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  • How to buy log out experience?
  • Facebook Ads

    1. 1. Reach & Target Block A reach/target block ensures that every single person in your target demographics sees your ads.
    2. 2. The Logout Experience
    3. 3. Market Place / RHS • Marketplace ads appear anywhere on Facebook. • Best to promote applications • Need: 110 x 72 pixel images • Wording: 25 characters include space for headline, 90 characters include space for body copy Good Examples Bad Examples
    4. 4. Page Post Ads • Eligible to appear in Newsfeed. • FB 20% Text Rule applies. • How to check? https://www.facebook.com/ads/tools/text_overlay
    5. 5. Unpublished PAGE POST ADS Essentially the same as Page Post ads – With a link. Use to promote external url
    6. 6. Facebook Offers
    7. 7. Facebook Offers Requires USD $ 5.00 Very, very, Very Viral
    8. 8. Sponsored Stories • Page Like • Page Post Comments • Page Post Likes • Page Post Shares Sponsored Stories only target the friends of your fans.
    9. 9. Sponsored Result NO MORE AVAILABLE on 9 JULY Targeting fans friends who liked the Pages, Apps and people who subscribe enabled. People will see the ad when the targeted entity appears in their search results. It only appear in desktop search results.
    10. 10. 1. Identify 2. Find 3. Reach CUSTOM AUDIENCE What you need: A list of: -Facebook User IDs -Email Addresses -Telephone Numbers *You are recommended to have a list of at least 5,000 to 10,000 entries the people you want to talk to them on Facebook them with relevant ads
    11. 11. Facebook Exchange
    12. 12. Facebook Exchange
    13. 13. Facebook Exchange
    14. 14. Engagement Mobile targeting Ads appear in the most engaging place on FB, mobile news feed Ads can be targeted to exactly the right mobile audience using all targeting options Mobile App Install
    15. 15. Marketing Funnel AWARENESS CONSIDERATION CONVERSION LOYALTY Targeting with Custom Audiences Page Post Ads & Sponsored Stories Targeting with Custom Audiences Facebook Exchange Page Post Ads Facebook Offer The Logout Experience Reach & Target Blocks Page Post Ads & Sponsored Stories
    16. 16. Ensuring sufficient reach for posts • Page post ad must be less than six days old for delivery Targeting • Keep overall demographic and interest targeting broad for a campaign, including device targeting, to ensure maximum reach. Structure • Maximize success by separating ads out into different campaigns • Ensure that ads aren’t competing with each other by targeting the same audience. TIPS & TRICK
    17. 17. Creative: • Make the page post interactive with a call to action. • Try to optimize the first 90 characters for your posts to include the main message. • Photos and videos tend to drive 2x more engagement than plain text, so try to include images when relevant. Bidding to ensure your ad is seen • Can use optimized CPMs or CPCs. • Average CPC bids will generally be higher than average CPCs paid • When in doubt, bid higher than the suggested bid. TIPS & TRICK