My Mastery Journey Timeline


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twelve month overview of goals and strategies for Entertainment Business Master of Science Degree Program Feb 2014 – Jan 2015 at Full Sail University.

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My Mastery Journey Timeline

  1. 1. My Mastery Journey Timeline Entertainment Business Master of Science Degree Program Feb 2014 – Jan 2015
  2. 2. Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership MY GOAL WILL BE TO MAKE THE MOST OF THE KNOWLEDGE I GAIN FROM ROBERT GREENE BOOK “MASTERY”. Strategies and Tactics • Apply the strategies from gained from the the book “Mastery” by Robert Greene to focus on my music business career. • Read Desire for Fame: Scale Development and Association with Personal Goals and Aspirations by John and Sandra Gountas, Robert Reeves and Lucy Moran from EBSCOhost. • I joined Grammy U so I can network with others in my field.
  3. 3. Executive Leadership TO LEARN THE LEADERSHIP STYLES AND TRAITS THAT WILL BE HELPFUL IN BUSINESS. Strategies and Tactics • Read Effective Leadership Behavior: What We Know and What Questions Need More Attention by Gary Yukl on ebscohost from the full sail library. • I joined the Entertainment Networking Society at Full Sail in order to gain personal and business relationships. • Develop Leadership Fundamentals with Britt Andreatta using video tutorials
  4. 4. Project and Team Management LEARN THE SKILLS TO MANAGE PRODUCTS AND TEAMBUILDING Strategies and Tactics • Learn how to manage a project and identify the strengths and weakness of my team in order to motivate team members. • Read the business of teambuilding by EDWARD SCHMIDT JR on ebscohost. • Watch the tutorial on Managing Project Schedules with Bonnie Biafore on
  5. 5. Business Storytelling and Brand Development TO BUILD A BRAND THAT WILL SUCCEED IN BUSINESS AND CONSUMER MARKETS. Strategies and Tactics • Do research on the most successful brands in the music industry through the Full Sail library’s research databases. • I joined the Student Branding Society to network with other members while developing a successful brand • Read “Anchored in the story” by Ernest M. Kadembo from EBSCOhost.
  6. 6. Entertainment Business Finance TO LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCE AND STUDY THE TOOL TO RAISE FUNDS TO MANAGE MY BUSINESS. Strategies and Tactics • Read the article Entertainment industry economics: A guide for financial analysis on ebscohost from the Full Sail Library Database. • Learn how to use Microsoft Excel 2007 for operations expense management and personal finance using • Learn QuickBooks for Mac Essential Training with Jess Stratton through video tutorial.
  7. 7. Negotiation and Deal-Making ACQUIRE THE SKILLS NECESSARY TO BECOME A MASTER NEGOTIATOR AND DEAL MAKER. Strategies and Tactics • Read Deal Making 2.0: A Guide to Complex Negotiations by David A, Lax and James K Sebenius on ebscohost from the Full Sail Library. • Watch Negotiation Fundamentals with Lisa Gates video tutorial on • Learn the important aspects of contracts negotiation.
  8. 8. Product and Artist Management STUDY MARKETING TECHNIQUES TO MANAGE A PRODUCT AND MUSIC ARTISTS Strategies and Tactics • Touch base with local artists and music companies to gain experience marketing products and artists. • Watch Enhancing product and service knowledge on • Read Developing winning products for emerging markets by S Gudlavalleti on ebscohost from the Full Sail Library research database .
  9. 9. Advanced Entertainment Law LEARN COPYRIGHT LAW, LICENSING CONTRACTS AND INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS Strategies and Tactics • Read 5 HOT LEGAL TRENDS by Matthew Belloni and Eriq Gardner on ebscohost. • Identify the Full Sail instructors who have experience in Entertainment Law. • Watch An Interview with Paul Menes: An Entertainment & New Media lawyer on YouTube,
  10. 10. Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution LEARN DIGITAL PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION MODELS AND STRATEGIES TO MONETIZE AND PROTECT CREATIVE CONTENT. Strategies and Tactics • Read New Kid On The Block by Susan Butler on ebscohost. • Watch Digital Publishing Fundamentals with William Everhart on • Develop a publishing and distribution plan using what I learn in this class.
  11. 11. Digital Marketing USE SOCIAL MEDIA AND WEBSITES TO MARKET MY SERVICES TO POTENTIAL CLIENTS. Strategies and Tactics • Associate my social media site with the same brand. • Watch Online Marketing Fundamentals with Lorrie Thomas Ross on • Read Understanding digital content marketing by Jennifer Rowley on ebscohost.
  12. 12. Business Plan Development CREATE A WELL STRUCTURED BUSINESS PLAN AND LEARN IT’S IMPORTANT IN BUILDING A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. Strategies and Tactics • Read Successful Business Plan – Secrets and Strategies by Rhonda Abrams. • Watch Nine steps to developing a business plan on • Attend Full Sail seminars for business plan development.
  13. 13. Final Project: Business Plan PRESENT A WELL STRUCTURED BUSINESS PLAN FOR MY MUSIC COMPANY. Strategies and Tactics • Work with my career advisor about my business plan and seek out opportunities for my company. • Watch The Music Business Plan - How To Write One! By Boomy Tokan on YouTube, • Continue reading the Successful Business Plan by Rhonda Abrams.