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  1. 2. First of all, I want to apologize for not being that active on the Sims community lately. School and other activities are keeping me rather busy. Now, a quick recap: Aidan Callum cheated on Mckenzie with Melanie. When he told his girlfriend what happened, she said he’d have to prove his love to her, he then asked to marry her – and she accepted. Emilian was still loveless – but he did make out with Melanie, too. Like Aidan, Fonso cheated on Crystal and when he told his older brother, his girlfriend heard and swore to do something about it. Esmeralda got rejected twice but found love. Third time is the charm, and the girl ended up having her first whoohoo with a total (and slob) stranger. Jaelle, too, ended up finding love – then again, the guy was a stranger, she doesn’t even know his name! Hanzi was mad at Aidan for being with his girlfriend and ended up breaking up with her. ->
  2. 3. Back home, Jaelle and Lily were occupied being happy. For different reasons, of course. Lily had just met her future husband and Jaelle had had her first whoohoo.
  3. 4. The woman had to leave the greek house shortly after arriving. ***
  4. 5. The boys were fighting again . They knew this would hurt their parents and the rest of the family, but stopping was beyond their thoughts.
  5. 6. Melanie knew what she had caused and for the first time in her life, she felt sorry. Not sorry enough to love Hanzi, but sorry enough to be friends with him.
  6. 7. You may have won, Hanzi, but what I just did hurt you even more than physical pain. After the fight, Aidan walked to Melanie and kissed her. He knew his brother would see it.
  7. 8. “ Leave me alone, Aidan. I don’t want to do this.” “What? I’m cheating on my girlfriend for… nothing?” “Yes, now go put some clothes on or I’ll tell her” ***
  8. 9. Later that night, Crystal went alone to Hanzi and Melanie’s bedroom to cry in peace. What would she do? She was temperamental enough to do what a criminal would do; but not cold enough not to feel her conscience heavier by her acts…
  9. 10. Crystal knew what to do that night; it didn’t matter if her mind wouldn’t rest after that, it only mattered that things would be solved and Fonso would fall into his place again.
  10. 11. She had done it, and she had walked away. Jaelle was the first person to see Melanie lying on the floor.
  11. 12. The rest of the family was soon called. Everybody was speechless, except for Hanzi who was still enraged and cheered Melanie’s death.
  12. 13. Crystal had no other choice, but confessing what she had done. “I appreciate your honesty, but I need to be alone. You’re a killer.” “You’re a cheater, we’re even. Please, forgive me and you’ll be forgiven” “I need to think about all this”
  13. 14. A lot of days had passed, and Fonso was still in a complete silence; the whole house was silent. Death took the joy away, even from Esmeralda. ***
  14. 15. Crystal and Emilian had become closer. Fonso couldn’t help but feel a little jealous and that was the only thing that made him start talking to Crystal again.
  15. 16. Hanzi, however, was suspicious about Crystal. He heard her nightmares and crying every night. If it haven’t been her, then who would have done it? Mckenzie?
  16. 17. What she had done still terrified her. It was almost as if she could hear Melanie talking to her. Killing the girl wasn’t the best solution after all, she couldn’t forgive Fonso and she couldn’t sleep at night. Her life was a mess and it couldn’t be repaired.
  17. 18. “ How’s the toast?” “Awesome, thanks Crystal, you sure do cook good meals.” “Why are our conversations so superficial? I can’t take it, I want to be with you!” Fonso stayed quiet. Being her boyfriend again wasn’t completely out of his ideas for the future… But that was the present. ***
  18. 19. Emilian was becoming closer to Lily, too. He couldn’t tell if he was in love or not, he only knew that it felt just right to be with her.
  19. 20. So, so right. ***
  20. 21. This is when I changed their clothes into normal clothes. I may return to the ethnic costumes later, though.
  21. 22. “ I know it’s been a while, but I was just wondering whether or not you’d…” “I would do what?” “forgiveme”
  22. 23. The boys chatted the whole afternoon and it felt okay to be like two brothers again – for both of them.
  23. 24. “ What were your reasons for being with Melanie, Aidan? I mean, the girl was ugly” “She’s a whore. She was the one making out with all of us.” “Damn, she was that way since high school”
  24. 25. “ She isn’t my true love, I know it because I wasn’t devastated by her death.” “Well, I was. I liked her” ***
  25. 26. Emilian was feeling down so he decided to call Lily. They had been talking a lot on the phone and he couldn’t wait to see her again.
  26. 27. Lily stood outdoors, waiting for her lover to come outside and greet her. She was feeling sad that day; living as a townie was horrible and she couldn’t take that experience anymore.
  27. 28. “ Oh, hi Emilian. I was just..” He put his finger on her lips, telling her to be quiet.
  28. 29. “ It’s okay. It’s all alright, you’re here with me” “I wonder if you’ll be here tomorrow…Not physically, because you just have to be, I meant…”
  29. 30. Lily was definitely a talkative person that found it hard to express her feelings. Emilian didn’t need to know about her worries because, deep inside, he knew everything would be okay for them.
  30. 31. “ Emilian, do you want me to tie your shoes for you?”
  31. 32. “ What? No, silly you. I want you to marry me. I know we have to, but I also want to. Please, be my bride.”
  32. 33. And so the simself’s worries were washed away and the pair lived happily for the rest of the college years. ***
  33. 34. “ Hey Fonso, something is telling me you’re the next one getting engaged” “I think it’s a little too soon for that..” Jaelle’s brother said, coughing. ***
  34. 35. That was Esmeralda’s turn to cook dinner. Thankfully, not all the siblings would eat at the same time, so she had to cook a little less than usual.
  35. 36. “ Don’t be sad, Sis. They’ll eat your fabulous grilled cheese some day later.” “I was just not hungry, Esme” Fonso said, trying to calm her down. She sucked at cooking and other housewife things… How would she get married some day?
  36. 37. “ Tell Esme I’m on a diet, Hanzi” “Later, fatty” Jaelle had gotten a little bit fat by eating all the crap the greek house put them into.
  37. 38. I finally fit into these clothes. Jaelle thought. It was time for her big blind date with the gypsy.
  38. 39. She had been saving up money for this since she arrived college.
  39. 40. “ Please, get me a date. I want a handsome man. He’s gotta be a romancer too, please”
  40. 41. “ Do you see it? Can you see it? Come on, Gyps, see it” “Hearing you talking like that isn’t any helpful”
  41. 42. And so the guy fell off the sky and a nice date was had by the two romance sims.
  42. 43. “ Tell me, tell me everything about your date, Jaelle!” Crystal said, sounding happy for the first time… “Hmmm…” the blond girl murmured looking at her in-law’s finger “What’s that ring for?”
  43. 44. “ Nothing really. I finally made up with Fonso and we’re better than ever. I’m ready to move on!” “Move on? From what?” “Some things from the past will never be forgotten…”
  44. 45. “ Moving on… Did he asked you to marry him?”
  45. 46. “ No, of course not. I bought this ring, it’s not an engagement one” *** [Sorry for the thingy]
  46. 47. When Crystal left for classes, Fonso called all his siblings for an important meeting.
  47. 48. “ I am going to marry Crystal and we have been keeping a secret from you. I can’t hide it any longer…” “ Fucking whore. She told me they weren’t getting married.” “I know right? She’s such a bitch!”
  48. 49. “ Come on, tell us the secret!” Emilian yelled. He was sure it was something normal. ***
  49. 50. Hanzi had heard from Jaelle that the gypsy could get them awesome dates and decided to try.
  50. 51. “ I’m not sure if I should date an old bag, Mrs. Gypsy”
  51. 52. His second blind date was a little better, but it still wasn’t what he was looking for, though.
  52. 53. The woman was pretty and all, she just wasn’t Hanzi’s type.
  53. 54. After the failure that his dates had been, he headed inside where a fine looking cheer leader was anxious to chat and flirt with him. ***
  54. 55. <ul><li>We know, but we're not certain How can we be? How can we see what's a head? The road keeps on turning And all we can do Is travel each day to the next. </li></ul>
  55. 56. The end. Thanks for reading and sticking with me so far. I love comments by the way, they make me giggle.