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Akshay bday Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Meet AKSHAY RAM.. The Chic QM Stud* Magnet* * Claims that all PGP1 girls * Self Proclaimed proclaimedThe push-up Perfect Guy* matrimony* Censored, though material* some PGP1 Girls * Iyengar Only Pleaseexperienced the live show Runner Club’sNorth Indian most regular TAM* member** We don’t what this * Regularly runs on means  each weekend
  • 2. Akshay’s summers storyInterviewer: Akshay, what is EBITDA?Akshay: What? Oh, you mean beta?Interviewer: confused???? During summers@Amazon Shashank: How is it going dude? Akshay: It is awesome. I canAkash: Akshay, how did SMC actually finish my project ininterview go? 4 days but I will not tell themAkshay: It went awesome. We that!had a nice 15-min chat onpersonals. Still managed a PPO fromAkash: How did the case go? Amazon, we don’t knowAkshay: Oh, that. Once that how…started, he threw me out within5 minutes
  • 3. The Running StoryI am going to run the Chennai marathonbut only for 10 kmPeople: Huh? Akshay: Lakshmi, take one. I will finish the rest of the box. When the others come, we will say that we finished it together. Let me have one Lakshmi: WTH?@#%$@!$ sweet, I will run extra tomorrowTRUTH: At the start line Ends up taking many and doesn’t even run the next day!
  • 4. Akshay- The Real Fighter when it comes to Girls !! Prabha: Just make sure that Return on investment is good this time. Already Resume “mentor” , but you have made negative only for PGP1 girls (pataPrabha you know I saved the girl return after the first time nahi sach mein kya kar yesterday like a dinner raha tha)filmy Hero. Girl was impressed. Doesn’t recognize Don’t worry more than one-fourth Prabha; this of his batchmates but time for sure knows all PGP 1 girls ROI would be Prabha : What positive happened Akshay, is everything fine. Hmm.. I guess yes. She has QM tutor for Section B; keeps stopped count of the no of girls who messaging me comes to class each day and also counts how many are coming for the first time
  • 5. He tried his luck on the profs as well… Akash, you must have lots of good things to say about me. Why don’t you write some of the good qualities I possess. Although I know that that I have infinite number of good qualities .But can you write some good stuff about me for my PVGCO assignment. I will bribe you by giving chocolates Please write very good things about me. I want my dear Ramya to like me and love me as much as I love her
  • 6. Ultimately, She got trapped by his false charm..
  • 7. And thus began the show off..In the middle of any conversation about anything, pops Akshay with his comments You see, now that I have a girlfriend..<<blah blah blah>> People, DP is sad that he hasn’t got a girlfriend yet. Let us not disturb him. DP, when are you getting married? Tell ur parents to start searching no..All this takes time okay. See, now I can advise you. In case you need tips, don’t hesitate to ask me.
  • 8. But Not For Long… Dad: Dear Son, can you come on skype? Super stud Akshay: Yo Dad  what happened? Dad: Were you serious when you said that you are meeting some non-Iyenger girl? Super stud Akshay: he..he..Dad: You should marry a Tam girlAkshay: I will not change my mindDad: You should marry an IyengerAkshay: I will not change my mindDad: I will find super HOT girl for youAkshay: Deal!!! Let’s meet them duringDiwali vacation m/
  • 9. Ultimately.. Late Night: Going into jungles with someone WoW, Akshay, who is confused about This is Awesome, his orientation Does this help in XXX ?? Final ResultWell, I have some PUSHUP moves, whichmight interest you , Let me show you 
  • 10. Secret Buddies:- Hard to find the truth behind the scenes Khusur Pusur Ver 2.0 “We talk only about two things and you know what that is”
  • 11. Which leads to the breakup Years long friendship which could not have broken by any force in world got with Deepu shattered in Coorg by Mallu Massage ParlourVillain felt pity & told someMaratahalli nbrs Villain of his rosy dream End of Story
  • 12. HAPPYBIRTHDAYAKSHAY!!May you havemany morehooshings yourway!