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  1. 2. Recap: Last chapter, 6 weddings were had. Mortimer finally found David and promised not to let the family immune for marrying in simselves (whom he considered mud-bloods). This chapter: Follow us through pregnancies and (un)happy stories, as generation 2 makes an appearance.
  2. 3. Cross Household: Life was good for McKenzie and Aidan Callum. They were a newly wed faithful couple who spent their days at it and their nights working on the slacker career.
  3. 4. It was until Mckenzie started feeling tired all the time. Those were huge signs of pregnancy that both Aidan and Mckenzie were naïve enough to ignore.
  4. 5. Mckenzie Cross was indeed pregnant. Her feelings torn, she didn’t know how to tell her husband. Would he be pleased? She knew Aidan enough not to expect his happiness.
  5. 6. “ Thank goodness, he’s sleeping. That leaves me some time to prepare myself”
  6. 7. 2 or 3 minutes later – or maybe more, Mckenzie didn’t know how long she’d been there -, Aidan woke up.
  7. 8. “ I can’t believe we’re having a baby. This is going to be just great.” “Are you for real? I thought you wouldn’t like it”
  8. 9. “ What are we going to call him?” “Why are you assuming it’s a boy?” “Because my family has much more boys than girls” “Traditions change. Larry?” “Larry.”
  9. 10. Ethnies household: Evangeline had just found out about the news. The thought of having a grandkid excited her. Little ones to love were definitely something she learned to miss. “So, when are you going to get pregnant Lily?” Lily couldn’t help but laugh. Evangeline was an elder, but yet she talked with the excitement of a child.
  10. 11. The siblings often visited Emilian. Jaelle and Esmeralda, still pretending they were twins, were there every single day along with Esmeralda’s husband, Flavio.
  11. 12. “ Don’t tell Evangeline, but I’ve always had a fetish with Lucy, the maid” David whispered. “Really? She’s my relative.” Flavio said, talking a bit louder. “Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to offend you, Flavio” “It’s ok. I’ve been sleeping with your daughter for years now” Flavio teased. David didn’t reply, he just thought that was a nasty thing to say and refused to imagine his own daughter at it.
  12. 13. At the other side of the table… “Really? That must be an incredible job, I believe” “It’s what I’ve always wanted for my life. To be a professional, rich soccer player” “I heard they always cheat on their wives” Evangeline said, laughing. “You clearly don’t know me. I married your daughter because I love her. No point in cheating on a woman like that” “Is that because she’s blonde?” Clearly, Jonas was talking about how Jaelle satisfied him, but Evangeline was too innocent to realize that.
  13. 14. After the exciting family dinner, Lily was found throwing up.
  14. 15. They discovered, days later, that the Simself was pregnant.
  15. 16. Lindor household
  16. 17. As the days passed by, Crystal too was feeling the signs of pregnancy. She had to stop working sooner because she was expecting twins.
  17. 18. “ Hello babies. I’m sorry that you’ll never meet all your family, but that’s not your fault” “They won’t?” Crystal asked. “Of course they won’t.” “Why, Fonso?”
  18. 19. “… Because, remember when I told you we’d run away together if they didn’t forgive you?” “No, Fonso, I don’t want to cause more pain to your family. Please, let us stay here” She couldn’t believe her hears. She didn’t deserve this. “Sorry Crystal, this is for the best. We’ll leave tomorrow morning.”
  19. 20. The next morning came by rather quickly and soon it was time to leave. Crystal couldn’t help but feel guilt; Fonso deserved to be next to his family. She was in no position to take that away from him – and from her children.
  20. 21. 3 hours of driving later, the couple had arrived their new home. Blue Water Village was far away from Pleasant View and that’s exactly what Fonso wanted.
  21. 22. They had not changed their telephone number, so the family kept on calling them. They never answered the phone, though.
  22. 23. The pregnancy was really hard on Crystal, she kept falling asleep several times at dinner.
  23. 24. Their social lives were still on the going, and they quickly became popular among the people of BWV.
  24. 25. Rabbit/Brito household “I’m telling you, Fonso runaway.” Aidan said, staring right at Jaelle whose expression was blank. “Ok Aidan, now you’re hallucinating. They are probably on vacation” Esmeralda said. The thought of her brother running away gave her chills.
  25. 26. “ That idea is absurd, Aidan. Do you actually believe Fonso left for good Mckenzie? He’s probably playing ball” “Gah, stop talking about balls. That doesn’t suit your romance ways, you weren’t like that when I met you” Aidan said, referring to Jonas.
  26. 27. Upstairs, Esmeralda was having a surprise of her own.
  27. 28. Without thinking anything else, she ran to find her husband – who was on the bathroom. He had been working on the flowers all day and was in need of a big bath. “Woah, why doesn’t that surprise me? Congratulations, Esme, we’re now a happy family” Flavio laughed. He was truly happy.
  28. 29. Jaelle and Jonas, however, always had precautions. Having a baby was something she didn’t really want for her life. Her father be damned this time.
  29. 30. “ Hey Mr. Ethnies, I believe you already know the news” “News do sprint in this town,” David said, not letting go of his serious expression. He had been like that ever since Hanzi’s wedding.
  30. 31. Flavio sat next to his wife, she had called him to discuss the baby names. “Ouch, Esme, you could’ve cleaned all your dishes, don’t you think?” Flavio said, in disgust. “Of course not. Please learn to accept the one you married. Come on, names…”
  31. 32. “ I like the names London and Ribbon” “Do you kid me, love? Ribbon? What the fuck is wrong with your little red head?” “Shut up, you dirty woman.” “Well, everyone that looks at us can clearly say we used to be best friends before we got married,” Esmeralda said between laughs, “London is an awesome name.” “Hello dear daughter of mine” “ Dad! Sit down”
  32. 33. David did indeed sat at the table, but Esmeralda had to leave to the bathroom – the usual.
  33. 34. “ I swear, this woman kills me Jonas” “Woah, you’re probably the last person I’d picture saying these things.” “She should be arrested for being so hot” “I s’pose you haven’t woohooed in a while. You should go home, back to your wife”
  34. 35. “ Na, I believe there’s nothing wrong with finding a French maid attractive, right?” “Whatever you say, David.”
  35. 36. Lisbon household: “This outfit suits you just right” Hanzi said, lovingly to his wife. They had been living a true honeymoon at home.
  36. 37. Those happy alone moments had come to an end, as Florbela had her first baby bump.
  37. 38. “ Congratulations, Mrs. Lisbon,” the male maid casually said “I hope this is a reason for celebration” “Of course it is, I’m having a baby. My husband will be mostly proud” Flor tried to convince himself.
  38. 39. Truth be told, Hanzi had told her he wanted to wait a while before the couple started having children.
  39. 40. When she told him, his smile didn’t reach his eyes. It was a weird reaction coming from Hanzi, but he’d learn to show those sensitive feelings. She hoped.
  40. 41. The days passed and Hanzi was now very content with his wife’s status. He worked hard to build a robot to help out the family, when Flor fell asleep at the table.
  41. 42. He ran and called his twin sister Jaelle. “C’mon, let’s head inside. I’ll make you some coffee”
  42. 43. “ So, what’s up in your life? I see your wife is pregnant… and also sleeping at the table” “Yup, we’re having a baby. I can’t wait for it to be born. What about you? Aren’t you going to have kids?”
  43. 44. “ Oh yea, because you’re wife is definitely showing me how awesome pregnancy really is” She laughed. “Children are happiness Jaelle. I can’t understand what’s wrong in your life”
  44. 45. “ Well, if you really want to know… I hate being married. I never wanted to and now Jonas and you are insisting that I should have a child.” She smiled, not wanting to get mad. “That’s because it’d do you some good,” Hanzi said, not returning the smile, “do you even love Jonas?” Suddenly the smile on Jaelle’s face faded and she was left thinking about that question for quite some time.
  45. 46. Cross household
  46. 47. Aidan and his friend were having some fun that night. “So, who wears pants in this house?”
  47. 48. “ That would be me, of course” Aidan Callum lied. He knew Mckenzie controlled everything around the house. From money to what parties they’d go.
  48. 49. “ Are you for real? Because I’ve known Mckenzie since I can remember and she’s always been hard” “Not after falling for me” Aidan laughed nervously.
  49. 50. “ You know, she even got married. To me” “I’m pretty sure she always wanted to marry someone she could persuade” “Shut up. She doesn’t want to manipulate me”
  50. 51. At lunch, Aidan was feeling the urge to talk to his wife about what their friend had said. When he asked her, she laughed. “You kid me right? I mean, I forgave you…”
  51. 52. “ You know I love you, you moron. I have to control our money, because you’d spend it all in cars” “Don’t you like your fancy car? ‘cause I really thought you did.”
  52. 53. “ I love it. That’s exactly why I don’t need another one. Plus this house is expensive.” “Woah, I’m just glad to know you are with me for real”
  53. 54. “ I don’t understand what led you to doubt me, but… I guess I don’t wanna know”
  54. 55. That night, Mckenzie felt the pains of labor and screamed for Aidan’s name.
  55. 56. He came downstairs running, both happy and nervous.
  56. 57. “ Don’t panic Mckenzie. The baby will be in your arms soon. I’ve seen this 3 times before” “Who cares about the number of times you’ve seen this before?!”
  57. 58. Soon, a little baby boy was lying in her arms. Larry was his name and he embarrassed his mother with his little blond eyebrows.
  58. 59. “ You could have told me, Mckenzie.” “Alright. I’m just going to switch my hair color. Take the baby”
  59. 60. “ I’m not sure if I like this. At least I look like Beyonce. She’s hot, isn’t she?”
  60. 61. She was a really devoting mother. Larry would be a happy boy.
  61. 62. Mckenzie would always feed him when he wanted and was very pleased with her new role.
  62. 63. “ You really did embarrass mommy, Larry.”
  63. 64. This is where I leave you. With Aidan going to bed. To sleep. Which would not be like that if I still had ACR lol.