English grammar part 3{mob}(bcs,job,university exam)
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English grammar part 3{mob}(bcs,job,university exam)






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English grammar part 3{mob}(bcs,job,university exam) English grammar part 3{mob}(bcs,job,university exam) Document Transcript

  • Phrase & Idioms, Translation, Analogy, Vocabulary, Synonyms & Antonyms, Correct Spelling, Pair of Words. Complete English Grammar for BCS, Job & University Exam Part_3 অ঳঳ারাভুয়ারাআকু ভ। এআ ফআটিতে আংতযটি গ্রাভায এয গুরুত্ব঩ূর্ণ টফলয় যমভনঃ Phrase & Idioms, Translation, Analogy, Vocabulary, Synonyms & Antonyms, Correct Spelling, Pair of Words. টনতয় অতরাচনা কযা
  • ঴তয়তে মা টফটবন্ন প্রটেতমাটগোভূরক (BCS, Job, Medical, University etc. exam) ঩যীক্ষায় যফট঱ অত঳। অ঱া কটয ফআটি অ঩নাতেয বাতরা রাগতফ। ফআটি ঩তে অ঩নাতেয টফন্দুভাত্র উ঩কায ঴তর অভায ঩টযশ্রভ ঳ার্ণক ঴তফ। অয঑ ফআ য঩তে অ঩টন অভায ব্লগ যেখতে ঩াতযন- http://hiractg.blogspot.com ভাআনুর ঴ক ট঴যা আ-যভআরঃ hira_ctg28@yahoo.com ঑তয়ফ঳াআিঃ http://hiractg.blogspot.com ঳েকণো ফআটি টফনাভূতরে টফেযতর্য িনে Idioms and Phrases A-Z All important Phrase and Idioms collection with Bangla meaning
  • Idioms Meanin g Sentence Above all ঳তফণা঩টয Above all, he is a good man. Above board ঳ং঱য়঴ীনবা যফ টনতেণাল His activities are open and above board Achilles‖ heel েুফণরো Hankering for votes is the Achilles‖ heel of the leaders of our country All but প্রায় The poor villagers are all but
  • ruined Apple of discord টফফাতেয টফলয় The land has become an apple of discord between the two brothers At a loss ঴েফুটি, টকংকেণফেটফভূ ঢ় I am now at a loss and don‖t know the solution. At all events মাআ ঘিু কনা যকন I shall stand by him at all events At bay যকানঠা঳া The tiger was at bay in the
  • bush At one‖s finger ends নখে঩ণতর্ All these facts are his fingers ends. At daggers drawn ঱ত্রুো The two children are at daggers drawn now. At one‖s wit ―s end ঴েফুটি He was at his wit‖s end and did not know what to do. At stake টফ঩তে ঩ো His life is at a stake now. Bad blood ভতনাভাটরনে Now there
  • is a bad blood between the two sisters. Beat about the bush কাতিয কর্া না ফতর অতিফাতি কর্া ফরা Please come to the point without beating about the bush Birds of feather একযকভ স্ববাতফয যরাক Birds of feather flock together Black sheep কু রাঙ্গায He is a black sheep for the family. By all ঳ফণপ্রকাতয Try to
  • means complete it by all means By fits and starts ভাতেভাতে He works by fits and starts By hook or by crook যমতকানভূতরে You must do this work by hook or by crook By leaps and bounds ঄টে দ্রুে গটেতে The population of Bangladesh is increasing by leaps and bounds Bid fair বাতরা টকেু অ঱া কযা He bids
  • fair to be a good doctor Big gun যনেৃস্থানীয় ফেটি The man behind the police is a big gun of our locality Bird‖s eye view যভািাভুটিধায র্া He took a bird‖s eye view of the flood- stricken are from an airplane Bone of connectio n টফফাতেয টফলয় The paternal property is the bone
  • of contention among the family members. Book worm গ্রন্থকীি Don‖t be a book worm. Bring to book ঱াটি যে঑য়া The students should be bring to book for their misconduc t Build castle in the air অকা঱ কু ঳ুভ যচনা কযা Don‖t waste your time in building castle in
  • the air Breathe one‖s last ভাযা মা঑য়া The old man breathes his last on Sunday last. Call to mind স্মযর্ কযা I cannot call to mind your cell number Call in question ঳তন্দ঴ কযা No one can call his honesty in question Carry the day িয়রাব কযা The boys carried the day in the debate
  • competitio n Chip of the old block ফা঩কা যফিা Mr. Mukherjee is the chip of the old block Crying need িরুযী Mass education is a crying need for India Crocodile tears ভায়াকান্না He shed crocodile tears at our misery Cock and bull story অলাতঢ় গল্প You must be ashamed of your cock and
  • bull story Cut a sorry figure খাযা঩ পর কযা He cuts a sorry figure in the examinatio n Cut to the quick ভভণা঴ে ঴঑য়া I was cut to the quick by his birds D-F Idioms Meaning Sentence Dead against েীব্র টফতযাধী I am dead against his proposal Dead language যম বালা এখন অয কর্ে নয় Sanskrit is a rich
  • language, but it is now a dead language. Dead of night ভধেযাটত্র The robbers broke into the house at head of night Die in harness কভণযে ঄ফস্থায় ভাযা মা঑য়া Dr. Sen died in harness Do yeoman‖s service টফত঱ল উ঩কায কযা Freedom fighters have done yeoman‖s service for country. End in ফের্ণ ঴঑য়া All his
  • smoke plans ended in smoke. Fall flat পরপ্র঳ূ না ঴঑য়া My advice feels flat on him. Fight shy এটেতয় চরা Why do you fight shy of your teacher? Fish out of water ঄স্বটিকয ঄ফস্থা When he came to the village , he felt like fish out of water Fish in a troubled water এতরাতভতরা ঄ফস্থায ঳ুতমাগ যনয়া He made a lot of money by
  • fishing in a troubled water Far and wide ঳ফণত্র His fame spread far and wide Flesh and blood যিভাংত঳য ঱যীয Flesh and blood cannot bear with these such insults For good টচযটেতনয িনে He left the house for good From hand to mouth টেন অতন টেন খায় The poor man live from hand to mouth
  • G-I Idioms Meaning Sentence Gala day টফত঱ল টেন The Eid – Ul-Fitr is a gala day for Muslims. Get rid of ভুটি ঩া঑য়া Try to get rid of the rogue. Gift of the gab ফাক঩িু ো An advocate should have the gift of the gab. Hard nut to crack কটঠন ঳ভ঳ো The problem of adult education is really
  • hard nut to crack Head and ears ঳ম্পূর্ণরূত঩ He is over head and ears in debt Hold water যধাত঩ যিকা This policy will not hold water in this situation. Hue and cry য঱াযতগার The villagers raised a hue and cry to see the thief Hush money ঘুল He offered a hush money to disclose the
  • file. In a fix ভু঱টকতর ঩টেে ঴঑য়া The man is in a fix with his new hairstyle. In full swing ঩ুতযােতভ The school is in full swing after the vacation In lieu of ঩টযফতেণ Give me this pen in lieu of that In cold blood ঠান্ডা ভার্ায় They committed this murder in cold blood In no time ঱ীঘ্র He will finish the
  • work in no time Ins and out খুুঁটিনাটি I know ins and outs of this file In vogue চারু This custom is not in vogue at present In a nutshell ঳ংতক্ষত঩ Tell the whole story in a nutshell In one‖s teens যেয যর্তক উটন঱ ফেয ফয়ত঳য ভাতে She is yet in her teens In the long run ঩টযর্াতভ You will have to suffer in the long
  • run Irony of fate বাতগেয ঩টয঴া঳ He could not succeed by irony of fate. k-m Idioms Meaning Sentence Kith and kin টনকি অত্মীয় He has no relation with his kith and kin Lion‖s share ফে ভাত঩য ঄ং঱ He took the lion‖s share of the profit Lame excuse ফাতি ঑িয The lame excuse will not do. Maiden speech প্রর্ভ ফিৃ ো His maiden speech fell
  • flat on the audience Man of letters ঩টন্ডে ফেটি You are truly a man of letters Man of straw ঄঩োর্ণ We do not care for a man of straw like you. Make both ends meet অয় ফেয় যভরাতনা I cannot make both ends meet with my small income Moot point ঄ভীভাংট঳ে টফলয় Dowry system is still a moot point in Bangladesh.
  • N-P Idioms Meaning Sentence Nip in the bud ঄ঙ্কু তয টফনষ্ট ঴঑য়া All his hopes were nipped in the bud. Null and void ফাটের The deed has been null and void now. Now and then ভাতে ভাতে He comes here now and then Of course ঄ফ঱েআ Of course, you know what that meant. On the contrary টফ঩যীে ঩তক্ষ I do not hate him;
  • on the contrary I love him. On the wane হ্রা঳ভান His fame is on the wane now. On the whole যভাতিয ঑঩য On the whole, his conduct is good Out of date য঳তকতর This fashion is out of date Out of sorts ঳াভানে ঄঳ুস্থ The baby is out of sorts after playing. Out of order টফকর the radio has become an out of
  • order Out of temper ক্রু ি The teacher is out temper to see the overall results. Part and parcel ঄টফতেেে ঄ং঱ Education is part and parcel to build a civilized nation. Pros and cons খুুঁটিনাটি You should consider the pros and cons of the system R-T
  • Idioms Meaning Sentence Rank and file ঳াধাযর্ যরাক We should pay attention to the rank and file of the country Red letter day স্মযয় টেন The 16 th December is a red letter day for us. Round the clock ঳ভি টেন He is working round the clock Set free ভুি কযা The prisoners were set
  • free Slow coach ঄র঳ You cannot expect much from a slow coach. Slip of the pen যরখায় ঄঳েকণোফ঱ে ঳াভানে বু র The mistake is due to a slip of the pen. Slip of the tongue ফরায় ঳াভানে বু র This is a slip of the tongue; don‖t lay much stress on it. Square য঩ি বযা অ঴ায He is too
  • meal poor to have a square meal everyday Stone‖s throw ঄টে টনকতি Our school is at a stone‖s throw from our house Tooth and nail েীব্রবাতফ He fought tooth and nail for the sake of country To the backbone ঴াতে ঴াতে I know this boy to the
  • backbone U-W Idioms Meaning Sentence Ups and downs উত্থান ঩েন There are ups and downs in a man‖s life. Up and doing উতেোগী Be up and doing and then you will be succeed in your life White elephant ঄েেন্ত ফেয়঳াত঩ক্ষ টফরাট঳ো At last the department proved to be a white elephant Weal ঳ুখ-েুঃখ Human life
  • and woe is full of weal and woe. Widow‖s mite েটযতেয ক্ষু ে োন A windows mite is no less important than a large contribution of a rich man. Translation Translationএয প্রশ্নগুতরা ঄তনকিা correct sentence এয প্রতশ্নয ভে। একআ ফাতকেয চাযিা যকভতপয যেয়া র্াকতফ, যমগুতরায যর্তক ঳টঠকিা যফয কযতে ঴তফ। টনটেণষ্ট যকান টনয়ভ না র্াকতর঑ টকেু টিটন঳ ভতন যাখতর translation িা ঳঴ি ঴তে ঩াতয।
  • ১. ঄তনক ঳ভয় একটি word ফা phrase এয উ঩য টবটি কতয ঄নুফাে কযতে যেয়া ঴য়। যমভনঃ ―য঳ ফন্দুক োক কযতে না কযতেআ ঩াটখটি উতে যগর‖ — ঳টঠক ঄নুফাে টক ঴তফ? 1. As soon as he aimed at the bird than it flew away. 2. No sooner had he aimed at the bird than it flew away. 3. The bird flew away before he aimed at the bird. 4. The bird flew away no sooner he aimed at the bird. এআ ঄নুফােিায ঩ুতযািাআ ―no sooner — than‖ — এআ conjunction টিয উ঩য টবটি কতয কযা ঴তয়তে। োআ ফাংরা ফাতকে ঐ key word ফা phrase টি টচটিে কযতে ঩াযতর এফং োয ঳ভার্ণক আংতযটি word ফা
  • phrase টিয ফেফ঴ায িানতর প্রশ্নিা উিয কযা মাতফ। ২. Verb form. ফাংরায যকান Verb form এয ঳াতর্ আংতযটি যকান Verb form যভতর োয একিা যভািাভুটি োটরকা টনতচ যেয়া ঴র। (―কটয‖ ফা ―do‖ verb টেতয়) ৩. টকেু ঱ব্দ বালান্তয ঴ফায ঳ভয় ফচন ঩টযফেণন ঴য়। Translation গে যাতে যোভায বার ঘুভ ঴তয়তে You had a sound sleep at last night েু টভ টক এ ফেয ঩যীক্ষা টেতফ? Will you sit for the examination this year? ফািাতয অভায ফআতয়য োরুন কািটে My books sell like hot cakes ট঱শুটি নাচতে নাচতে ভাতয়য কাতে যগর The child went to
  • the mother dancing যোভায ফে বাআ অভায বাআতয়য যচতয় ফে Your elder brother is older than my brother অটভ ঘয যর্তক অ঳তে না অ঳তেআ ফৃটষ্ট শুরু ঴র No sooner had I got out of the house than it began to rain বেতরাতকয ঳ুটেন টের ফতর ভতন ঴য় The gentleman seems to have seen better days ঴াুঁ কতয োুঁটেতয় অে যকন? Why do you stand foolishly? কয়রা ঱ে ধুআতর঑ ভয়রা মায় না Black will take no other hue. য঳ এত঳টের ফন্ধু যফত঱ He came in the guise of a friend ঳ফায ঳াতর্ খা঩ খাআতয় চরা কে না কটঠন How difficult is to adjust with all!
  • েুআ ঘন্টা ধতয ভু঱র ধাতয ফৃটষ্ট ঴তে It has been raining cats and dogs for two hours টেরতক োর কযা To make a mountain of a mole hill. অভযা টনযক্ষোয ঄টব঱া঩ যর্তক ভুটি চাআ We want get rid of the course of illiteracy ভানুল ভৃেু েতক এোতে ঩াতয না Man cannot avoid death োয কর্ায় অটভ না য঴ত঳ ঩াযরাভ না I could not but laugh at his words িুটযগর্ টবন্নভে য঩ালর্ কযতরন The Jury were divided in their opinions ঱যতেয চাুঁে টক ঳ুন্দয How beautiful the autumn moon is! ঳ুখ অত্মেু টষ্টয উ঩য Happiness
  • টনবণয঱ীর consists of self contentment ট঱শুটি কর্া ফরতে িাতন না The child does not know how to speak ঳কার যর্তক গুটে গুটে ফৃটষ্ট ঴তে It has been drizzling since morning য঳ না মা঑য়া ঩মণন্ত অটভ মাফ না I will not go until he leaves ঳ং঳াতয োয ভা েো যকউ যনআ He has none but mother in the world গুিফটি ঳ম্পূর্ণ টভর্ো The rumor is quite false য঳ ঳ুতমাগ টি গ্র঴র্ কযতে ঩াযর না He could not avail himself of the opportunity য঳ ঑ েু টভ উবতয়আ ঳ভান যোলী Both you and he are equally guilty য঳ বতয় র্যর্য কতয He was trembling
  • কাুঁ঩তেটের in fear অকাত঱ গুে গুে ঱ব্দ ঴আতেটের There was a rumbling noise in the sky নানা ভুটনয নানা ভে Many men, many minds চকচক কযতরআ য঳ানা ঴য় না All that glitters is not gold কার যেভন গযভ টের না It was not so hot yesterday এখন চাযিা যফতি ঩তনয টভটনি It is fifteen minutes past four যভতয়টি টক যাুঁধতে িাতন Does not the girl know how to cook? ঳ূমণ টক অভাতেয টকযর্ যেয় না Does not the sun give us light? টেটন অটে কতষ্ট োয ঳ং঳ায চারান He maintains his family in great hardship ঄঩ভাতনয যচতয় ভৃেু ে Death is
  • যশ্রয় preferable to dishonor অভযা ঱াটন্ত চাআ , মুি চাআ না We want peace, not war টেটন নযভ প্রকৃ টেয যরাক He is a man of mild nature েুঃ঳ংফাে ফাোত঳য অতগ মায় Ill news runs apace এক ভুতখ েুআ কর্া ফটর঑ না Do not blow hot and cold in the same breath স্বাধীনো ভানুতলয িন্মগে ঄টধকায Freedom is man‖s birth right ঄েীতেয িনে েুঃখ কতযা না Don‖t regret for the past যরাকটিতক একিন টফেোন ফতর ভতন ঴য় The man seems to be a learned person গটযতফযা কতষ্টয িনেআ িন্মায় The poor are born to suffer অফায মটে অভযা Would that I
  • ট঱শু ঴োভ were a child again! অটভ এখন ঄বাফগ্রি I m hard up now এক কর্ায় ফর টক চা঑? Tell me in a word what you want? যোভায এখন যকভন রাগতে How do you feel now? ফাটে টনবাতনায ঩য য঳ শুতয় ঩ের He went to bed after put out the light? য঳ ঄ংতক কাুঁচা He is weak in mathematics.
  • Vocabulary A-Z Vocabulary list With Synonyms and Antonyms (A - C) Word Meani ng Synony ms Antony ms Abate কভাতনা, প্র঱টভে কযা। Decreas e, Diminis h Intensif y, Enhanc e Absurd ঄তমৌটিক Illogical, Unreaso nable Reason able, Sensibl e Accumu late িভা কযা Heap Up, Amass Scatter, Dispers e Adept ঳ুেক্ষ Skillful, Inept,
  • Expert Unskill ed Admire প্র঱ং঳া কযা Respect Have A Low Opinion Of Adulter ate যবিার টভ঱াতনা Contami nate Purify, Clean Annoy জ্বারােন কযা Disturb, Irritate Calm, Please Anony mous যচটয়োয নাভ঴ীন Nameles s, Unname d Signed, Named Anxious উটিগ্ন,঄েে ন্ত অগ্র঴ী Worried, Eager Assured , Relucta nt Assist ঳঴তমাটগো কযা Help, Aid Oppose, Obstruc t
  • Authent ic টফশ্বা঳তমা গে Reliable Bogus, Counter feit Barren ঄নুফণয Unprod uctive Product ive, Fertile Benefac tor উ঩কাযক Donor Malefac tor Benefici al উ঩কাযী Useful Harmfu l Benevol ent েয়ারু Kind Cruel, Selfish Blame যোল যেয়া Praise, Admire Blamew orthy টনন্দনীয় Guilty Spotles s Boast েম্ভ কযা Show Off, Brag Be Ashame d Bona- Fide প্রকৃ ে Authent icate, Bogus, Counter
  • Genuine feit Brief ঳ংটক্ষপ্ত Short Length y, Prolong Brutal টনষ্ঠু য Cruel, Inhuma n Kind Candid ঄ক঩ি,যভা নতখারা Frank Artful Candor ঳যরো Sincerit y Diplom acy, Dishone sty Capable ঳ক্ষভ Adept, Expert Inept, Unskill ed Chaos টফ঱ৃঙ্খর Disorder Order Coalesc e একত্র ঴঑য়া Unify, Unite Separat e, Divide Compul ফাধেোভূর Mandat Volunta
  • sory ক ory, Obligato ry ry, Optiona l Conceal রুকাআয়া যাখা Hide Reveal, Disclose Constru ctive গঠনভূরক Producti ve Destruc tive, Useless Contami nate েূটলে কযা Pollute, Adultera te Purify Contrad ict ঄স্বীকায কযা Refute Affirm Convict যোলী ফতর যায় যেয়া Find Guilty Innoce nt Counter feit িার/কৃ টত্র ভ Fake Genuin e, Authen ticate Crisis ঳ঙ্কিকার Climax, Critical Joy, Stable
  • Stage Clandes tine রুকাটয়ে Secret Open, Reveale d Cacoph onous যফ঳ুতয Harsh, Inharmo nious Euphon ious Comply যভতন চরা Conform , Obey Disobey , Resist Coercio n িফযেটি Compuls ion, Volunta ry Curtail ঳ংটক্ষপ্ত Shorten Lengthe n Castigat e টনন্দা কযা Upbraid, Reproac h Praise, Laud (D - F)
  • Word Meani ng Synony ms Antony ms Deliber ate ঳ুটচটন্তে Preplann ed, Intentio nal Rash, Hurried Deny ঄স্বীকায কযা Contradi ct, Refute Confirm Deter ফাধা যে঑য়া Prevent, Obstruct Aid, Assist Durabl e যিক঳আ Endurin g Fragile Endang er টফ঩েগ্রি কযা Put In Danger Protect, Defend Endura nce ধধমণ Stamina Weakne ss Enhanc e ফৃটি Magnify, Raise Reduce, Lessen Enthusi asm প্রফর অগ্র঴ Eagernes s Apathy
  • Essenti al ঄঩টয঴ামণ Necessar y Unimpo rtant Eternal টচযস্থায়ী Everlasti ng Tempor ary Excess ফােটে,ভা ত্রাটধকে Surplus, Excessiv e Scarce Exploit কৃ টেত্ব Achieve ment, Feat Failure, Defeat Expose প্রকা঱ কযা Reveal, Disclose Hide, Conceal Fascina te যভাট঴ে কযা,ভুগ্ধ Charm, Captivat e Bore Fertile উফণয Producti ve Barren, Infertile Flatter যোলাতভাে কযা Over- Praise Censure Flexibl e নভনীয় Elastic Rigid
  • Futile ফের্ণ,঄কামণ কয Vain, Ineffecti ve Effective , Successf ul Facilita te ঳঴িেয কযা Expedite Hinder (G - I) WORD MEA NING SYNONY MS ANTONY NMS Genuine ঄কৃ টত্রভ, খাুঁটি Authenti c Counterf eit, Fake Glamor ous অকলণনী য় Fascinati ng Unattrac tive Gloom ঄ন্ধকায, টফলন্নো Darkness , Sadness Light, Joy Greedy প্রচন্ড ঄র্ণ যরাবী Money- Hungry Benevol ent Haphaz এতরাতভ যরা Chaotic Planned
  • ard Harmon y টভর Agreeme nt Conflict Hazard টফ঩ে Danger, Risk Safety Homoge neous ঳ভপ্রকৃ টে Uniform Heterog eneous Honorar y ঄বফেটন ক Voluntar y Salaried Humble নম্র Modest Proud, Boastful Humoro us যকৌেু ক ঩ূর্ণ Funny Grave, Serious Hypocri sy বন্ডো Insinceri ty Candor Ignoran t ঄ট঱টক্ষে Uneduca ted Wise, Literate Illicit ঄বফধ Illegal, Unlawful Legal Immens e টফ঱ার Vast, Massive Small, Tiny
  • Incredib le ঄টফশ্বা঳ে Absurd Usual, Believab le Indiffer ent উো঳ীন Apatheti c Biased Inevitab le ঄টনফামণ Ineluctab le Avoidabl e Infamou s িঘনে Notoriou s Glorious Injuriou s ক্ষটেকয Damagin g, Harmful Benefici al, Helpful Intense েীব্রো Extreme Mild Intensif y েীব্রো ফৃটি কযা Heighten , Increase Lessen Irregula r ঄টনয়টভ ে Unconve ntional Usual Irreleva nt ঄প্রা঳ং টগক Impertin ent Pertinen t, German
  • e Intimid ate বয় যেখাতনা frighten, daunt Encoura ge Instigat e প্রতযাচনা কযা provoke, incite Discoura ge (J - N) Word Mean ing Synony ms Antony ms Jeer টফদ্রু঩ কযা Mock, Deride Applaud Jeopard y টফ঩ে Danger, Peril Safety Jocund ঴াট঳খুট঱ Jolly, Cheerful Sober, Grave Jolly ঴াট঳খুট঱ Jocund Grave Judiciou টফচক্ষন Sagaciou Rash,
  • s s, Sage Foolhard y Keen চেু য Astute, Shrewd Blunt, Indiffere nt Lacklust er টনষ্প্রার্ Humdru m Vivaciou s Laudato ry প্র঱ং঳াভূ রক Praising Blamewo rthy Lavish ঄টভেফে য়ী Prodigal Thrifty Linger যেযীতে মা঑য়া Loiter Leave Hastily Loquaci ous ফাচার Garrulou s, Talkativ e Taciturn, Reticent Loathe ঄টনেুক Despise, Abhor Like, Adore Malice ঄঩কাতয য আো Malevol ence, Benevole nce
  • Rancor Mandat ory ঄েোফ঱ে ক Obligato ry Voluntar y Melanch oly ভনভযা Gloomy, Dejected Vivaciou s Messy যনাংযা Cluttere d, Littered Neat, Tidy Meticul ous খুুঁেখুুঁতে Painstak ing Careless Misery ঄েেন্ত েুঃখ Woe, Agony Happine ss Mollify প্র঱টভে কযা Assuage, Pacify Exaspera te Monoto nous একতঘুঁতয় Dull, Humdru m Interesti ng Nadir টনম্নেভ টফন্দু Lowest Point Apex, Zenith, Peak
  • (O- P) Word Mean ing Synony ms Antony ms Obstacle ফাধা Impedi ment Aid, Help Oppositi on টফতযাটধ ো কযা Antagon ism Support Optimist ic অ঱াফােী Sanguin e Pessimis tic Obligato ry ফাধেোভূ রক কযা Compul sory Volunta ry Obliterat e টনটিি কযা Eradicat e, Annihila te Construc t Obsolete য঳তকতর Antique Modern Obstinat e যিেী Stubbor n Complia nt, Docile Ominous বীটেকয Threate Propitio
  • ning us Out-Of- Date য঳তকতর Outmod ed Modern Peculiar ঄দ্ভুে Odd, Strange Usual, Expecte d Perishab le ঩চন঱ীর Subject To Decay Durable Permane nt টচযস্থায়ী Perpetu al Moment ary Precise স্পষ্টবা যফ টনটেণষ্ট Exact, Definite Vague Prosperit y উন্নটে Success, Progres s Misfortu ne Purify টফশুি Authent ic Contami nate Pacific ঱ান্ত Placid Agitated Painstaki কাতি মত্ন঱ীর Meticul Negligen
  • ng ous t Palatable ঳ুস্বােু Deliciou s Disgusti ng Paltry নগর্ে Trivial, Petty Significa nt Parsimo nious টভেফেয়ী Frugal, Thrifty Extravag ant Perilous টফ঩েিন ক Hazardo us Safe Philanth ropy ঩তযা঩ কায Charity Miserly Pinnacle ঱ীলণটফন্দু Acme, Zenith Nadir Placid ঱ান্ত Calm, Serene Turbule nt Potent ঱টি঱া রী, Formida ble, Efficacio us Impoten t Pragmati c ফািফ঳ ম্মে Realistic Idealisti c
  • Precario us টনযা঩িা ঴ীন Uncerta in Safe, Certain Prodigal ঄঩ফেয়ী Spendth rift Tempera te Proficien t েক্ষ Adroit, Deft Clumsy Profoun d গবীয জ্ঞান ঩ূর্ণ Wise, Sage Stupid, Inane Profuse প্রচুয, ঄঩ফেয়ী Abunda nt Inadequ ate Prolific প্রচুয উৎ঩ােন ঱ীর Prolifer ative Sterile Prompt চি঩তি Alert Sluggish Propagat e ফং঱টফিা য কযা Multiply Reduce, Diminis h Promine nt প্রট঳ি Illustrio us Unimpo rtant Prosaic গোনুগ টেক Humdru m, Trite Captivat ing
  • Parochia l অঞ্চটরক Local Worldwi de Partisan ঳ভর্ণক Biased Impartia l, Adversa ry Pedestri an নীয঳ Prosaic Exciting (R-U) Word Mean ing Synonym s Antony ms Rage প্রচন্ড টক্ষপ্তফস্থা Wrath Calmne ss, Joy Random এতরাতভ যরা Haphazar d Deliber ate Rebellio us ঄ফাধে Mutinous , Disobedi Patrioti c, Loyal
  • ent Relevant প্রা঳টঙ্গক Pertinent Unrelat ed Retreat ট঩টেতয় অ঳া Withdra w Advanc e Reckless যফ঩তযা য়া Rash Wary, Careful Reconcil e অত঩াল কযা Conciliat e Alienat e Refreshi ng ঳িীফকা যক Invigorat ing Tiring Refute মুটি খন্ডন কযা Confute Prove, Confirm Relinqui sh োফী/঩ েেোগ কযা Give Up Retain Renovat e যভযাভে কযা Revamp Damage Repent ঄নু঱চনা কযা Be Penitent Remors eless Repudia ঄স্বীকায Disclaim Confide
  • te কযা nce Reservat ion টিধা িন্দ্ব Hesitanc y Confide nce Resoluti on েৃঢ় ঳ংকল্প Determin ation Vacillat ion Revoke ফাটের Repeal Validat e Risk েু ুঁটক Jeopardy Safety Ruthless টনভণভ Callous, Merciless Kind Scandal করঙ্ক Dishonor Honor Scarcity ঘািটে Insufficie ncy Abunda nce Scorn ঄ফজ্ঞা কযা Despise, Disdain Admire, Esteem Sincere ঄কৃ টত্রভ Unfeigne d Feigned Spacious প্র঱ি Capaciou s Crowde d Stamina ঩টযশ্রভ ঳঴ে Enduranc e Weakne ss
  • কযায ঱টি Static টস্থয Stagnant Mobile Stationa ry টনির,টস্থ য Motionle ss Varying , Moving Swift দ্রুে Rapid, Prompt Sluggis h Salutary স্বাস্থেকয Wholeso me Harmfu l Scanty স্বল্প Meager Copious Sanguin e অ঱াফােীHopeful Pessimi stic Shabby িীর্ণ ঱ীর্ণ Threadba re New, Neat Slander কু ৎ঳া যচনা কযা Defame Extol, Laud Slump কতভ মা঑য়া Decline Increas e Sophisti cated ঄঩চয় কযা Complica ted, Simple
  • Complex Squande r ঄঩চয় কযা Waste Save Steadfas t েৃঢ় Unwaver ing Waveri ng Superfic ial বা঳া বা঳া Cursory Thorou gh Sycopha nt চািু কায Flatterer Dignifie d Person Tolerate ঳঴ে কযা Endure Prohibit Tentativ e টনটিে নয় Unconfir med Conclus ive Thrifty টভেফেয়ী Frugal Extrava gant Timorou s বীরু Timid Fearless Torpid টনতিি Lethargic Vigorou s Tortuou s অকাুঁফা কাুঁ Meanderi ng Straight
  • Tranquil ঱ান্ত Unpertur bed Restless Unwary ঄঳াফধা ন Rash Circums pect Unconsc ious ঄জ্ঞান Senseless Conscio us Unanim ous ঳ফণ঳ম্মে Showing Full Agreeme nt Dissent Unkemp t ঄঩টয঩া টি Tousled Tidy Unavoid able ঄ফ঱েম্ভা ফী Inevitabl e Doubtfu l (V-Z) WORD MEANI NG SYNONY MS ANTONY MS Vacillatআেিে Waver, Determi
  • e কযা Hesitate ned, Steadfas t Valiant ঳া঴঳ী Dauntle ss, Courage ous Craven, Fearful Virtuo us ধনটেক ঳েগুন্সম্প ন্ন Moral Wicked, Evil Volunt ary যস্বো প্রেি Free Will, Forced Vulgar ঄বে Impolite , Refined Vigor িীফনী঱টি Verve, Vim Lethargy Vital গুরুত্ব঩ূর্ণ Lively, Crucial Trivial Wilt শুটকতয় মা঑য়া Droop Bloom Wither শুটকতয় মা঑য়া Dry Up, Wilt Flower
  • Wrinkl e বাুঁি ঩ো Crease, Pucker Smooth Whimsi cal যখয়ারী Capricio us Steady Zenith ঱ীলণটফন্দু Acme, Pinnacle Nadir Zeal প্রফর অগ্র঴ Enthusi asm Apathy Analogy
  • Example: APPLE : FRUIT A. Mango : Sweet B. Forest : Tree C. Juice : Fresh D. Rose : Flower E. Leaf : Grass Solution :
  • 1 st step : Apple একটি পতরয নাভ এফং Fruit ঄র্ণ পর 2 nd step : ঳ুেযাং এতেয ভধেকায ঳ম্পকণ োোয় Apple একটি Fruit (পর) 3 rd step : A. Mango একটি sweet (টভটষ্ট) নয় ফযং Mango যখতে টভটষ্ট B. Forest একটি Tree নয় ফযং Forest ঴র ঄তনক গাতেয ঳ভা঴ায C. Juice একটি Fresh নয় D. Rose একটি Flower E. Leaf একটি Grass নয় ঄র্ণাৎ Correct Answer D. Analogy Question এয ভাধেতভ েুটি ঱তব্দয ভতধে ঄র্ণগে টভর/঳ম্পকণ (Relation) যফয কযতে ঴য়। প্রতশ্নয ঱ব্দ যিাোয ঄তর্ণয টভর ঄নুমায়ী উিয যর্তক একআ যকভ ঄র্ণগে টভর/঳ম্পতকণয (Relation) ঱ব্দতিাো যফয
  • কযতে ঴তফ। ভূরে: Analogy Question এয ভাধেতভ vocabulary ঑ intelligence ঩যীক্ষা কযা ঴য়। য঳িনে Analogy solve এয ঳ভয় ঱তব্দয ঄র্ণ (vocabulary) ঑ ঱ব্দিতয়য ভধেকায ঳ম্পকণ (Relation) -এ েুআতয়য উ঩য যিায টেতে ঴তফ। ভতন যাখতে ঴তফ Analogy ভুখস্থ নয়, ঄র্ণ ফুতে solve কযতে ঴তফ। Analogy Solving Strategy টফটবন্নবাতফ অভযা Analogy এয Relation টচন্তা কযতে ঩াটয। যকানটেক যর্তক Relation টচন্তা কযে য঳িা ফে কর্া নয়। ফে কর্া ঴তে যোভায টচন্তাকৃ ে Relation টি Logical ঴তে ঴তফ এফং ঐ Relation এয টবটি ধতয একটি Answer এ য঩ৌঁেতে ঴তফ । যকান বাতফআ একাটধক Answer অত঳ এভনবাতফ Relation টচন্তা কযা মাতফ না । এখাতন Example ট঴ত঳তফ Relation টচন্তা
  • কযায টকেু Viewpoint যে঑য়া ঴তরা । এগুতরাআ য঱ল কর্া নয় । এয ফাআতয ঑ টফটবন্নবাতফ এয Relation টচন্তা কযতে ঩ায । Viewpoint-1. Analogy এয যক্ষতত্র ঳ফণপ্রর্তভ ঄ফ঱েআ Question এয ঱ব্দতিাো ঩েতফ এফং ঄র্ণ টচন্তা কযতফ, Answer choice এয ঱তব্দয ঄র্ণ টনতয় প্রর্তভ টচন্তা কযতফ না Viewpoint-2. Question এয ঱ব্দতিাোয ভধেকায ঳ম্পকণ short-meaningful বাতফ টচন্তা কযতফ । Viewpoint-3. Relation টি একধযতনয structure, টনটেণষ্ট category না঑ ঴তে ঩াতয। Example: Apple: Fruit (Apple একটি পর), এখাতন Apple যকান টকেুয নাভ এআ structure টি ফেফ঴ায ঴তয়তে ‗fruit‘ category ফেফ঴ায ঴য়টন । ঄র্ণাৎ Question এ পতরয নাভ অতে
  • ফতর Answer এ঑ পতরয নাভ র্াকতফ এভন না঑ ঴তে ঩াতয। Viewpoint-4. Relation টি অফায specifically/narrowly টচন্তা কযতে ঴তফ মটে Broad sense এ একাটধক Answer ঩া঑য়া মায় । Example: CARPENTER : SAW A. Painter : Brush B. Stenographer : Typewriter C. Lawyer : Brief D. Seamistress: Scissors E. Runner : Run এখাতন, carpenter {কাঠটভটি} এয মন্ত্র saw {কযাে} Relation এ Answer ঴য় A, B, D, টকন্তু Specifically Relation োোয় Carpenter saw টেতয় কাতি, ঳ুেযাং Answer অত঳ শুধু D। কারন Seamistress scissors টেতয় কা঩ে কাতি।
  • Viewpoint-5. Eye catcher িাযা প্রবাটফে ঴তফ না । Example : Apple : Fruit এ প্রতশ্নয উিতয একটি option এ Mango টের, এখাতন Mango টি Eye catcher. ঄র্ণাৎ ঳ভিােীয় ঱ব্দ টেতে যোভায Relation গঠনতক প্রবাটফে কযতে ঩াতয । Secondary meaning- ঑ টচন্তা কযতে ঴তফ মটে Primary meaning- এ উিয না টভতর। Example : TREE : WOOD A. Camera : Film B. Furniture : Decoration C. Brick : Cement D. Player : Team E. Thorn : Rose Primary meaning relation : Tree যর্তক wood {কাঠ} ঩া঑য়া মায়, এ Relation ঄নু঳াতয যকান Answer যনআ Secondary meaning relation : ঄তনকগুতরা tree টনতয় wood {ফন} ঴য়।এ ঄নু঳াতয Answer D।
  • Viewpoint-6. 1. Relation টি যমতকান টেক যর্তক োে কযাতে ঩াতযা, যফাোয ঳ুটফধা ঄নু঳াতয। Example: TREE : WOOD i. ঄তনক Tree টনতয় Wood ঴য় ii. Wood এ ঄তনক Tree র্াতক । Viewpoint-7. Answer কযায ঳ভয় ঳েকণ র্াকতে ঴তফ Relation যমন reverse না ঴তয় মায়। Example: STAG : DOE a. Stag : vend b. Hen : Rooster c. Drake : duck d. Doe : Drake
  • এখাতন ভূর ঱ব্দতিাোয Relation ঩ুংটরঙ্গঃ িীটরঙ্গ যকননা option b. যে িীটরঙ্গঃ ঩ুংটরঙ্গ অয option c. যে ঩ুংটরঙ্গঃ িীটরঙ্গ। Answer c. Viewpoint-8. --- is a characteristic of COURAGE: HERO Relation : Courage {঳া঴঳} ঴তে Hero- এয ধফট঱ষ্ঠে, ELECTION: DEMOCRACY Relation : Election ঴তে Democracy এয ধফট঱ষ্ঠে। Viewpoint-09. –– is the place of CLASSROOM : TEACHER Relation : Classroom ঴তে Teacher এয কাতিয স্থান
  • CLINIC: NURSE Relation : Clinic ঴তে Nurse - এয কাতিয স্থান COURTHOUSE: JUDGE Courthouse ঴তে judge এয কাতিয স্থান Viewpoint-10. Relationship of Degree/Degree of intensity FURIOUS : ANNOYED Relation : Furious ঴তে Annoyed ঄টেটযি ফা যফ঱ী MOUNTAIN: HILL Relation : Mountain ঴তে Hill ঄টেটযি ফা যফ঱ী DELUGE : RAIN Relation : Deluge ঴তে Rain ঄টেটযি ফা যফ঱ী EPIC : STORY
  • Relation : Epic ঴তে Story ঄টেটযি ফা যফ঱ী Viewpoint-11. Tool {কাতিয মন্ত্র ফা উ঩কযর্} PAINTER: BRUSH Relation : Painter - এয মন্ত্র ঴তরা Brush CARPENTER: SAW Relation : Carpenter এয মন্ত্র ঴তরা saw WRITER : PEN Relation : Writer এয মন্ত্র ঴তরা Pen Viewpoint-12. ------ Creates ------ POET : SONNET Relation : Poet ধেযী কতয Sonnet
  • CARTOGRAPHER : MAP Relation : Cartographer ধেযী কতয Map MASON : WALL Relation : Mason ধেযী কতয Wall Viewpoint-13. Lack of ––– is ––– HOPE : PESSIMISM {ধনযা঱ে} Relation : Hope -এয ঄বাফ ঴তরা Pessimism ENERGY : LEATHARGY Relation : ENERGY এয ঄বাফ ঴তর LEATHARGY ORDER : CHAOS Relation : Order এয ঄বাফ ঴তরা Chaos Viewpoint-14.
  • –––is a type of ––– ORANGE : FRUIT Relation : Orange এক প্রকায Fruit SONNET : POEM Relation : Sonnet এক প্রকায Poem Viewpoint-15. –––is a part of ––– CHAPTER : NOVEL Relation : Chapter ঴তে Novel - এয ঄ং঱ BRANCH: TREE Relation : Branch ঴তে Tree - এয ঄ং঱ PAGE : BOOK Page ঴তরা Book এয একিা ঄ং঱
  • FINGER : HAND Relation : Finger ঴তে Hand- এয ঄ং঱ Viewpoint-16. ------ is a sign of ------ YAWN : BORDEM Relation: Yawn ঴তরা Bordem এয টচি/রক্ষন TREMBLING: FEAR Relation : Trembling ঴তে Fear এয টচি MOAN : PAIN Relation : Moan ঴তে Pain এয টচি SHRIEK: TERROR Relation : Shriek ঴তে Terror এয টচি
  • Viewpoint-17. ------- causes ------ EXPLOSION: DESTRUCTION Relation : Explosion এয পতর Destruction ঴য় VIRUS: ILLNESS Relation : Virus এয পতর Illness ঴য় DRUG: CURE Relation : Drug এয পতর Cure ঴য় Viewpoint-18. ------ is opposite of --------- LITTLE : BIG Relation: Little এয টফ঩যীে ঴তরা Big Viewpoint-19. --------- is a member of--------
  • SOLDIER : REGIMENT Relation Soldier ঴তরা Regiment এয ঳ে঳ে Viewpoint-20. -------- Ends ------ DIVORCE : MARIIAGE Relation: Divorce ঴তরা Marriage ঳ভাপ্ত কযা Viewpoint-21. ------ is the unit to measure ---- - DEGREE : ANGLE Relation: Degree ঴তরা Angle ঩টযভাত঩য একক
  • Analogy যমবাতফ কযতে ঴য় োয ফোখো: >Soldier এয কাতিয মন্ত্র ঴তে Weapon (঄ি) >Courage (঳া঴঳) এয প্রকায Virtue (গুন) >Request (঄নুতযাধ) েীব্রেয ঴তর Demand (োফী) ঴য় >Stumble (য঴াচি) এয পতর Fall (বু ঩াটেে) ঴য় >Disapproval (঄ননুতভােন) এয রক্ষর্ ঴তরা Frown >Bird এয র্াকায িায়গাতক Nest ফতর >Liar এয ধফট঱ষ্টে ঴তরা Falsehood >Caution এয ঄বাফ ঴তরা Reckless (যফ঩তযায়া) >Flow (প্রফা঴) যক র্াভাতনা ঴য় Dam (ফাধ) টেতয় >Library ঴তরা Book এয িায়গা >Kite (ঘুটে) উোতনা ঴য় wind এয ঳া঴াতমে
  • >Poem ঴তরা Anthology কটফো ঳ংকরন এয ঄ং঱ >Sleep এয ঄বাফ ঴তরা Insomnia (঄টনেো) >Pallor (পোকাত঱) ঴তরা color এয ঄বাফ >঄টেটযি Dampen কযতর Saturate ঴য় >Magazine এক প্রকায periodical (঳াভটয়কী) >Book ঴তরা ঄তনক pages এয ঳ভটষ্ট >Volcano (অতগ্নয়টগযী) যর্তক Lava যফয ঴য় >Synonym ঴তরা একআ প্রকায Meaning >Audacious এয টফ঩যীে ঴তরা Craven (বীরু) >Laconic (স্বল্পবালী) এয টফ঩যীে ঴তরা Voluble >Indolent (঄র঳) যরাক Work কতয না >Modest যরাক Boast (গফণ) কতয না >Carpenter এয কাতিয মন্ত্র Hammer >Expel কযা ঴য় School যর্তক >Banish (টনফণাট঳ে) কযা ঴য় Country যর্তক
  • >Election এ Voter যা ঄ং঱ যনয় >Vindictive (প্রটেত঱াধ঩যায়ন) যরাক Revenge চায় >Ship যক অিটকতয় যাতখ Anchor >oil যর্তক Energy ঩া঑য়া মায় >Ineluctable (঄টনফামণ) যক Avoid কযা মায় না >Truth এয ঄বাফ ঴তরা Mendacity >Timorous ঴তরা Intrepid (঳া঴঳ী) এয টফ঩যীে >Sculptor (বাস্কয) Stone যকতি ট঱ল্প কভণ ফানায় >House ধেটয ঴য় Brick টেতয় >Mine (খটন) যর্তক Ore (অকটযক) যোরা ঴য় >Dictionary যে words অতে >Geese এয োকুঁতক Gaggle ফতর >Incredible (঄টফশ্বা঳ে) যক Believe কযা মায় না >Activity এয ঄বাফ ঴তরা Torpid (঄঳াে)
  • >Avaricious (যরাবী) যরাতকয Generosity নাআ >Gregarious যরাতকয ফহু Friends নাআ >Dog এয অ঑য়াি ঴তরা Bark (যঘউ, যঘউ) >Sheep এয ভাং঳তক Mutton ফতর >Bear র্াকায িায়গাতক Lair ফতর >Bay (উ঩঳াগয) ঴তরা Ocean এয যচতয় যোি >cat এয ঱াফকতক Kitten ফতর >িী Dog যক bitch ফতর >Fire এয ঩য Ash (োআ ঩তে র্াতক) >Intelligent এয টফ঩যীে ঴তরা inane. Most Important Correct Spelling List List 1 Admission Irreversible Depression Laboratory Affable Millennium
  • Affluence Litterateur Aggregate Magnanimous Asthma Chancellor Unaccompanied Martyr Allocation Mathematics Anopheles Efficacious Bouquet Encyclopedia Cabbage Messenger Carriage Anaesthesia Cemetery Familiar Mediaeval Vacillate Diarrhoea Garrulous Diligent Gazette Acclivity Gymnasium AccompanimentHilarious Apostrophe Humiliate Appreciate Hygienic Approximation Hypothesis List 2
  • Critique Illimitable Arrogance Inappeasable Accumulation Interruption Depression Irreversible Admission Laboratory Affable Litterateur Affluence Millennium Aggregate Magnanimous Asthma Chancellor UnaccompaniedMartyr Allocation Mathematics Matriarchy Excursion Mediterranean Helicopter Metallurgy Magnificent Thesaurus Balloon Ballot Affiliation Billiards Aggravate Fahrenheit Assessment Cannoneer Albatross Catalogue Alliance
  • Abbreviate Ambassador List 3 Aborigines Anaemia Gorgeous Anniversary Accessory Champagne AccommodationCheque Accordance Garage Applause Committee Appropriate Counselor Archaeology Exaggerate Arrangement Adherence Ascertain Dialogue Adolescent Embarrass Missile Tongue Lieutenant Surgeon Morgue Sycophant Museum Terrific Nightingale Treasure
  • Garrison Kerosene Parallelogram Vacuum Parsimonious Literature Military Reappearance Permission Reference List 4 Millionaire Registration Picturesque Remuneration Possession Restaurant Stationery Humorous Procession Ferocious Prominent Shepherd Pseudonym Scissors Tolerance Secretary Quinine Separation RecommendationHorrible Intermission Souvenir Rehabilitation Seismograph
  • Renaissance Successive Hygienic Malaria Hypocrisy Maneuver Illiterate Suspicion Inaccessible Territory Miraculous Quarantine Mission Pneumonia Monologue Redundancy Mountaineer Physician List 5 Mushroom Relevancy Necessary Rendezvous Preliminary Rhododendron Progression Sagacious Paramilitary Satellite Passenger Scenario Penicillin Sculpture PerseveranceSemester
  • PhilanthropySignature Pigeon Sovereignty Predecessor Proprietor Maintenance Submission List 6 Profession Summarize PronunciationSupplementary Psychiatry Surrender Psychology Privilege Mysterious Therapeutic Negligible Tomorrow Occurrence Tremendous Oscillation Unnecessary Parliament Veterinary Passionate Miscellaneous Pessimism Mistress Colonel Colleague
  • Pair Of Words With examples A Accede: We acceded his proposal. Exceed: His expenditure has increased. Advice: He listened to my advice. Advise: I advised him to marry soon. Accept: I accepted his proposal Except: Except this I know nothing. Assay: We assayed to catch the thief.
  • Essay: You have written an essay on flood. Access: I have no access to his room. Excess: Excess of anything is bad. Affect: Crops was badly affected by recent flood. Effect: The effect of gambling is far reaching. Altar: The Hindus sacrificed animals at the altar of their gods. Alter: I can not alter my decision. Allusion: Explain the allusion of event.
  • Illusion: The world is an illusion. Adopt: Do not adopt unfair means in the examination. Adept: He is adept in art. Adapt: He cannot adapt himself with the new society. Artist: He is an artist of drama. Artisan: He is a good artisan. Artistic: She has an artistic appearance. Ascend: Akbar ascended the throne in his boyhood. Assent: I had an assent to the proposal. B
  • Bail: He was released on bail. Bale: There were five hundred bale of jute in the mill. Beneficent: God is very beneficent to us. Beneficial: Cow is a beneficial animal. Born: He was born on Sunday. Borne: Cholera is water born disease. Besides: Besides this I know nothing. Beside: The village is situated beside a river. Berth: I had a berth in the ship.
  • Birth: She gave birth two children at a time. Break out: Cholera has broken out in this area. Out break: There is a outbreak of arsenicosis. C Calendar: We bought a new calendar. Calendar: We had a calendar of 1800. Confidant: He is a confidant. Confident: This is a confident result. Contagious: Pox is a contagious disease.
  • Contiguous: The family is contiguous to us. Credible: The news is credible. Creditable: His service is creditable. Credulous: Our children are always credulous. Canvas: This canvas is not used for shirt. Canvass: He is canvassing for vote. Canon: There is no canon in our club. Cannon: They used cannon in a trifling matter. Childlike: We like her for childlike simplicity.
  • Childish: Give up your childish behavior. Car: I have no car. Cur: He is a cur. Cite: This word is cited from Nazrul Rachanaboli. Site: The site of the college is very nice. Complement: This law is a complement to the Act of 1937. Compliments: Convey my compliments to your mother. Causal: There is no causal connection to this fact. Casual: The Headmaster granted me three days casual leave.
  • Custom: It is custom of Hindu community. Costume: He likes modern costume. Council: He is a member of the council. Counsel: He gave us a good counsel. Check: Check the beast in you. Cheque: He gave me a cheque. Coma: He fell in coma. Comma: Put a comma here. Collision: There was a collision between a bus and a truck. Collusion: There was collusion between the police and the robbers.
  • Corporal: He was given corporal punishment. Corporeal: The gene is not a corporeal being. Corps: We organized a voluntary corps in 1971. Corpse: The corpse was brought for funeral. Cast: The fisherman cast the net into the sea. Caste: What caste do you belong to? D Dice: I like to play at dice. Dies: He marked a nice dies on the paper.
  • Dying: He is in dying condition now. Dyeing: He is expert in dyeing. Drown: The boy was drowned in the sea. Sink: The shit sank in the Atlantic. Due: I have paid my dues. Dew: Dew drops at night. Disease: Take preventive measures against diseases. Decease: Decease is certain for all animals. Foul: I don‖t like such foul word. Fowl: He bought five fowls.
  • Farm: I have an agricultural farm. Firm: I worked in a commercial firm. Fair: He performed a fair dealing. Fare: He gave me five takas for train fare. Female: This law will protect female right. Womanly: I do not like your womanly talking. G Goal: What is your goal of life? Gaol {jail}: He was freed from the geol.
  • Graceful: She is graceful to look at. Gracious: God is very gracious. H Human: To err is human. Humane: He is very humane. Hang: He was hanged for murder. Hung: The picture was hung on the wall. History: What is the history of this park? Historical: Cite me the historical background of the college. Honorary: .He is the honorary member of the club.
  • Honourable: He is an honourable man. I Industrial: Tongi is an industrial area. Industrious: He is an industrious person. Imperial: It is an imperial building. Imperious: I hate his imperious conduct. Imaginary: This is an imaginary story. Imaginative: He is an imaginative poet. J Jealous: He is very jealous.
  • Zealous: Jamal is a zealous student. Judicial: This trial will be brought to a judicial bench. Judicious: He made a judicious appeal. L Loose: my shirt is very loose. Lost: My pen was lost yesterday. Luxurious: He leads a luxurious life. Luxuriant: The tree has a luxuriant growth. Literate: He is a literate person. Literary: He is a member of literary club.
  • Lovely: She is famous for her lovely looking. Loveable: The boy is really loveable to me. M Moral: He has a strong moral character. Morale: I have no morale now. Momentary: We should not run after momentary world. Momentous: It is a momentous event. Main: Rice is our main food. Mane: The lioness has no mane. N
  • Notable: He is notable for his social jobs. Notorious: He is a notorious thief. O Ornament: She likes gold ornament. Ornamental: We have an ornamental asset. Official: He went to Dhaka for an official matter. Officious: He is an officious man. P Parson: He worked in the church as a parson. Person: He is a nice person.
  • Patrol: The police patrol on the road. Petrol: We use petrol for this car. Play: He plays in the field. Play: Othello is a play of Shakespeare. Paper: We write on paper. Pepper: We use pepper in cooking. Popular: Mr. Ali is a popular person. Populous: Bangladesh is a populous country. Practice: Practice makes a man perfect.
  • Practise: We parctise in the field daily. Pray: We prayed for a tube well. Prey: Lion is beast of prey. Physic: No physic can cure him. Physics: I have no knowledge about physics. Physique: Her physique is very attractive. Principal: Jute is our principal cash crop. Principle: He has a strong principle. Prescribe: The doctor prescribed this medicine.
  • Proscribe: The government has proscribed this law. Q Quite: The condition of the goods is very nice. Quiet: Keep quiet in the class. R Register: This register will do. Registrar: He is a registrar of a university. Respectable: He is a respectable person. Respectful: We should respectful to our parents. Roll: What is your roll number?
  • Role: Your role on the committee is important. Raid: The police raided the club last night. Red: The shirt is red. S Sleep: Tiger sleeps by day. Slip: It is a slip of tongue. Sanguine: I am sanguine of my success. Sanguinary: He fought a sanguinary fight. Stationary: The sun is stationary. Stationery: I have a stationery shop.
  • Short: Your shirt is very short. Sort: What sort of man are you? Social: Man is social animal. Sociable: He is sociable by nature. Sensible: Man is sensible. Sensitive: She is very sensitive girl. Sole: He is sole agent of the product. Soul: Let his soul rests in peace. Sometimes: He comes here sometimes. Sometime: He was sometime a teacher in this school.
  • T Tale: Tell me a tale. Tail: The cow has a tail. Temporal: I do not like temporal pleasures. Temporary: He is a temporary guard. U Urban: Many people live in urban areas. Urbane: His urbane manner pleased all. V Venal: He works with a venal motive. Venial: It is a venial offence.
  • Verbal: It is a verbal order. Verbose: She writes in a verbose style. W Week: I am working here for a week. Weak: He is too weak to move. Womanly: I do mot like your womanly attitude. Female: Female education is our crying need. Y Yoke: The bulls broke The Yoke. Yolk: The yolk of the egg is yellow. Z
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