Comparative study on cotton, polyester and tencel


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Comparative study on cotton, polyester and tencel

  1. 1. ABSTRACT• Fiber with advantage of cool feel, moisture absorption, air permeability etc. receives internationalattention.• Tencel, cotton, Polyester are three different types of fibers with different origin, like cotton is anatural fiber, Tencel is a regenerated fiber, and polyester is a synthetic fiber. All these three fibersare treated with various finished and the result is determined• The current textile global scenario has wide scope and need in medical textiles because majority ofthe investigator are concerned about infection.• Anti microbial property, insect resistant, stain release finishes are given to the fabric in sake ofcustomers wellness.• PCM finish is given to increase the comfort level of a customer.• Anti pilling finish is given to increase the quality of the fabric. Hence the garment gets full satisfiedby the customer. Since it fulfils all their basic comfort zone.2
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES• To study about Tencel, polyester and cotton fibers and fabrics.• To knit the fabrics by giving different loop structure and different count.• Fabric is given some finishes like anti-static, anti-pilling and soil resistant toTencel, polyester and cotton fabrics.• To test the fabrics like abrasion, shrinkage, colour fastness etc.,• This is been analyzed with the help of statistical analyses.• The finished fabric is been tested again.• Garment is constructed and a subjective analyze is made3
  3. 3. COTTON- Natural fibrePOLYESTER- Synthetic FilamentTENCEL- Regenerated cellulose4
  4. 4. Cotton• Natural cellulose fiber• King of fibers• Cotton is a renewable resource• Cotton often is the first choice during hot summer months because ofits inherent breathable quality which makes it cooler to wear.• Cotton is an inherently soft fabric5
  5. 5. Polyester• Synthetic Filament• Polyester fabrics are relatively inexpensive, and easy to process• It ranges from very soft to very firm.• Polyester absorbs less than one percent of moisture by weight, offersgood dimensional stability under a variety of conditions6
  6. 6. Tencel• Regenerated cellulose fiber• Fabrics are more absorbent than cotton, soft as silk and cooler than linen.• The optimum moisture transport of TENCEL is unique compared to synthetic fibers.• The fibrillar structure of the fiber supports outstanding moisture absorption due to anoptimal environment for healthy skin.7
  7. 7. Knitting• INTERLOOPING of yarns• Knitted fabrics offer more elasticity than woven fabrics. This makesthem more flattering to the human body, as the fit can be tighter.8
  8. 8. Processes SequenceStudy about polyester, cotton and tencel fibersKnitted fabric is produced with different loop lengthFabric is dyedCotton and Tencel – reactive dye Polyester – disperse dyeFabric is tested by various testings to analyse physical and chemicalproperties.9
  9. 9. Dyed fabric is carried out for finishingAntimicrobial Stain reppelent Insect reppelent Anti pilling PCMFinished fabric is tested based on various finishesGarment is constructed with an subjective analysis of the Garment10
  12. 12. Spirality1301234567Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolysterCotton01234567Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolysterCotton40’s count30’s count
  13. 13. Abrasion1440’s count30’s count00.511.522.533.5Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton00.511.522.533.5Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton
  14. 14. Shrinkage1540’s count30’s count01234567Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton01234567Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton
  15. 15. Drapability1640’s count30’s count4446485052545658Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton4647484950515253Single Jersey Double jerseyTencelPolyesterCotton
  16. 16. Bursting Strength1740’s count30’s count024681012141618Single jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton024681012141618Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton
  17. 17. Air permeability1840’s count30’s count5657585960616263646566Single Jersy Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton5758596061626364Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton
  18. 18. Anti Microbial1940’s count30’s count051015202530Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton0510152025303540Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton05101520253035Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton05101520253035Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCottonE.coli E.coliS.aureusS.aureus
  19. 19. Stain Release2040’s count30’s count7.47.67.888. Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton0123456789Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton
  20. 20. Anti Pilling210123456Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton0123456Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton40’s count30’s count
  21. 21. Insect Resistance2240’s count30’s count8082848688909294Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton80828486889092Single Jersey Double JerseyTencelPolyesterCotton
  22. 22. People prefer to wearT- shirt 87%People oftern purchace T-shirt 50%Garment easily available- cotton71%Often garment available- Rarely 60%Sweat absorbent 90%cool and dry touch 82%Anti microbial 79%Insect resistant 90%Stain repellent 92%Anti pilling 79%Durability 90%Comfortable fabric -Tencel 66%Survey %GARMENT FEEDBACK23
  23. 23. 24Garments
  24. 24. 25
  25. 25. Conclusion• Tencel has an extremely smooth, soft surface that drapes beautifully toflatter every figure. It also has smooth fiber surface feels soft andsupple against the skin and its incredible wicking abilities keep theskin dry, making Tencel a great fabric for sensitive skin.• Super fiber can hold up to a beating when both wet and dry, and ismost conveniently resistant to wrinkles. The finishes which wereapplied on Tencel does show best result for insectresistant, stain release, Anti microbial when compared toPolyester and Cotton. Tencel has impressed by its comfort levelwas determined by the survey taken.26
  26. 26. • Cotton protects against from heat in the summer and cold in the winterby providing thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air betweenthe fabric fibers. The finishes which were applied on Cotton showsbetter result for anti microbial, Anti pilling when compared toPolyester.• Polyester has a easy to wear property, it is very hard to stain, it holdsits shape and does not wrinkle, it can be washed easily. It also gotgood mechanical and thermal property. The finishes which wereapplied on polyester does show best result for stain release whencompared to Tencel and Cotton.27
  27. 27. FUTURE SCOPE• Fabric can applied in woven fabric. Since Tencel has great impact among peoplesfrom the survey it can be blended with other fibers and can be used.• Tencel yarn can be woven and used for medical purposes and also home furnishingpurposes which gives a good effect and feel to wear the garments.• Polyester has high durability, but lack in comfort, so when it blends with cotton orTencel polyester can reach customers satisfaction.• Cotton yarn is the same process to which it can be blended with all other typesof yarn in the industrial purposes and also in home furnishing. It can be used in allareas even in medicine field. Since cotton gives a comfort to wearer it can blend withany fibers. Cotton yarn is blended with Tencel and it is used for medical, summercollection and home furnishing purpose.28