Human resource at taj palace


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Human resource at taj palace

  1. 1. GROUP 1Utkarsh Garg 121Sangam Lalsiva 138Sugandha Arora 140Dhruv Mahajan 141Manasvi Bansal 14312-12-20121
  2. 2. The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries are collectivelyknown as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and is recognised as one of Asias largestand finest hotel company.Incorporated by the Tatas, the company opened its first property, The Taj MahalPalace Hotel, Bombay in 1903.IHCL operate in the luxury, premium, mid-market and value segments of themarket through the following:•Taj Luxury•Taj Exotoc•Taj Safari•VivantaTaj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 93 hotels in 55 locations across Indiawith an additional 16 international hotels in the Maldives, Malaysia, Australia, UK,USA, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Africa and the Middle East12-12-2012 2IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  3. 3. 1. A property of TATA and so has a strongbrand image in the mind of customer.2. Taj Palace provides high quality servicerendering from room service to swimmingpool to laundry to Wi-Fi internet service.3. The employees are skilled and soft-spoken with a zeal and motivation to work.4. They have created a database for theregular customers providing good after saleservices .1. Limited market share due totough competition from internationaland domestic players.2. Terrorist attacks left a questionover the security.1. Introduce better membershipplans and discounts.2. Upgrade to international methodsof work1. Other heritage propertiesdepicting the great Indian culture.2. Strong competition in the hotelindustry with many hotels opening upor upgrading like Leela, Oberoi.12-12-2012 3IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  4. 4. Parent Company Indian Hotels CorporationCategory HotelsSector Tourism and HospitalityTagline/ Slogan India’s leading hospitality chainUSP Customer RelationshipSegment Leisure and business travellersTarget Group Upper class, business travellersPositioning Prime location, luxury living with Indian valuesCompetitors1. Leela Group of Hotels2. Oberoi Hotels and Resorts3. ITC Maurya12-12-2012 4IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  5. 5. OPERATING REVENUEPRODUCING DEPARTMENTSThe departments performing differentoperations for the organization directlycontributing to generation of revenue.OPERATING NON-REVENUEPRODUCINGDEPARTMENTSThe departments performing theback-hand operations for theorganization that dont directly lead torevenue generation.12-12-2012 5IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office1. Maintenance2. Legal Affairs3. Accounts4. HR5. Miscellaneous1. Accommodation2. Food andBeverages
  8. 8. 12-12-2012 8IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  9. 9. Pre ArrivalOn ArrivalDuring StayDeparturePostDeparture12-12-2012 9IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  10. 10. •Sales Department contacts perspective customers through ads,promotions and incentives.• Guest contacts the reservation for confirmation and to giveadvance payments (in some cases).•Reservations make sure the rooms are available at the datespecified and do all the documentation work.•Travel Desk and Concierge assist the guest with pick up and travelassistance.12-12-2012 10IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  11. 11. Walk In ReservationsDetermine RequirementDetermine CredibilityDetermine availabilityDetermine whether to allot ornotLocate recordConfirmationCheck DetailsAssign roomEscort to room12-12-2012 11IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  12. 12. FrontDeskFood &BeverageHousekeepingSpaTravelDeskConciergeBusinessCenterCommunication12-12-2012 12IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  13. 13. •The guest vacates the room, receives an accurate statement ofaccount for settlement, returns the room keys, and departs fromthe hotel.•The guest is also encouraged to give any type of feedback to thehotel staff.•The Travel Desk assists regular customers for an airport drop.•The front office determines whether the guest was satisfied withthe stay and encourages the guest to return to the hotel – oranother property in the chain.12-12-2012 13IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  14. 14. •The front office updates the room’s availability status and notifiesthe housekeeping department.•The final element of guest accounting is settlement of the guest’saccount.•Once the guest has checked out, the front office can analyze datarelated to the guest’s stay. Front office reports can be used toreview operations, isolate problem areas, where corrective actionmay be needed, and pinpoint out business trends.•Operation analysis can help managers establish a standard ofperformance which can be used to evaluate the effectiveness offront office operations.12-12-2012 14IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  15. 15. 12-12-2012 15IBE- Taj Palace- Front OfficeFrontOfficeMarketing & SalesFood &BeverageHumanResourceHousekeepingBanquetDeptt.SecurityController
  16. 16. 12-12-2012 IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office 16•Marketing and Sales DepartmentThe marketing and sales department relies on the front office to provide dataon guest histories, details concerning each guest’s visit and also to get newbusiness to the hotel.•Housekeeping DepartmentHousekeeping and the front office communicate with each other abouthousekeeping room status, the report on the availability of the rooms forimmediate guest occupancy.•Food & Beverage DepartmentEstimate of the number of guests expected to register based on previousoccupancy activities, and processing requests for paid-outs, forms used toindicate the amount of money paid out of the cashiers drawer on behalf of aguest.
  17. 17. •Human Resources Management DepartmentThe human resources management department may rely on the front office staffto act as an initial point of contact for potential employees in all departments. Itmay even ask the front office to screen job candidates.•Security DepartmentCommunications between the security department and the front office are veryimportant in providing hospitality to the guest. These departments worktogether very closely in maintaining guest security.•Banquet DepartmentThe banquet department, which often combines the functions of a marketingand sales department and a food and beverage department, requires the frontoffice to relay information to guests about scheduled events and bill payment.•ControllerThe controller relies on the front office staff to provide a daily summary offinancial transactions through a well-prepared night audit. This information isalso used to measure management ability to meet budget targets.12-12-2012 17IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  18. 18. •Taj is serving its customers to its best and it is able toachieve 5-star ratings from a long period.•The processes are very efficient and speedy.•All the departments are well coordinated.•It is indeed a luxury hotel.12-12-2012 18IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  19. 19. FO department should use recycled paper or simply scan theID’s of clients instead of wasting a new sheet of paper everytime.The Fidelio software is not able to meet up the work load ofthe department, hence they should switch to Opera. They should increase the number of rooms on account ofincrease in traffic at Taj.They should hire more staff for FO department.12-12-2012 19IBE- Taj Palace- Front Office
  20. 20. 12-12-2012 20IBE- Taj Palace- Front OfficeMr. Sidhant AroraFront Office Executive- Taj Palace9958634984Mr. Gursharan SinghFront Office Executive- Taj Palace8130868147