Narratology in Middlemarch


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Narratology in Middlemarch

  1. 1. Topic: Narratology in Middlemarch Paper: Victorian Literature Unit: 2 Prepared By: Lajja Bhatt Roll no:18 Semester:2 Guided by: Dr. Dilip Barad Maharaja Krishnakumarsihji Bhavnagar University
  2. 2. Narratology • Aristotle has used three Stages in narration:t he hamartia, the anagnorisis & the peripeteia. • Gérard Genette is a French literary theorist gave the theory of narratology in the chapter ‘Narrative Discourse: An Essay in Method’ in his major work ‘Figure’ series. • Narratology is the term related to Structuralism. • According to Gérard Genette there are four main concept for narratology: A) Order B) Frequency C) Duration D) Voice.
  3. 3. Narratology • Theorists have differentiate it and canonized the term to explain the complicated nature of narratology. • There are certain terms which define the types of narrative. • Story and Discourse are the terms applied to every kind of narrative. • Story means the theme or the story line followed b narrator. • Discourse refers to the manipulation of that story in the presentation of the narrative
  4. 4. Narratology • Fabula : Chronological sequence of the narrative • Seyuzhet: Re- presentation of those events. • Focalize: To focus on the specific character. • Meta-digetic: A person inside the story narrates • Extra-digetic: A person outside the text narrates the story • First person narrative: The person within the story tells his/her own story. • Third Person narrative: the person outside the text narrate the story.
  5. 5. Narratology in Middlemarch • It is narrated in very intelligent way. • It is the third person Omniscient way :temporal, spatial & psychological. • Although the author gives us birds view , she has paid attention to every characters. • There a maintenance of continuity of the flaw. • This continuance make the novel more explicit and clear. • She also uses the style of fictional rhytoric. • The story is about the people lived in the town named ‘ Middlemarch’. • Every character has his or her own dream to fulfill.
  6. 6. Narratology in Middlemarch • The special and notable thing is that each chapter is started with a beautiful quote. • She has created romantic atmosphere balanced with reality. • Although Dorothea is focalized, other characters are also portrayed well. • It seems that she talked about how woman should choose a man for her. • But for her every event is important comparetively to the Jane Asten.
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