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Admirable New World - Chp2 (Not So Fast)
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Admirable New World - Chp2 (Not So Fast)


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Published in: Technology, Travel

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  • 1.
    • Welcome back to another installment of the Admirable New World.
    • Last chapter:
    • Evangeline met her boyfriend from teenage hood at work and the two got married. From this marriage, came Aidan Callum who was a kid when we left.
    • I suggest you read the prologue, for you’ll not understand the plot unless you read it. (This chapter is not plot-based, since 6 kids all alike is already too confusing)
  • 2. Aidan Callum was asleep, David was quietly painting his wife’s portrait and Evangeline was suffering the beautiful yet merciless pains of labor.
  • 3.
    • The babies were immediately placed in their room upstairs. Evangeline was too tired to take care of Emilian and Fonso properly. Giving birth to twins was too exhaustive.
  • 4. As predicted, Aidan didn’t take the news of having two baby brothers too well. He preferred being distant painting like a true gypsy connected to arts should be.
  • 5. Evangeline wasn’t quite happy with Aidan’s absence, she thought it wouldn’t be good for the twins to be despised by their main example. David comforted her with his strength, as always: - Come on, Eva. It can’t be too bad, it’s just a bad reaction. Kids are jealous and mean, but they don’t really mean to be that way. - I suppose you’re right, you always are – She said trying to avoid his deep blue eyes. She fell in love with them once, and she kept on falling.
  • 6. David might look strong, but he sure was worried. When he got home from work and hugged Aidan Callum for the “go hug daddy because he loves you” hug, he told him: - Aidan, you know Mom and I love you, okay? - As much as the twins? - Yes, as much. I love you all the same. You and the ones who aren’t born yet. Aidan didn’t reply, the thought of having more siblings made him want to puke.
  • 7. Being a father. David enjoyed every bit of it. He used to daydream about having 6 kids, without even knowing how much it would be hard. Now that he knew the difficulties of having children, he didn’t regret it.
  • 8. Meanwhile, Evangeline was suffering the consequences of David’s life dream. She didn’t care though, he was happy and that was all that mattered.
  • 9. After discovering she was pregnant again, the party couldn’t happen. But the twins grew up all the same.
  • 10. - Come on, Aidan! Your brothers are growing up. Aren’ t you little ones? – His mother called from the kitchen. Yeah, right, as if he cared! Even books were better than having siblings. Unless those books were magazines with pretty girls on the cover, he wouldn’t read them… But it was his brothers’ birthday, he was avoiding it the best he could.
  • 11. - Stop ignoring me, David! This is a serious issue. We can’t support 6 children unless we move. - Yeah, right. Where? To the Goths household? I am not leaving this house, Evangeline. Not in a million years. – He said, with anger in his eyes, turning to a cold shade of blue. - What are you afraid of? I’m the founder of this Legacy, you are my family, he’s not. David just left, without saying a word.
  • 12. “ I ‘m the founder of this legacy”, I’m the fucking co-founder as far as I know. I have the right to express my point of view. We can move to the Goths house, but she’ll have to deal with my fucking selfishness. He was so mad, he was wishing he didn’t love her. And he never, ever, regretted his feelings.
  • 13. Evangeline ignored David’s bad humor and started looking for a new house right away. *Sorry for the plumbbob, I couldn’t write the cheat. Too little Eps, I guess?
  • 14. Right after the move and taking a nap, Evangeline started giving birth. David loved his children, but he couldn’t see his wife in labour once again. It was really painful.
  • 15. Little Esmeralda was brought to the world by Evangeline, and immediately felt loved by her parents. David could barely speak, but he manage to comfort his wife: - Eva, I’m so sorry I got mad at you. I respect your decisions as founder, I just felt like I should be more active in this whole legacy thing. I’m a simself, after all.
  • 16. - It’s okay, Sunshine, your father loves us… He loves us! – Evangeline whispered into Esmeralda’s ears. She felt speechless for having such a great father for his children.
  • 17. - Come on, honey, let me show you how much I missed you. Emilian, Fonso, mommy and daddy will be back. – David told his toddlers sons. He was enxious to get intimate with Evangeline after all that time he had been mad at her.
  • 18. Times were hard in the Ethnies household. As hard as they worked, they couldn’t afford a crib for little Esmeralda. They would sleep according to a rotation.
  • 19. Fortunately, the twins grew up soon enough for the family to afford beds for everyone. Times were hard, but birthdays always cheered them up.
  • 20. Emilian and Fonso were happy to get big. They smiled to each other, and left the room to play.
  • 21. Esmeralda was ready to grow up that night and discover the wonders of toddlerhood. - Come on mr. Big! - Shut up, I was here first, I’m the boss around here.
  • 22. - Why you little!!! David Just watched the whole scene in horror, while Fonso was clapping and finding the whole situation a lot funny.
  • 23. - So Big Boy, who’s the boss now? - DAD!! - You two, apologize to each other, and do it now! – David said, still in shock.
  • 24. - Okay, maybe, just maybe, it was my fault Emilian. Mature people admit their mistakes. - It’s alright, I won anyway.
  • 25. Ignoring their brothers and son fight, Evangeline and Esmeralda were in the bedroom spending some time together. Esmeralda were a smart child who was too much curious. Evangeline was pregnant by the time her little daughter learned her basic skills.
  • 26. She soon was walking and wandering around the house. Exploring each and every room.
  • 27. Aidan Callum’s childhood days were passing by rather quickly. He was an A+ student, an artist and a big brother. He was perfect, or so he thought.
  • 28. Fonso was the shadow of Emilian, who was clearly the leader of the twins. He’d never think about doing something without asking his twin, and was innocent enough to think that Emilian was always right.
  • 29. Esmeralda was the sparkle in Evangeline’s eyes. She might have loved all of her kids, but Esmeralda would always be her first girl.
  • 30. Shortly before Aidan’s birthday, Emilian came talk to him: - I know I’ve said some mean thing about you years ago, but I grew up and I want to apologize. Aidan said nothing, he was just chocked to see his brother had swallowed his pride.
  • 31. One boy and one girl were born in Aidan Callum’s birthday. Hanzi and Jaelle. The last ones. Evangeline was almost fainting, but she still felt overwhelmed by the powerful feeling that is motherhood.
  • 32. David was living the life he always dreamed of. Surrounded by 6 kids. One of them would be heading off to college soon, so he spent some time with Aidan Callum, who had became more mature over the years.
  • 33. Emilian now saw his brother as an example. He was constantly asking things like “will you introduce me and Fonso to some girls when we get to high school?”, “will you teach us the secret to make friends and become popular?”. Aidan didn’t mind though, little brothers were a good way of impressing girls.
  • 34. Aidan didn’t like the control Emilian had in Fonso, so he was always there to give the shy twin some advice. - Don’t let him ruin your life. You get your friends, he’ll get his; you get your hottie, he’ll get none. - He doesn’t ruin my life, I’m fine the way I am.
  • 35. - So, - Emilian said, knowing exactly where he wanted to know with this conversation – I saw you doing homework with Aidan. What did you guys talked about? - What’s wrong with you? I’m free to have some friends of my own. And it’s really none of your business. – Fonso was quite proud of his answer. He was in total control of his life, now.
  • 36. Esmeralda grew up one night, and, once again, Evangeline was there for her. After feeling that weird sensation of tickling and being all sparkly, her feet, her head, followed by her whole body grew and she was a child.
  • 37. A true gypsy child.
  • 38. David was thrilled when his older son asked him to hold Jaelle during the twins’ birthday. That was not something to be expected from Aidan.
  • 39. They were both quiet twins. Jaelle was the brat, while Hanzi was the good twin.
    • Jaelle
    • Hanzi
  • 40. Fonso and Esmeralda were completely opposites. Fonso hated dirt and enjoyed seeing a clean house, while his older sister didn’t mind leaving in a messy environment, she was, actually, the one who made the mess.
  • 41. Aidan was so tired of helping with the twins that he crashed on the sofa. He couldn’t take it much longer. School, girls, friends, siblings were all asking to much from him. He just wanted a break. Stupid little sisters, waking me up!!
  • 42. - Jaelle, you and I will break hearts. We’ll hold boys and they’ll like us, but we won’t like them. Ever. - Evaa! – Jaelle giggled. David, who just happened to pass by, was glad their children were getting along. Like they should.
  • 43. Emilian already had a lot of friends of his own, and wouldn’t share them with Fonso. Never again.
  • 44. - Well, isn’t that David? I’m pretty sure he was a townie… Nice house he has, huh? He’ll not recognize you, he’ll not come her and take your children away from you. Just continue your activities like no one is there.
  • 45. This chapter is over. I hope you liked it and didn’t find the whole 6 kids issue too confusing. Click ahead for some simself picspam.
  • 46. Bye 