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Citibank hrm

  1. 1. Planning for HR needs will help to ensure your employees have theskills and competencies your business needs to succeed.An HR planworks hand in hand with business plan to determine the resourceswe need to achieve the business’s goals.The following three-step method is designed to help you determinewhether or not you are ready to hire: 1. Identify Business Strategy and Needs 2. Conduct a JobAnalysis andWrite a Job Description 3. Determine the Feasibility of Hiring
  2. 2. If you decide that you need additional employees to fulfill yourbusiness strategy, it is recommended that you conduct a four-stepjob analysis:1. Review your current workforce.2. Identify any skills and knowledge gaps.3.Write a Job Description4. Set anAppropriate Salary
  3. 3.  Stage 1- CV Submission Stage 2- Application Submission by shortlisted candidates Stage 3- First Level Interviews Stage 4- Case Study Based Group Discussions (BusinessSpecific) Stage 5- Final Interview
  4. 4. Headhunting (also known as Executive Search)This is the most pro-active method of recruitment; this approachtargets the very best candidates, who are usually happy in theircurrent positions and therefore do not read job advertisements.Candidates who are approached using this method need to be soldthe position on offer but it also has to be the right career move forthem. Naturally, the positions offered to potential candidates needto be of the highest caliber, and the overall process needs to reflectthe utmost confidentiality of all parties.
  5. 5.  Information Gathering – Defining the recruitment brief,organisation culture and business drivers.Agree fees and timescales. Research – Locating suitable candidates within relevantorganisations. Targeting – Making first candidate approaches based on researchfindings. Pre-Selection – Face to Face candidate interview and assessment. Recommend Shortlist – Client review meeting to finalise andaccept the shortlist. Client Interviews. Interview De-brief. Offers or Rejections. Successful candidates commence employment.HEADHUNTING PROCESS STEPS:
  6. 6. The Candidates should also demonstrate a high level of thefollowing competencies: Intellectual Capacity Achievement Orientation Leadership Capabilities Personal/ Interpersonal Skills Functional Knowledge Strategic Orientation Innovation Adaptability & Flexibility Problem Solving
  7. 7. Citibank introduced a Performance Scorecard Score card.The implemented performance scorecard specifies goals andmeasures manager’s performance in 6 areas: Financial measures Strategy implementation Customer satisfaction Control measures People Standards
  8. 8.  Main target of our organization is the continuous training of our staff, withsignificant training & development programs for each job: On-line evaluation of performance & Goal setting Continuous on-lineTraining andWebex Conferences in banking & principles ofmanagement InductionTraining Supervisors Development Academies Continuous certifications in bank products Trainings with specialized Citi executives from abroad Talent & succession planning Mentoring & Coaching Management Associate Programs Knowing CITI Personal meetings with HR Participation in cross functional development projects Participation in Conferences
  9. 9.  Enhance ShareholderValue through the Practice of ResponsibleFinance Facilitate Competitiveness to Attract and Retain the BestTalent Promote Meritocracy by Recognizing Employee Contributions Manage RiskThrough Sound Incentive Compensation Practices Provide Strong, Independent Oversight of CompensationPractices Provide forTransparency to Employees, Shareholders, andOther Stakeholders
  10. 10.  Citi is committed to the continuous professionaldevelopment of all its employees. Wherever possible Citi will provide you with opportunities forcareer development to enable you to continue to enhance yourskills and knowledge. These opportunities will help you make the most effectivecontribution in your present position and will enable you toqualify for consideration for appropriate promotionopportunities. Training is available in the form of formal tutor-led courses,coaching, team offsites and multimedia products.A fullcurriculum in banking/technical skills, management developmentand personal business skills are offered.
  11. 11.  Succession planning is a process for identifying anddeveloping internal people with the potential to fill keybusiness leadership positions in the company. Successionplanning increases the availability of experienced and capableemployees that are prepared to assume these roles as theybecome available. Citi looks for the following attributesTrust and integrityLooking after the team
  12. 12.  Citi AtWork is an Employee Benefits Program that looks afterthe financial needs of busy professionals, providing them with theopportunity to enjoy a full suite of banking privileges, theconvenience of easy reach to world-class financial products andkey to a wealth of financial knowledge at the workplace. Citi AtWork looks after the financial and welfare needsof employees by providing : The opportunity to enjoy a suite of exclusive banking privilegesdirectly from Citibank. The means to improve financial and professional knowledge The convenience of easy access to world-class financial productsand services