Salesmanship Presentation group 5


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Salesmanship Presentation group 5

  1. 1. Lakeland CollegeLive The Learning.For future students and undergrads.
  2. 2. Info about Lakeland College• Lakeland College was founded in 1913 and has been successfully providing information for students to learn and further there careers in such fields like; Business programs, Fire department, nursing aid, Trades and technology and also providing courses for University Transfer for you to continue you studies at a University level. Lakeland College is a board governed public college with the distinction of being Canadas only interprovincial college.
  3. 3. The Business Program• The Business Administration program, here at Lakeland College provide you with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the business field. The program provide to you comes with training that can be applied to a number of industries and positions that you plan on working in and for.
  4. 4. Why we choose Lakeland College?• Many students at Lakeland college chose this school for the small class sizes and close connection you can make with your instructors. Affordable prices and on campus living are main reasons a lot of students have chosen Lakeland. Students also have access to Budmiller park which has many recreational accommodations besides being in walking distance from the dorms and school.
  5. 5. Recreation offered• At Lakeland college there are many types of recreational activities available. Many types of clubs and school supported and funded events. Lakeland also has a variety of sports teams. Students on the Lloydminster campus have access to the Lloydminster Leisure Centre and the Commonwealth Fitness Centre for a very affordable price for any student.
  6. 6. Awards• Scholarships and Bursaries are available for all students. From the athletics program to the academic levels, there is ways that you can receive help with tuition payments. Lakeland College has provided a program for students who have a certain amount of GPA to receive scholarships.
  7. 7. Student housing and living• Choosing the right living space is essential to your academic, emotional and mental health. Lakeland College offers students housing options that range from traditional dormitory living to campus-based village community apartment complexes owned and operated by the college and upper-classmen and graduate student residents only.
  8. 8. ImprovementsSome things that could be improved at Lakelandcollege could be a larger variety of food in thecafeteria. Some sort of transportation service downtown for students who don’t have a car or truck todrive. More refrigerator space in dorms, also acleaning service for student dorms and moreparking around the dorms.
  9. 9. Conclusion• AccomplishmentWe as students here are proud to be apart of thiscollege because we are able to learn in a friendlyenvironment and pursue our careers. Even thoughwe may need improvements on our school incertain area’s, we are still students chasing ourdreams and we will achieve our goals by workinghard and our teachers here are guiding us in theright direction.LIVE THE LEARNING!