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This Project I have done during PGDM 1st Sem. at SKIPS.

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Brm report

  1. 1. Page 1 of 44St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies.Topic:- Comparative Analysis of McDonald‟s andDominos with respect to Customer Preference.Submitted to:- Submitted by:-Dr. Manish Thaker Lalit Soni (35)
  2. 2. Page 2 of 44LATTER OF AUTHORITARIAN27th November,Dear Reader,We are authorized by our course instructor, Mr. Manish Thakerto prepare a research report on “Comparative Analysis ofMcDonald‟s and Dominos with respect to Customer Preference”to be submitted by 27th November, 2012.This is done in partial fulfillment of the course BusinessResearch Methodology.SincerelyLalit Soni(35)
  3. 3. Page 3 of 44ACKNOWLEDGEMENTI, the undersigned, Lalit Soni here by, declare that thisdissertation titled Comparative Analysis of McDonald‟s andDominos with respect to Customer Preference in Ahmedabad isan original and bonafide work carried out under the guidance ofProf. Manish Thaker, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies,Ahmedabad.The empirical findings in this report are based on the datacollected.This dissertation does not form any basis for other degree ordiploma.______________________Date :Place: Ahmedabad
  4. 4. Page 4 of 44Table of Contents:-1) Executive Summary2) Introduction3) Literature Review4) Research Proposal5) Data Analysis by SPSS6) Annexure7) Finding8) Conclusion
  5. 5. Page 5 of 44Executive SummeryThis report contains the detailed researchabout the “Comparative Analysis of McDonald‟sand Dominos with respect to CustomerPreference”. The aim of the research is toevaluate customer perception in terms ofsecondary market food services offered byMcDonald and Dominos Restaurants. Theresearch was conducted in the period ofSeptember to November. The target population ofthe research was the people of Ahmadabad. Outof this the sample size of 100 were drawn basedon convenient sampling technique. The researchwas done by filling the questionnaire which wasfully drawn on the basis of the researchobjectives.
  6. 6. Page 6 of 44Introduction:-McDonald and Dominos both gives same kind of facility butsometime McDonald gives many kind of facilities with newschemes by reasonable price which is good for consumer and bythis consumer perception change toward the McDonald andDominos gives good facility but compare to McDonald muchnot good facility.Still people attracted toward McDonald Compare to Dominos.Research Objectives:The key objectives of the research are identified as following: To know that who gives best Taste and Services. To know that why people attracted toward fast foodrestaurant. To know about McDonald and Dominos Ambience.
  7. 7. Page 7 of 44Research Design:- According to our Research, Research Designis a Descriptive Research because Descriptive says that thecollect data from People and there attributes.Research design is the that phase where researcher has to detaila plan in which alternatives are going to be chose at each of thefollowing stages. Selection of type of research. Selection of sample size and sampling techniques. Selection of methods of data analysis.Research Methodology:- In a research methodology weresearched on different kind of method. By mailing By face to face
  8. 8. Page 8 of 44Methods of Data Analysis:- The 11 questions filled from thecustomers and in this 10 questions was frequency and 1 questionresult got by Crosstab.The all data analysis by SPSSsoftware.Hypothesis:-It is a assumption about the McDonald‟s andDominos Customer parameter.Hypothesis is a formal statement that presents the expectedrelationship between an independent and dependentvariable.”(Creswell 1994)We have taken Hypothesis on this topic:-Null hypothesis:-Preference of customer with McDonald andDominos both are equal.H0: µ0= µ1
  9. 9. Page 9 of 44Alternative hypothesis:-Preference of customer with McDonaldand Dominos both are not equal.H1: µ0≠ µ1(Where µ0 is No. of Customer Preference at McDonald andµ1 No. of customer preference at Dominos)Objective:-1. We‟ll get customer preference by this Hypothesis with theSecondary data help.2. We‟ll get customer preference by this Hypothesis.3. By the µ0 representingMcDonald and µ1 representingDominos.4. We‟ll get information by students and Employee.5. We‟ll get by this which have the best outlets, menu andvariety of items.
  10. 10. Page 10 of 44Sampling plan:-1. Sample size:- we‟ll collect data from 100 peoples.2. Sampling technique to be used to convince the researchused this project.3. We‟ll go for collect data in Ahmadabad Malls.4. We‟ll ask only from Students and Employee.
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  12. 12. Page 12 of 44Literature ReviewIndia has been acknowledged as one of the most promising andfastest growing economy of the world. A fast of food servicemarket of the magnitude of India growing at a scorching and 25-30 per cent year on year has barely furious 10-15 QSR brands.The opportunity is huge and so are the challenges.In Secondary data we mentioned three tables that tables showingoutlets, sales ranking and Menu item that is table by QuickService Restaurant (QSR).In US this research completed by five students Ashley Peterson,Brandi Guertin, Lexi Bean, Luke Healy and Matt Stagnone.In India this research completed by many people‟s like:-“Bhavya Misra 24 July-August 2011 FOOD SERVICE INDIAEDITION”“Saurabh Gupta ICFAI BUSINESS SCHOOL HYDERABAD”
  13. 13. Page 13 of 44Market share of leading foodservice formats in India (percentagebroke down)BrandBrand Companyname(GBO)2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009McDonald’s McDonald‟scorporation0.1 0.1 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2Domino’s Dominospizza Corp0.0 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1 0.1Consumer Food service by Location in India:- Standalone dominates, with an 87% share of outlets in2009.
  14. 14. Page 14 of 44 Travel locations record the strongest growth of 17%in 2009to reach 64,000 outlets. Shopping mall outlets suffer from the economic downturnin 2009. Foodservice operators expand in travel and standalonelocations in 2009. Retail is expected to record the fastest CAGR of 9% interms of outlets over the forecast period.source: Euro monitorInternational Report, Aug 2010QSR‟s snapshot in India :- Total number of outlets as of may2011
  15. 15. Page 15 of 44Company outletsMcDonald’s 216Domino’s 368Subway 204Yum Brands 300 PlusNirula’s 85 PlusYo! China 50 PlusJumboKing VadaPav43Café Coffee Day 1200 Plus1. Market at McDonald‟s:-The average of Indian urban Indianconsumer the market “When McDonald‟s decided to enter Indiain size and potential of restaurants are only expected1989, therewas nothing readily available here to rapidly grow in future,” byASHISH KAPUR.QSRs the teaching them how to produce the ingredients fastestgrowing foodservice segment, growing at an that McDonald‟sneeded, with know-how and annual rate of 25-30 per cent.„Vikram Bakshi‟ (Management Head) estimates the overall sizeof the QSR developing a menu which would be relevant to
  16. 16. Page 16 of 44industry in India to be about Rs 43,000 crore, Indian consumersalong with segregation of non with the organized segmentaccounting for paltry vegetarian and vegetarian cookingsections. 16 per cent of the market However, this ratio isexpected to change in the next few years.“The organized segment would increase to about 45% of themarket by 2015, when the overall size of the industry wouldreach around Rs 62,000 crore”.2. Market at Domino‟s:- Domino‟s India also reworks itsmenu mix from time to time based on continuous customerfeedback Domino‟s has set in place a flexible supply chainwhich can quickly adapt to the changing market involved inrequirements.Companies in standalone locations in the margins are thin, andmenu pricing plays big With 11,514 employees across 378stores, the 2009 role in defining success or failure. Also, QSRsneed HR department of Domino‟s faces a big challenge.There is a scarcity of professional and CAGR of 9% in termsexplains.
  17. 17. Page 17 of 44Euro monitor International Report, Aug 2010 QSRs in India :Snapshot Total Number of Outlets as of May „11 McDonald‟sIndia 216 Domino‟s that QSRs would always have a larger pieof the IEO business. Given a typically high employee churn, it368(Informal Eating Out) market and their life cycle becomeseven bigger challenge,” Jubilant Food Works, which operatesthe Dominos Pizza chain, on Wednesday reported same-storesales growth of 22.3% for April-June, down from 36.7% in theyear-ago quarter."Consumers are getting more discreet as far as spends in theQSR (quick service restaurant) format are concerned, but on astandalone basis and in the current economic environment, ournumbers are very robust,"Dominos CEO Ajay Kaul said.
  18. 18. Page 18 of 44Our Objective :- We‟ll analyze on this topic by customer preference. Our targeted persons are Students and Employee (work incompanies). We‟ll compare on McDonald‟s and Dominos Menu,product price and Services. We‟ll define the different age group come to thereregularly.OUR STRATERGY:-
  19. 19. Page 19 of 44 We‟ll go to McDonald‟s and Dominos for know thecustomer‟s Preference. According to “Bhavya Misra and Saurabh Gupta” Researchwe‟ll new research by that data. We‟ll make Questionnaire for know to customerpreference.
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  21. 21. Page 21 of 44RESEARCH DESIGNResearch Design:- Research design is a master plan thatspecifies the methods and procedures for collecting andanalyzing needed information.Research design types:-Exploratoryresearch• Gatherpreliminaryinformationthat will helpdeine theproblem andsuggesthypothesis.Descriptiveresearch• Its define thepresentstatus ofpeople,attribute andprogress.Causalresearch• Testhypothesisabout causeand effectrelationships.
  22. 22. Page 22 of 44Research Design:- According to types of research theDescriptive research is good for collecting data of this topicbecause Descriptive says that the collect data from People andthere attributes.METHOD OF DATA COLLECTIONMethod of Data collection:-Method of data collections arethree types :-1. By Mailing:- It‟s mean paper questinaire torespondents,who fill them out and mail them back.2. By telepohonic:- We ask question by telephone it can betelephone interview.3. By Face-to-face:- In this we‟ll go in McDonald andDominos for collect the data for face-to-face data.On this topic we are using mostly Face-to-face Method.Types of data collection:-
  23. 23. Page 23 of 441. Primary data collection2. Secondary data collection1.Primary data collection:- In the primary data we generate thenew idea about McDonald and Dominos there services, outletsand menu.I. To understand customer need, want attitude and behavior.II. To discover new constructs and measurement method.III. To Generate new idea about products and services.2.Secondary data collection:-In a secondary data we collectinformation from the internet, magazine and news paper.Which is collected by anotherperson and researcher from their data collecting and collectingfrom there source that is also called secondary data collection.
  24. 24. Page 24 of 44I. Identify consumption patternsII. Estimating market potentialIII. Enhanching cutomer database
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  26. 26. Page 26 of 441. Do you like fast food?FrequencyPercent ValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 74 91.4 93.7 93.72 5 6.2 6.3 100.0Total 79 97.5 100.0MissingSystem2 2.5Total 81 100.0
  27. 27. Page 27 of 442. Which Fast food Restaurant do you like?FrequencyPercent ValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 60 74.1 75.0 75.02 2 2.5 2.5 77.53 3 3.7 3.8 81.34 4 4.9 5.0 86.35 11 13.6 13.8 100.0Total 80 98.8 100.0Missing System 1 1.2Total 81 100.0
  28. 28. Page 28 of 443.How often do you visit?FrequencyPercent ValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 6 7.4 7.5 7.52 26 32.1 32.5 40.03 10 12.3 12.5 52.54 38 46.9 47.5 100.0Total 80 98.8 100.0Missing System 1 1.2Total 81 100.0
  29. 29. Page 29 of 444.When would you like to come in here?FrequencyPercent ValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 12 14.8 15.0 15.02 44 54.3 55.0 70.03 22 27.2 27.5 97.54 2 2.5 2.5 100.0Total 80 98.8 100.0Missing System 1 1.2Total 81 100.0
  30. 30. Page 30 of 445.Do you think fast food is healthy?FrequencyPercent ValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 18 22.2 22.5 22.52 45 55.6 56.3 78.83 17 21.0 21.3 100.0Total 80 98.8 100.0Missing System 1 1.2Total 81 100.0
  31. 31. Page 31 of 446.Who gives you best service?FrequencyPercent ValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 50 61.7 63.3 63.32 15 18.5 19.0 82.33 14 17.3 17.7 100.0Total 79 97.5 100.0MissingSystem2 2.5Total 81 100.0
  32. 32. Page 32 of 447.What meal do you prefer to eat at McDonald?Frequency Percent Valid Percent CumulativePercentValid1 27 33.3 35.1 35.12 26 32.1 33.8 68.83 19 23.5 24.7 93.54 5 6.2 6.5 100.0Total 77 95.1 100.0Missing System 4 4.9Total 81 100.0
  33. 33. Page 33 of 448.Your expectation completed from here?FrequencyPercent ValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 63 77.8 78.8 78.82 17 21.0 21.3 100.0Total 80 98.8 100.0MissingSystem1 1.2Total 81 100.0
  34. 34. Page 34 of 449.Are you satisfied with their products price and services?Frequency Percent Valid Percent CumulativePercentValid1 67 82.7 83.8 83.82 13 16.0 16.3 100.0Total 80 98.8 100.0Missing System 1 1.2Total 81 100.0
  35. 35. Page 35 of 4410.How much Money you spend in onetime?FrequencyPercentValidPercentCumulativePercentValid1 30 37.0 37.5 37.52 27 33.3 33.8 71.33 15 18.5 18.8 90.04 8 9.9 10.0 100.0Total 80 98.8 100.0MissingSystem1 1.2Total 81 100.0
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  37. 37. Page 37 of 4411.11.Please rate the reason for your choice? [Taste] *11.21.Please rate the reason for your choice? [Taste]Cross tabulation
  38. 38. Page 38 of 4411.12.Please rate the reason for your choice? [Distance] *11.22.Please rate the reason for your choice? [Distance]Crosstabulation
  39. 39. Page 39 of 4411.13.Please rate the reason for your choice? [Price] *11.23.Please rate the reason for your choice? [Price]Cross tabulation
  40. 40. Page 40 of 4411.14. Please rate the reason for your choice? [Ambience]11.24. Please rate the reason for your choice? [Ambience]Cross tabulation
  41. 41. Page 41 of 4411.15. Please rate the reason for your choice? [Service]11.25. Please rate the reason for your choice? [Service]Cross tabulation
  42. 42. Page 42 of 44Annexure:-We are Students of SKIPS, and we are doing Research onMcDonald and Dominos.Tick the relevant option.1. Do you like fast food?Yes No2. Which Fast food Restaurant do you like?McDonald Papa JohnSubway U.S.PizzaDominos3. How often do you visit?Once a day once a weekTwice in week once a month4. When would you like to come in here?Breakfast LunchDinner Desert5. Please rate the reason for your choice?1 2 3 4 5
  43. 43. Page 43 of 44Taste Distance Price Ambience ServiceMcDonaldDominos6. Do you think fast food is healthy?Yes NoNo idea7. Who gives you best service?McDonald DominosOthers8. What meal do you prefer to eat at McDonald?Mc chicken Burger Mc veggie mealMcAloo Burger French fries9. Your expectation completed from here?Yes No10. Are you satisfied with their products price and services?Yes No11. How many Money you spend in one time?Less than 100 more than 100More than 200 more than 200-400
  44. 44. Page 44 of 44Finding:- We Compare between McDonald and Dominos and wefound that in it McDonald gives best Services, Taste andPrice. We found that Customer Perception Change towards theMcDonald. McDonald gives good product at low price. McDonald creates a new thing (according to Customer).Conclusion:- Firstly we took two tailed Hypothesis but now we foundfrom this research that McDonald is much more better thanDominos. This Research shows that McDonald is good at lower priceCustomer according to their perception.