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Top Baby strollers


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Baby strollers …

Baby strollers
Luxury Product design
International University of Monaco 2012

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  • 1. INFANT STROLLERS IUM 2012 Lina Bustillo
  • 2. INFANT STROLLERS Styles, experiences and Identities Main Players Key points when buying a StrollerUsers perceive on the offer on the market Product functions and features.
  • 3. concepts and lifestyles Functionality VALUE Technological Multifunctional SportyClassic Modern Fashionable Traditional Impractical
  • 4. L i f e S t y l e O p t i o n s sporty strollers Taga 2 in 1 Stroller and Bike The Chariot Stroller Roller Buggy – the baby stroller/scooter hybrid for kids on the fast track
  • 5. L i f e S t y l e O p t i o n s fashion strollers Roberto Cavalli And Aprica Baby Safari Collection A whole stroller made for Porsche cars. Designed Strollers. by the talented Dawid Dawod, this stroller is Fendi Stroller called The Porsche Design P’4911.
  • 6. L i f e S t y l e O p t i o n s convertible strollers Stroll with ease with your two little ones. Your older one can use Positive things that are healthy, inspiring and fun. We the jump seat or standing platform for strolling fun, while your love to contribute to that by creating happy and younger can recline back & enjoy the ride. The stroller also meaningful experiences for babies and parents. features a one-hand fold and extra-large storage basket.
  • 7. innovative strollersWorrell, Inc Designer Dan Clements created a Mimas Kobi is an award-winning stroller thatproduct that helps proud parents safely and converts easily from a carrycot to a toddler seatstylishly take their little ones out into the world. and can accommodate two children
  • 8. tech strollersSimple. Functional. Beautiful. Solar Stroller Z4ifd 48
  • 9. MAIN PLAYERS THE STOKKE XPLORY is a state-of-the-art futuristic baby stroller designed to help bonding between baby 1 and parent. The Orbit Baby Stroller G2 has a revolutionary design with 3D rotation which allows you to rotate and recline 2 the seat in one fluid motion. The compact foldable design allows the stroller to fit in small trunk spaces. Bugaboo Donkey can be converted from a full-sized mono to a full-sized duo stroller and back again. With flexible and multiple storage space, the Bugaboo 3 Donkey is suitable for a first child, second child, both or twins The Origami is the world’s first power-folding stroller: at the touch of a button, it folds itself. It’s also the4 world’s first cell phone-charging, mileage-counting, LCD-sporting stroller, with generators in the rear wheels that charge the stroller as you walk.
  • 10. Key Points mass transit or suburban crawl?If youre a city dweller who relies on A stroller with large, air-filled tires, such assubways, buses, and cabs, youll need a an all-terrain or jogging stroller, may belightweight but sturdy stroller that folds easier to push if youll be going for longquickly and is compact walks your car is big enough to accommodate it, and you can lift it. What about the extras?Childs age CertificationWarranties and return policiesTest "driving" The certification program administered by theWeight juvenile products manufacturers association (JPMA), and that the product meets theFunctions minimum requirements of ASTM international, (formerly the american society for testing and materials).
  • 11. Users Perception and Product descriptionStokke Xplory•  I love the height factor. My child is up nice and high to communicate •  light weight, easy to carry it everywhere.•  Its easy to manoeuvre in crowds.•  very easy to disassemble / fold up for VALUE car transport. •  The functionality of this pram is amazing - you can face the baby towards you while he/she is still bonding with you and turn it around when they are little older. Length: 75 - 102 cm. Depending on if you are using Carry Cot/Seat, and the height of the handle. Height: 89 - 123 cm Depending on how you adjust the height of the Carry Cot/Seat. 
  • 12. Users Perception and Product descriptionOrbit Baby Stroller G2•  The adjustable seat, which both tilts from an upright to a fully reclining VALUE position, and swivels so your child can ride facing forward, facing sideways or facing you.•  The fabric covering is soft and cozy especially when paired with the footmuff, an accessory also available from Orbit Baby.•  We also love the fully extended canopy cover. It nearly covers the whole seat, making it perfect for naps.•  Extremely maneuverable.•  The frame is also solid, yet adaptable, Weight rating: for use from birth especially the ergonomic handles to 40 lbs (18 kg) which adjust easily to different heights. Stroller Seat G2 dimensions: interior height: 21 in; interior It also has no-pump tires so the width: 13.5 in wheels never deflate.
  • 13. Users Perception and Product descriptionBugaboo Donkey•  The "Single" or "Duo" setup has two VALUE seats, the detachable bag, and one bassinet insert. •  Switch between these modes almost instantly.•  stroll on snow or sand very often, you know how difficult that can be with a stroller.•  The sun canopy extends down to the nap bar, providing great coverage at any angle. •  O p t i o n a l a c c e s s o r i e s i n c l u d e cupholders, car seat adapters (the Donkey can hold two infant car seats in Twin Mode), gear organizer, foot board 10  Swivel  wheels  and  12"  rear   for older toddlers to ride, and foot muffs wheels,  air  filled  5res   Folded:  34.3"  x  23.6"  x  15.7"     or seat liners for extra warmth or Width  Mono:  23.6"   comfort. Weight  Mono:  28.6  lbs.
  • 14. Users Perception and Product description4MOMS ORIGAMI•  It folds and unfolds by itself•  The stroller has a display screen VALUE which shows the distance you’ve traveled, your speed, current weather conditions, and it even has a sun displayed for day time and a moon for night with the display light turned on!•  Parents only need to use one hand to turn the dial and push and the stroller is ready to store away.•  It’s eco-friendly – the system charges automatically while you Price:  $850.00 walk! Stroller Type:  Lifestyle•  There is a child safety sensor so the Stroller Weight:  29 lbs stroller will never fold while your little Age & Weight limit:  40lbs Dimensions: (open) 32″ L x one is still in it. 28″ W and (closed) 38″L x21″W x14″H
  • 15. hFp://   IDENTITYPhysical Facet Ergonomic Modern Mom Personality Adaptability Easy going Safety Friendly Easy to Manoeuvre Relationship Culture Values Trust Fast life Bonding Multitasking Communicative Easy motherhood Modern PracticalReflected Consumer Tech Savvy Elegant Consumer Mentalization Self sufficient Eco Auto
  • 16. CONCLUSION Life style: Slow - Fast lifePriorities: Adaptability - Capacity Functions: Independent - Multi Values: Status Symbol?
  • 17. sources Thank you QUESTIONS? INFANT STROLLERS