People’S Republic Of Bangladesh

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  • 1. People’s Republic of Bangladesh The Undiscovered Gem of Asia
  • 2. The Map A small but populated country in South Asia. Size: 1,47,570 Sq.KM Population: 145 Million (approx.) Independence: 16 th December, 1971 Govt. System: Democraic Major Cities: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi Currency: Taka Seasons: 6 Seasons Religion: Muslim – 70%+ Hindu – 22% Christian – 3% Budhist – 2% Very small in my point of view 
  • 3. The Flag
    • The Top picture represents the current national flag.
    • On the bottom, it was the national flag during the liberation war .
  • 4. Govt. System
    • Bangladesh is a democratic country. People get the right to choose the parliament.
    • Prime Minister is the head of the country.
    • In the picture:
    • Our National Parliament or
    • Jatiyo Sangshod Bhaban
  • 5. FOOD!!!
    • The easiest way to describe the food is that it is similar to some of the indian foods of neighboring places.
    • The way it is cooked and served is different.
    • We have some unique foods though!!
  • 6. National Fruit
    • Jackfruit or Kathal is our national fruit. It may look like your favorite fruit but it is not.
    • It is more tasty and it does not have smell like it!!
    • :P
  • 7. Jute and Tea
    • Jute is called the Golden Fibre of Bangladesh. Bangladesh still produces the best jute of the world. It was the main export product until Ready made garments came.
    • Tea is also important for us. The hill parts of the country have grows Tea.
  • 8. National Animals
    • National Fish:
    • Hisla or Ilish
    • National Animal:
    • Royal Bengal Tiger
  • 9. Some Random Shoots
    • A village house
    • A road corner in Dhaka
    • A Rickshaw
    • Sohid Minar on 21 st February
  • 10. Dhonnobad Thank You