Lake mainit focas updates to lg us 2009


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Lake mainit focas updates to lg us 2009

  1. 1. Lake Mainit cluster municipalities has been recipient of Philippines-Australia Community Assistance Program (PACAP) funded through: Focal Community Assistance Scheme (FOCAS) - for Surigao Norte municipalities Responsive Assistance Scheme (RAS) - for Agusan Norte municipalities Total Project Requested from Total Counterpart Cost PACAP (Proponent/LGU/Beneficiaries) (Php) (Php) (Php) 41,455,109.37 27,851,456.60 13,603,652.77
  2. 2. 22 total covered barangays 18 total partner POs (including Spring Ladies of Tubod) 7 project implementing partners NGO (including LMDA) 1 project implementing PO which is the SIUFMULCO)
  3. 3. Sison Upland Resource Sison Upland Resource Enhancement Project II Enhancing Upland & Enhancement Project I Lowland Farming Systems and Strengthening of Local Organizations (EFASS) Increasing Competencies of Upland Farmers for Sustainable Livelihood Mainit Community Based Resource Management Initiative People’s Livelihood Efforts in Agroforestry and Sustainable Environment (PLEASE) Community Based Enterprise: Effecting Community Development & Enhancing & Protecting Economic Empowerment in an Agroforestry Area Four Barangays in Lake though Abaca Fiber Mainit Production
  4. 4. A total of 567 HHs direct beneficiaries from 18 POs have been benefited by the PACAP projects.
  5. 5. 1. San Isidro Upland Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative (SIUFMULCO) 2. Bobonaon Farmers Multipurpose Cooperative (BFMPC) 3. Paco Coconut Farmer Multipurpose Cooperative - (PCFMCP) 4. Binga Farmer Multipurpose Cooperative (BIFAMCO) – 5. Cuyago Farmers Association (CUFA) 6. Bangonay Developer’s Farmers Association (BANDFA) 7. San Roque Multipurpose Cooperative (SAROMCO) 8. Marga Farmers Irrigators Association (MAFIA)
  6. 6. 9. Canaway Farmers & Fisherfolk Association (CAFFA) 10. Capayahan Agrarian Beneficiaries Organization (CABO) 11. San Isidro Lihok sa Kalambuan, Inc. (SILKA) 12. Spring Ladies 13. Sison Hungos Multipurpose Cooperative (SIHUMCO) 14. Dayano Farmers Association (DFA) 15. Tapian Developers Association (TADEAS) 16. Tagbuyawan Lakeshore Association (TLA) 17. Budlingin Multipurpose Cooperative and 18. Camp Eduard Multipurpose Cooperative
  7. 7. Component/ Target Level of Attainment Activities 233 hectares fully developed to Agroforestry (Sison1&2-100 Agroforestry 200 has hectares, Santiago-60 hectares, Mainit-3 hectares, Alegria 60 hectares and Tubod-10 hectares)
  8. 8. Component/ Target Level of Attainment Activities 8 POs (5 POs-FOCAS; 3 POs RAS) received goats-100 heads(Mainit-18 bucks & 72 does; Tubod – 10 heads) and Livestock 8 POs hogs-132 heads (Mainit 30 swine and 3 boars; Kitcharao & Jabonga- 80 heads; Tubod- 19 heads);
  9. 9. Component/ Target Level of Attainment Activities 18.5 hectares planted to organic rice (AADC); (15-1; 9-2) hectares Crop planted for various cash crops 80 has Production (SUREP1&2); 6 hectares organic rice mass production level.
  10. 10. Component/ Target Level of Attainment Activities 16 sites Establishment Santiago-1brgys; Jabonga-2 of Livelihood 6 sites brgys; Kitcharao-2 brgys; Alegria- Projects 2 brgys; Tubod-3 brgys; and Sison-6 brgys 1. Abaca fiber production & marketing 2. Consumer store
  11. 11. 3. Banana (Lacatan) 4. Cash crops 5. Coco fiber & dust production
  12. 12. 6. Whole coconut & copra buying 7. Chicken/hog/goat raising 8. Organic rice production
  13. 13. Component/ Target Level of Attainment Activities All 18 POs have participated in various capability building training like on agroforestry and biodiversity, nature farming technology; natural resources management; organizational strengthening and local governance; enterprise Capability development with a total of about 13 POs Building 30 trainings and attended by more than 400 project leaders and beneficiaries. The FMC and partners have also attended the PFMS Training, M&E Training, Economic Analysis Training, Project Management Skills Training, lakbay-aral, and many other
  14. 14. Component/ Target Level of Attainment Activities Advocacy and 8 LGUs All 8 LGUs advocated PACAP Promotion FOCAS Projects in their respective municipality. The FMC also conducted Lake Mainit Environmental Symposium to 9 high schools, 1 elementary & 1 college (SNCAT) as part of environmental advocacy to reduce global warming and promotion of Lake Mainit. Numbers of leaflets, tarpaulin, newsletters, CD of presentation were produced
  15. 15. Component/ Target Level of Attainment Activities Created LMDA Weblog at Establishment and of Information At PMO, System conducted M&E training and crafted monitoring tool
  16. 16.
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Lake Mainit Development Alliance Lake Mainit FOCAS Management Committee Prepared by LMDA-FMC Secretariat 2009 c/o Johny S. Natad