Lakeland College Child and Youth Care practicum slides


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Child and Youth Care tudents attending Lakeland College in Canada produce slides to showcase the values of their practicum experience.

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Lakeland College Child and Youth Care practicum slides

  1. 1. Bea Fisher Practicum Experience The Bea Fisher Center Bea Fisher Vision: provides individual services for persons with developmental disabilities. It’s located in Lloydminster Is an leader in innovative service delivery for persons with developmental disabilities in obtaining a successful meaningful life. Learning Highlights: Information I applied from class: • • • I took two orientation workshops while on practicummed orientation and abuse protocol. I learned to come out of my comfort zone more which I pushed myself to do. I got to work with a resident on achieving his goal of setting up and implementing an art show. • • Key Component: When working with the residents, we work as a positive role model and mentor in there life and help them to the best of our abilities. • • I used a lot of critical thinking during practicum. I used a lot of ethic models during practicum when it came to problem solving. When communicating with residents, I applied a lot of the skills I learned in helping relationships when having to communicate with residents. I also applied what I learned in AAT in my practicum experience as well. Exciting moment on practicum- I got offered a casual position working at the Bea Fisher center.
  2. 2.  Both of these agencies focused primarily on the positive growth and development of their clients.  I was able to see both sides of an agency because of the 2 different roles  Lakeland Wellness: I focused on the way that those working with youth use and obtain resources, and the administrative aspect of a non profit organization eg. doing research, writing articles  The Edge Youth Center: I focused on building relationships with clients, and organizing and running activities for youth ages 12-18. My Learning Highlight Seeing how building a trusting relationship with a youth can teach both of us so much! And, how awesome it is to see people happy! Course Connections I found many connections through my courses. I would say that Helping Relationships was the biggest thing I could connect with. Because of the techniques we learned to form trusting relationships
  3. 3. • This position is available to assist students in a confidential manner with a wide range of emotional/behavioural challenges. • Provides direct interventions & also facilitates referrals to services that would benefit the student; i.e., Alberta Mental Health. • The FSL Worker is directly involved with students & their parents in the following areas: o Homework, motivation/focus, anxiety, bullying issues, body image, emotion recognition, family relationships, self-esteem, friendship skills, grief & loss.