Humanism in Dr.Faustus


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Humanism in Dr.Faustus

  1. 1. Humanism In Dr. Faustus PREPARED BY: LAJJA BHATT ROLL NO :21 PG ENROLMENT NO: SEAT NO: SEM-I EMAIL: Submitted to: Smt. S.B. Gardi Department of English, Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar(Gujarat-India)
  2. 2. Dr. Faustus  The Tragic History of Dr. Faustus is the play by Christopher Marlow.  Dr. Faustus is the protagonist of the play.  The protagonist is the intelligent person with the utmost urge of the knowledge.
  3. 3. Renaissance Spirit & Medieval spirit  The quest of knowledge forced him inwardly.  He is truly representative of renaissance spirit.  He had sold his soul to Mephestophilis.
  4. 4. Renaissance Spirit & Medieval spirit  Mephestphilis sometimes showed us the conflict in human mind.  When he had the bad angle , he had also good angle to warn him and repent.  And the knowledge which came from the wrong way drawn him to mean and surfacialism, and necromacy.
  5. 5. Humanism  Here we have one question that why one should surrender to the evil to get the knowledge.  Moreover why God never willing to human being become knowledgeable and powerful.  As a human he has the right to get knowledge.
  6. 6. Humanism  The last portion present the idea of humanism with the presence of old man.  As the human being there is the possibility of mistakes.  At that time the duty of God is that to convert the evilness into the divinity with firmness as in the drama bad angel always wins thhe attention of Dr. Faustus.
  7. 7. Humanism  With the comparison of Hamlet we can see the humanism of renaissance period in the Dr. Faustus.  In Hamlet also we can find that human being always pay the cost of intelligence and havd to bear the inner conflict.  So if the human is important then why his superiority is not accepted.
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