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Junior paper

  1. 1. Arevalo-flores1 Soccer is a fun sport for almost everybody. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world.There are many things going on in soccer. I want to talk to you about the things happening aboutthe sport like which soccer player do you rather be the best? The abuse of steroids, how to earnsoccer scholarships in high school, what team is the best? Or have you ever had an injury whileplaying soccer? And finally you might be curious about which soccer player has the biggestcontract? The best soccer teams are successful because they train everyday to get better andbecause they are committed. First of all, you might ask yourself which soccer player is the best? You may say itsCristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi? Or may be Giorgio Chiellini? All these players are fantastic insoccer, but they have different type of styles and talents. Cristiano Ronaldo is from Island ofMadeira, Portugal and Ronaldo played with Sporting Lisbon in Portugal when he first transferredfrom Lisbon to Manchester. Ronaldo started to get recognized all over the world, he was famousfrom his step overs and his velocity. Ronaldo is now playing for Real Madrid in Spain. CristianoRonaldo is the best to me because I enjoy how he plays, I learn a lot from him and teach me howto become a better soccer player. Ronaldo plays as a midfielder where he can distribute the ballmore. Ronaldo has won an award for best player in 2008where he is honored (Jenson). LionelMessi is an Argentinian player who has been playing with Barcelona in his entire career. Messiis currently the best soccer player in the world, because how well and even though Messi is veryshort no one can take him. Messi is called “La Pulga” that means “The Flea”, because everyopponent tries to stick to Messi and no one can take him (Bloomberg news). Giorgio Chiellini isa very great defender who is playing for Juventus in Italy. People enjoy how Chiellini defends inthe field. I as well enjoy how he plays. Chiellini is a very aggressive player who is loyal and wellrespected in the team. Giorgio is famous for his dirty slide tackles.
  2. 2. Arevalo-flores2 Secondly, you might want to know which soccer team is the best. Well you might say itsManchester United, New York Red Bulls, or AC Milan. The best club in the world today isFootball Club Barcelona and Real Madrid as second place. Barcelona is in the same exact leaguein Europe, Spain. According to FIFA, Barcelona has won the Champions League, La Liga, andthe Super Cup. Barcelona has won more titles in Wemberly in 1992 (coached). Paris in 2006 andRome in 2009. Barcelona is not the best for me because they think they are betterthan otherclubs. I go for Real Madrid, because they are my favorite team. It’s the players that aresuccessful because they’re the ones that make the team be the best. Back in the 80s and 90s,Barcelona was not so great back then, Real Madrid has won more trophies than Barcelona. In Mexico there were five soccer players who play on the Mexico national team. Theywere accused of using steroids, a drug that are synthetic made hormones that may be taken in pillform or injected (Associated press). They’re illegal unless you use it for medication. The fivesoccer players went to a Mexican restaurant where they ordered meat, inside the meat there weresteroids. Goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa announced he would be suspended for two years, alongwith the other players. More than 6 percent or as many as 1 million students said they have takensteroids for at least 8-12 weeks of use. FIFA said “no soccer player should be taken steroids.People who use steroids are people who want to look like if they are in great shape, people whowant to look buff. The use of steroids is veryharmful to your body, it will not just make you lookgood but it will destroy you from the inside. If you are trying to become a professional soccer player one day, you should start byhaving good grades in all your classes. So you will be able to play college soccer. You can evenearn a scholarship for soccer. High school soccer players around the globe who planned on usingan athletic scholarship in soccer to pay for college they may be shocked in what they will find
  3. 3. Arevalo-flores3out when that time comes to search for a scholarship. When receiving a scholarship that includesreceiving money for your academics. Soccer scholarships are not guaranteed for four years. It isnot just getting scholarship but you need to do real good in your education to earn it (Litman). There are big contracts in soccer like Cristiano Ronaldo; Ronaldo is the most expensiveplayer when he transferred to Madrid. Ronaldo is the highest paid player in the world, untilMessi took Ronaldo’s spot for highest paid player. Before Messi, ZlatanIbrahimovic a Swedishplayer who had played with Barcelona had the biggest contracts to sign with Barcelona, whenlater he moved to AC Milan in 2010 (FIFA). The rules in soccer game are simple the official rules are called “Laws of the Game”. Therules of the game are called by FIFA. The youth teams are usually organized just to adjust therules to the children. In every soccer game there’s problems. The ref will always check for fieldsize, the game length, number of players, the numbers of frequency of substitutes. Off sides arewhen there’s a offensive player receiving the ball, while the defenders are way behindyou.Referees want a good and a clean game, every player needs to have a fair play or a cleansheet which means there are no problems and no cards during the game (referees). Next, soccer can be a very dangerous sport, because you may never know if you can slidetackled real hard by another player or get hit on the head and get a concussion if you get hitthere. There many ways of getting injured, which includes: poor field condition, knee sprain,head, neck and face injuries and more. The most common injuries are knee sprains. Extremityinjuries are pain knee, groin pulls and thigh strains, trying to be in a full recovery may take days,weeks, months or even years, it depends how serious the injury is. Wayne Rooney an Englishplayer was injured from a game, where he broke his ankle and couldn’t play for 3 full months
  4. 4. Arevalo-flores4until he was in full recovery. Always maintain the proper fitness, because If you don’t you willhave serious problems. There are a lot of athletes all around the world who are not prepared toplay in such a sport. They need to become fit to be able to play (coaches). I interviewed a coach, his name is Chris Embler, and he coaches soccer. I asked himsome questions like what was the best part of his job. What’s the worst part of his job? How’sthe average day like? And if he has any interesting stories if he wanted share? The best part if hisjob is that he likes to see players develop over a four year period, technically, physically andspiritually. “They go from being boys as freshman to young men as they graduate” says coachEmbler. He will always enjoy seeing the players later in life to see what they are doing. Theworst part of his job is that he’s away long hours form his wife and children and seeing youngmen with immense potential squander opportunity due to bad choices, lack of commitment fromplayers. He also doesn’t like dealing with parents of players at times that are irrational abouttheir child’s ability on the field. His average day is he plans the practices and manages largenumbers of players to get maximum potential out of players; he gets up equipment and preparesrosters, get uniforms and drives the bus. Coach Embler coaches at least 2 matches per week, hecontacts college coaches about potential players. Coach discusses the formations and line upswith the assistant coaches. One of coach Emblers interesting stories about his career is that hecoached in South Johnston during 1 match, the team was losing 0-5 at half time and then theycame back to win 7-5 against Green Hope, it was a girls team that he coached. They lost againstEnloe 23-0 once. Coach Embler coached 2 all state players and 7 players who played in college,he also coached in Smithfield Selma High School that finished with the highest rank in history inthe state in 6th, they made it to the 4th round of the state playoffs that year. I was amazed thatcoach Emblers team made it to the state playoffs (Embler).
  5. 5. Arevalo-flores5 In conclusion, there are many things in soccer happening like Lionel Messi being the bestplayer in the world. Having injuries in soccer, which has the biggest contract? The best soccerteams are successful because they train every day to get better and because they are committed.