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Northope fry Archetypal Criticism

  1. 1. Northope Fry: Archetypal Criticism Paper:Literary Theory & Criticism: The 20th Western & Indian Poetics – 2 Prepared By: Lajja Bhatt Roll no:18 Semester:2 Guided by: Dr. Dilip Barad Maharaja Krishnakumarsihji Bhavnagar University
  2. 2. What is Archetype? • Recurrent narrative designs, • Patterns of action, • Character types, • Themes, • Images Which are identifiable in a wide variety of….
  3. 3. Literature Myths Dreams Social Rituals
  4. 4. What is Archetype? • According to Carl .G . Jung(1875-1961) it is ‘Primordial Images’ and ‘Psychic Residue’. • Maintained & survive in the ‘Collective Unconscious’. • Expressed in myths, religious, dreams & private fantasies • And work of Literature..
  5. 5. Archetypal Criticism • The archetypal criticism emphasize the occurrence of mythical patterns in literature, on the assumption that myths are closest to the elemental archetype than the artful manipulation of sophisticated writers. • Theme of Death - famous as the archetype of Anarchy -Reflected in the Cycle of seasons & Human Life - Occurred in primitive rituals of the being who is annually
  6. 6. Archetypal Criticism • Another themes are –The Journey Underground - The Heavenly Ascent - The Search - The Paradise/Hades Dichotomy - The Scapegoat - The Earth Gods - The Fatal Woman
  7. 7. Northope Frye • Northope Frye’s works helps displace ‘New Criticism’ as the major mode of analyzing literary texts before giving way to structuralism & semiotics. • Totality of literary works constitute a “Self- Contained Literary Universe”. • It play variations upon a number of more limited archetypes. The type that literature shares are all “discursive verbal structures’.
  8. 8. Archetypal Criticism • Literature plays essential role to refreshing the Universal material into Verbal univrse which is intelligible & Viable • Literary work constitutes a ‘ Self Constrained literary Universe’. • It has ben created over the ages by human imagination. • It catches the crystal clear images of alien and indifferent world of nature.
  9. 9. Archetypal Criticism • There are four mythoi or plot forms in the cycle of natural world. • • Satire • Comedy Romance
  10. 10. Archetypal Criticism • The context of the genre determines five different spheres to his schema.
  11. 11. Archetypal Criticism Comic Tragic Human Wish fulfillment Isolation Animals Domestic Hunters Vegetation Gardena, Parks Wild Forest, Bein barren Minerals Cities, Precious stones Desert Water River Sea, Water Floods
  12. 12. Archetypes in Literature • Two Major categories: Characters & Situations • In Humans – Hero - Outcast - The Scapegoat – Star-crossed Lovers - The Shrew • - Female Fatal -The Journey
  13. 13. Archetypes in Literature • In Situations/Symbols – The Task - The Quest - The Loss of innocence – Water -The Numbers - River -The wise old man • - Sun - Garden -Colours - Tree • -Desert - Creation • - Great Fish - Freud’s symbolism
  14. 14. Archetypes in Literature • Conclusion The Archetypal Images are the images lies in human mind deeply as it preserves from many years. It is cultivating since long back from the surroundings, intuitions, Nature, Lost skills and Myths. It symbolizes the behavioural Pattern of human race and the earthly things which is Universal.
  15. 15. • Contact: • Email: • Facebook: Lajja Bhatt