The Australian top 12 Mixed Case


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A quick guide to the content of our Top Australian mixed case. We hope you find this useful!

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The Australian top 12 Mixed Case

  1. 1. The Australian Top 12 Mixed Case
  2. 2. Australian Top 12 Mixed Case Your top-rated, bestselling Aussies - juicy, drinkable and bursting with fruit - £7.50 a bottle Aussie wines are famous the world over for their reliable quality and their fruit-first drinkability. This exceptional collection features the 12 bestsellers in our stellar Aussie range - the wines YOU love above all others! Your reds feature concentrated stars like The Black Stump, Willy Willy Shiraz and the Full Fifteen. Youll find big names like Yarrunga Field and Westend No.1 Chardonnay amongst your mouthwatering whites - available today in a fabulous collection.
  3. 3. What does it contain?
  4. 4. Yallum Ridge Pinot Grigio 2011 (x1) Tip-top refreshment from Down Under - a deliciously fresh, mouthwatering Pinot Grigio When Italians Mario and Aurora Littore arrived in northern Victoria in 1953 they quickly realised the spot was ideal for the cultivation of vines and citrus groves. These they set about planting to make it feel like home. Today they are assisted by the second and third generations, and all are taught the family philosophy of innovation and pushing the vinous boundaries. Over the last decade at least they have been planting not only the accepted international stars, but also rarities such as Fiano, Moscato, Tempranillo and Petit Verdot, and have also acquired cooler sites in Geelong. Fresh off the boat, this 2011 Pinot Grigio makes a tasty glassful solo anytime. Try, too, with salmon with a spicy dressing or with a noodle stir-fry.
  5. 5. Black Stump Chardonnay Pinot Grigio 2011 (x1) The gloriously fresh and fruity sister wine to our bestselling Black Stump red
  6. 6. McPherson Family Series PicklesSauvignon 2011(x1)Andrew McPherson delivers a classic, fresh Sauvignon with a juicy tropicalfruit twistAndrew McPherson is the second generation in his family to go intowinemaking, and learnt all about wine from his father from an early age. Heset up his own winery in 1974, but sold it five years later and set off aroundthe world to perfect his techniques. He returned to his roots in the 1990sand established a cellar in Nagambie, in Victorias Goulburn Valley. This ishis lively, fresh, pure Sauvignon, named after his energetic wife(affectionately known as Pickles). Crisp, grassy Sauvignon Blanc can bequite tricky to grow in the warmth of Australia, but every year Andrewmanages to capture the zingy, aromatic character of this grape. Burstingwith fresh lemon and grapefruit aromas, its superb with creamy fish or spicychicken dishes.
  7. 7. Yarrunga Field 2011 (x1) For fresh, fruity and tantalising refreshment you cant beat this top value Aussie favourite This is surely the definitive Aussie white - the ultimate in refreshing quaffability! When the original winemaker, Sam Trimboli, introduced the UK to Yarrunga Field it made such a splash that Oz Clarke and Jilly Goolden featured it on the BBCs Food and Drink programme. A star was born. Its been in our bestsellers list ever since. Now Carmelo has taken over what Sam started - and judging by the taste of his 2011 Sam has trained him well! Yarrunga Field exudes fruitiness, freshness and intensity, too. And at 11.5% its your perfect apéritif or lunchtime white - really easy drinking and delicious. Theres no doubt why so many customers just keep coming back for more. Serve chilled on its own or with pasta salads, spicy stir fry or seafood.
  8. 8. Westend Estate No.1 Chardonnay 2011 (x1) Complex, creamy Chardonnay made in the traditional way by the great Westend Estate - full of flavour The Westend Estate was founded by Italian immigrants Francesco and Elizabeth Calabria in 1945, but really took off when their son, Bill, took over in 1974. When he left school he formed a band with Pat Sergi of nearby Riverina Wines and also enjoyed some success as a boxer - becoming welterweight champion of Riverina at 21. It soon became apparent, however, that his real talent lay in winemaking.Bills aim is to make affordable, high quality wines, and he does this by sourcing the best quality grapes from the region and fermenting them in small parcels at his wine shed, overseeing every stage of production himself. Creamy, rounded and elegant, his No.1 Chardonnay is delicious with sauced fish dishes and spot on with roast chicken.
  9. 9. Andrew McPhersons The Full Fifteen 2009 (x1) Full-flavoured, Aussie blockbuster from a New World master - with 15% punch!
  10. 10. Show Stopper Durif 2010 (x1) The latest dazzling Durif to vie for your affections and it surely deserves a standing ovation! Sam is Australias most prolific wine medal winner. You may know him as the talent behind Yarrunga Field and those Barossa giants Warburn Estate. He is also the man who first introduced our customers to the extraordinarily popular Durif grape, some ten years ago. Then, a couple of years back Sam noticed customers raving about rival Durif wines at our Vintage Festival, and vowed to return with the best yet! The aptly named Show Stopper is all youd expect of the "grape that takes no prisoners" (The Observer) - a turbo- charged mouthful of brambly, spicy, blueberry and dark-chocolate flavours. Its velvety, voluptuous, and irresistible served in large glasses with char- grilled steak or Sunday roasts. But be warned, its a hard act to follow.
  11. 11. Kelly Country Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 (x1) Ripe, blackberry-laden Cabernet Sauvingon from Ned Kelly country ... a real find Northeastern Victoria has been known for good wine since the days of the gold rush. Its sensational country, dominated by the deeply folded mountains and valleys of the Great Dividing Range, and boasting a great diversity of microclimates and soils for growing grapes. This luscious red is an exclusive parcel of premium Cabernet Sauvignon from various estates in northeastern Victoria, particularly the King Valley, Swan Hill and Glenrowan. Glenrowan is known locally as Kelly Country, as its where famous outlaw Ned Kelly and his gang had their final shoot-out in 1880. This rich, powerful yet silky smooth Cabernet is in its element with food. Enjoy it with roast or barbecued lamb, peppered steak, venison or a hearty, weighty casserole.
  12. 12. Idyll Shiraz 2010 (x1) Great Victorian Shiraz of elegance, structure and ripeness from the acclaimed Littore family Littore Family Wines owes its existence to the pioneering spirit of Italian settlers Mario and Aurora Littore, who arrived from Sicily in 1953 - but it was their sons, Vince and David, who turned their small family winery into a thriving business, crafting wines that are now known and loved around the world. The name Idyll comes from that of their original vineyard and winery, established in 1966. It played an important role in resurrecting the winemaking in the Moorabool Valley, which had been going through tough times since the late 1800s. Full of dark blackberry fruit, this mouthfilling red is soft enough for solo drinking, but probably shows at its best with dishes such as sausages and mash, a casserole or a cheesy vegetable bake.
  13. 13. The Black Stump Durif Shiraz 2011 (x1) 10th-anniversary edition of your No.1 bestselling wine - celebrate a decade of success According to winemaker Alan Kennett (and thousands of Black Stump customers), when you combine Durif and spicy Shiraz "magical things happen". Perhaps this explains Black Stumps decade of popularity. The wine owes its name to a mythical outback landmark, now part of the Aussie language. An expression of the biggest/ richest anything "this side of the black stump" effectively means "in the known world". How appropriate for a wine of peerless intensity and popularity. Dark Durif - "the grape that takes no prisoners" (The Observer) - and impressively juicy, spicy Shiraz have a turbo-charging effect on each other, creating a velvety and irresistible style. Serve in large glasses with char-grilled steak or Sunday roast.
  14. 14. Willy Willy Shiraz 2011 (x1) Deliciously rich Oz Shiraz - a perennial favourite with good reason, thanks to maestro Bob Berton A quintessential Aussie Shiraz, Willy Willy is from the Riverina region in New South Wales. Wine has been a major part of the economy here since the early 20th century, when irrigation was introducd and an influx of Italian settlers arrived with vine cuttings and agricultural expertise.Bob Berton has been working in the industry for the last 18 years, during which time he has been in charge of some impressive wineries. In 2006 he invested in his own cellar and hasnt looked back since. Always impressed with his wines, were now his keenest customers and first to taste his new releases each vintage. Named after the aboriginal word for a dust storm, Willy Willy is best served with roast lamb, beef or sausages and is ideal at a barbecue.
  15. 15. The Optimist Old Vine Semillon 2011 (x1) Citrus spiked white handcrafted by star winemaker Bob Berton - unparalleled freshness and depth Australian Semillon is recognised as one of the worlds classic wine styles - nowhere else in the world does it reach quite the same levels of ripeness and intensity. Hunter Valley Semillons are the pinnacle and the very best can age for decades. This delightful 2011 is a great example of old vine Semillon, but one for enjoying now. Its from Bob Berton, who has made some of our most popular wines over the years - including the customer favourite Willy Willy Shiraz. He just has the knack of capturing a great balance of freshness and fruit. For maximum fruity flavour, Bob selected old vine grapes, cool fermenting the juice. As the wines sunny character seems to reflect Bobs cheerful disposition, we decided to call it The Optimist!
  16. 16. Check out our website for more information and the possibility to buy wine from wide selection of red wines, white wines, rose wines and champagne, prosecco & sparkling wines. It’s simple, easy and you can have the wine delivered to your doorstep!