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Major record label
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Major record label


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Major Record Label Research Project Sonny Music
  • 2. Key terms
    • Ownership-is the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property, which may be an object, land/real estate or intellectual property. Example when you buy a music track of a site such as iTunes you are buying an exclusive right to listen to that track and use it for your own personal use I.e. transferring it to your iPod to listen to on the go.
    • Production-the act of producing, creation manufacture. Example the process were by the track is transferred from master copy onto another disc.
    • Marketing- The act of buying or selling in a market , the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling. Example a CD being bought by a UK based customer from China it would be the process in which the CD is sent from the producer to the retailer which distributes the CD to the customer the payment being made to the retailer and then the CD being shipped by the retailer from china to the UK consumer also including were the CD had been stored.
    • Distribution- an act or instance of distributing. Example the distribution of music tracks through out a country.
    • Exchange- were and how you access music. With music the exchange can be live streamed from last fm and MySpace or spotify , the actually exchange is were you click to listen to the music track. Example loading up spotify typing in a track and then double clicking to make the track stream it is the click that becomes the exchange
  • 3. The effects on media technology has on music production?
    • Media technology has had several effects on several areas of music production these are as follows:
    • Ownership has been effected largely by media technology, one of the major changes this is had on ownership is that the Uk’s four largest music producers have bought out the majority of the other successful producers.
    • Production has also been effected largely by media technology in the following ways, production has largely moved to mp3 and online format, hard copies of albums and tracks have been reduced.
    • Marketing again has also been largely effected by media technology in the following ways advertising for hard copied music has been reduced largely and advertising has increased for online down loads, This has intern cut down on shipping and space and costs, This has also changed the way in which we sell music from mostly shop based with the hard copies to manly online sales.
    • Distribution has also been affected in a couple of ways but largely in one way this is that the distribution of music has changed from retailers in the high street to online music distributers such as iTunes.
    • Exchange lastly has also been effected largely by media technology in the following ways, again people have changed from traditionally listening to the radio, watching music channels, listening to music CD’s to online live streaming from sites like spotify , listening to music on YouTube and through mp3 and other download music formats.
  • 4. Artists and bands singed by Sony music on the radio one playlist!
    • Kasha
    • Chipmunk
    • Daisy Dares You
    • Beyonce
    • Paloma faith
    • Scouting for girls
    • Diana vicars
  • 5. Beyonce (33,108,470 ) Kasha (9,556,978 ) Chipmunk (606,728,plays) Scouting for girls 2,513,250 plays Paloma faith (934,701 plays) Diana Vickers (156,723) Last Fm Long tail
  • 6. Song artists at festivals
    • V festival:
    • Kings of Leon
    • Editors
    • Passion pit
    • Kasabian
    • Chipmunk
    • Diana vickers
    • Calvin haris
    • Scouting for girls
    • Hurts
    • Newton faulkner
    • Paloma faith
    • Reading
    • Modest mouse
    • Cypress hill
    • Motion city soundtrack
    • Band of horses
  • 7. Renaissance of music festivals
    • In my opinion the renaissance of the music festivals in recent years is down to a couple of key points these are as follows: One of the key reasons I believe why music festivals have made a large come back in recent years is because there has been a large increase in the amount of illegal downloads and peer to peer file sharing this means that artists are having to make there money back else were, on top of this because of the illegal down loads artists have despite loosing money threw this it has helped to promote the artists meaning more comsumers are wanting to see the bands and acts live.
    • Another possible reason for the festival renaissance in the recent years is that it has been deemed ‘cool’ by the younger audience to attend such events.
  • 8. Organisation chart
  • 9. Sony Music RCA Columbia Epic Jive Zomba J records 1965 Recordings 1965 Recordings Sysco Entertainment Phonogenic
  • 10. Production Research
    • Does your label produce physical CDs or vinyl ?
    • All though Sony does occasionally produce limited edition vinyl’s for launches and memorabilia, Sony tends to mainly produce CD’s and digital music.
    • In what ways has media technology helped your MAJOR labels to find and recruit talented artists?
    • Technology has changed Sony music in several ways how ever one of the main ways is by the invention of sites such as and YouTube these have boost the sales for Sony and also from things like YouTube talent has been scouted from, This is because people have been able to listen to the music for free and these sites have also suggest other artists and songs related to the song or artist they have choose to listen to , as such introducing them to new artists that Sony may own and there for may end up purchasing these tracks/albums. With sites such as YouTube armatures have been able to up load there music etc and allow companies such as sonny to spot them.
  • 11.
    • What marketing techniques does your Major label use to promote a new CD album or single launch?
    • Sony uses several techniques to promote new CD’s and albums such as television and radio adverts. Sony also uses social networking sites such as Facebook,Myspace and Twitter, in addition Sony does launch tours ,signs and products.
    • Does the label use online forums, message boards, gig reviews etc to promote the band?
    • Sony does use online forums, message boards and gig reviews to promote there bands.
    • Does the label have a You Tube account? If so what is featured (music videos, interviews etc)
    • Sony has several Youtube accounts that feature different area’s one of the accounts covers mainly music and the other covers mainly interviews there are also various other accounts used for different areas such as promotion by Sony products etc.
    • What press, TV coverage can you find about the bands signed to the label?
    • Beyonce has a lot of TV coverage over many channels on the television network/networks, one example of this is her constant appearances over the it network on shows such as X-factor etc.
  • 12. Distribution and exchange
    • Does HMV stock CDs from your Major label? Do Tesco’s or Morrison’s? if so how much are there CD’s?
    • Both HMV and Tesco’s stock CD’s created by Sony music the prices vary according to the artist and number of tracks on an album, as well as its popularity and if it’s a new realise.
    • Can you download tracks from the Major label’s web site? If so, how much per download?
    • Sony has no direct download on there site for the artists they own, but they do have advertisements to the iTunes downloads page were tracks are charged at 79p.
    • Does iTunes stock tracks from your label?
    • Yes ITunes stocks the majority of Sony's music.
    • How has new media technology benefitted the Distribution of your Major label’s artists?
    • Media technology has majorly benefited Sony music’s distribution by allowing the invention of sites like ITunes and Napsta by allowing people to download there tracks from these sites 24 hours a day with a range of chooses such as single track downloads , multiple track downloads and whole albums as well as mix and marching.
  • 13.
    • In what ways has media technology radically altered the way music fans access music?
    • Media technology has radically altered the way music fans access music in several ways:
    • One of the ways in which it has altered is that people now tend to download music instead of going out and buying a physical copy of a track or album.
    • Another way in which media technology has changed the way fans access music is with the invention of live streaming from sites such as spotify and YouTube.
    • Yet another way it has changed the way fans access music, is illegal downloads and Pire to peering this is seen in a very negative light and the government are trying to track down on it by closely monitoring this and asking service provides are to give limited service to those that do this or possibly totally remove/suspend there connection.