Jesus, this music is shit…
    • Those fuckers are great.
    • And the women are prettier than ever.
    • I’m going to buy some tight leather trousers.
    • I feel better now. Yeah, that’s what I want.
    • I’ll stay right here until the dawn and then I’ll go away, alone.
    • I’ll find a bakery that’s just opened, and buy some hot butter croissants
    • and I’ll eat them slowly with a good latté.
    • What a glorious morning. It’ll have to go well.
    • The important thing is still here, between the blown-out stubs in the cake
    • and the clinking whiskey-glasses.
    • Life is good, motherfuckers!