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Presentation Final Year Project

  1. 1. Media arts FINAL YEAR PROJECTSIOW LIP WEN 1092700126
  2. 2. New Urbanism in ArchitectureUrban planning has been around since centuries ago. The meaning of urban planning in simplewords means improvement. Urban plan has been improved in every stage of generation. Urbanplanning is also the technical process with the control use of land and design of the urbanenvironment. These urban environment include transportation, networks, building andsurroundings. The urban plan itself is a research and analysis workload.People do realize the benefit of urban planning in architecture. They do not care about urbanplanning.To show viewers the changing of building architecture from past to future.To acknowledge the benefit of New Urban Planning in Modern Day architectureMost people design their houses based on inspiration. All these inspirations are part of newurbanism. The society are not aware of "What is urban planning".
  3. 3. Using a 21" Touch Screen LCD by creating interactions.User only have to touch or swipe, application will respond to user.Application creates a timeline to show revolution of urban planning in housing architectureContent : Information, Graphic, animationInteractions : Touch, Tap, Swipe Hearted
  4. 4. Urban Planning- Land use- Housing- Transportation- Urban design- Natural resources, recreation, and open space- Infrastructure and public facilitiesUrban Planning In ArchitectureBuildings•Cities and towns are home to many different types of housing•Small houses to high-rise apartments•Housing Component of urban plan determines what type of house is presented in the community and -what it may need in the future•Categorize - Addresses the housing needs of people which have disabilities, low-income families andother specific needs
  5. 5. Landscape EnvironmentLand is being used for residential or industrialPlans which area is suitable for future development, needs to be conservedHelps the community establish zoning codesLand use regulations to guide future developmentUrban planning and designContext - Seeing that buildings, places and spaces are part of the whole town or cityCharacter - Reflecting and enhancing the distinctive character, heritage and identity of our urbanenvironmentChoice - Ensuring diversity and choice for peopleConnections - Enhancing how different networks link together for peopleCustodianship - Ensuring design is environmentally sustainable, safe and healthyUrban Planning Issues- Better planning of land use- Increasing biodiversity and green space- Reducing environmental risks
  6. 6. Social and Environmental Benefits-Enhance Community Cohesion- Promote Social EquityImprove living quality of poor people- Improve Public Health- Increase Road Safety- Guarantee Food Security
  7. 7. Places In MalaysiaKuala LumpurFederal Territory of Kuala LumpurIntroduction + History- Redevelopment of Modern Kuala Lumpur- May 13, 1969 Race riots and beyond- Economy of Kuala Lumpur- Tourism- Education- CultureArchitecture + LocationPetronas Twin Tower- Cityscape- Park- Transportation- Geography
  8. 8. Kuala Lumpur Tower- History- Boardcasting- Facts- GalleryKuala Lumpur Railway Station- History- Design, construction and operation- Renovations, upgrades and changesTelekom Malaysia TowerMenara Telekom-Headquarters-310 m (1,017 ft) tall, has 55 floors-constructed between 1998 and 2001 by PECD Berhad
  9. 9. VISUALIZATIONThis is a prototype of the application. Each building represents a different data. Gallery willbe filled with images from different view of the building. Information Tab will show detailsof the building selected. And finally for Perspective view, User will be allow to view 360degree of the building in 3D model.