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Jellyfish marketing and sales deck
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Jellyfish marketing and sales deck


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  • 1. Expand your Horizon! “Study Nihongo and work in Japan”
  • 2. FAQs:• Why Nihongo? ▫ Japan is a known economic powerhouse opening up career opportunity for international business. The country has been known very well for their culture and ethics hence translating to their worldwide success. ▫ Over 140 million people all over the world speak Japanese or Nihongo. ▫ Studying Nihongo promotes cultural appreciation of Japan and one’s own.
  • 3. FAQs:• Why study in Japan? ▫ Best way to appreciate, practice and learn Nihongo. ▫ The cultural exposure and adaptation will result to increased overall learning and competitiveness. ▫ State-of-the-art technology. ▫ World renowned, high educational standards and excellent research environment. ▫ Japan – Endless Discovery Heritage
  • 4. FAQs: Indulgence Gourmet Adventure Pop Culture Modern ArtNote: images taken from -
  • 5. Who we are?• Jellyfish Educational Consultancy (JEC) is the Philippine arm of the multinational Japanese company, Jellyfish Inc.• Jellyfish Inc. started operations last 2007. Its businesses include internet service connections and education consultancy programs. For almost two (2) years now, it has expanded its education business to Vietnam and now in the Philippines.• Reference:
  • 6. Why JEC?• JEC is guided by an established multinational company, Jellyfish Inc.• Proven track record of assisting students in Japan successfully which also includes employment, lodging and other services.• Provides fast, friendly and expert advice and assistance for people seeking student visa to Japan.• Works exclusively with renowned Schools, Colleges and Universities such as: ▫ Tokyo International University / TIUJ ▫ Yokohama Design College
  • 7. Other affiliated schools in Japan• Vantan Language School• Aoyama International Graduate School of Education• KEN Japanese Language Institute• Human Academy Japanese Language School, Tokyo Center• Human Academy Japanese Language Center, Osaka School• Tokyo Japanese Language School Scholarship• Dynamic Business College• Mitsu Mine Career Academy• Tokyo Riverside Academy• Unibody Adapted Japanese Language School – Tokyo
  • 8. Other affiliated schools in Japan• Unibody Adapted Japanese Language School – Kofu• Narita Japanese School• Yamanote International School• The Tokyo School of the Japanese Language• Friend Language Academy• Akamon Association• Merrick Japanese Language School• Seiko Academy
  • 9. Flow:• Intensive study of Nihongo for 1-2 years.• Option to work part-time while studying.• Upon completion of course: ▫ Option to pursue extensive studies in renowned Japanese universities (e.g. Tokyo International University). ▫ Work full-time in Japan. ▫ Return to home country to expand career or business opportunities.
  • 10. Qualifications:• At least High School graduate• Preferably 16-30 years of age• Has a high interest in learning the Japanese language and culture.• Willing to take that next step!
  • 11. Details:• Japanese Language Schools application schedules: ▫ For July SY – application due March 27 ▫ For October SY – application due May 30-31 ▫ For January SY – application due September 26 ▫ For April SY – application due November 28-29• Schedule while studying Nihongo in Japan: ▫ Monday to Friday – with options of the following set of schedule:  9:00am – 12:00pm  1:00pm – 5:00pm• Specific class itinerary will vary depending on the school. Some school offer subjects other than Nihongo classes like Manga drawing, Fashion design or general subjects such as Mathematics and Science.
  • 12. Cost:• The tuition fee varies depending on the school. See below for reference : SUGGESTED SCHOOLS COST (YEN) COST (U.S. DOLLAR) COST (PHIL. PESO) DURATIONJapanese Language Schoolaffiliated with TokyoInternational University(TIUJ) ¥730,000.00 $9,197.55 Php389,078.64 1 yearHuman Academy JapaneseLanguage School ¥712,500.00 $9,127.13 Php380,874.00 1 yearVantan Language School ¥742,500.00 $9,354.90 Php395,740.94 1 yearAoyama InternationalEducation Institute ¥740,000.00 $9,323.40 Php394,408.48 1 year(Note: Cost as of August 2012 only; it may change overtime)• Processing fee of Php25,000.00 which includes translation of documents and logistics.• Application fee of Php25,000.00 which includes processing of Visa.
  • 13. Cost Inclusions:• In addition to the above-mentioned, JEC provides the following as well: ▫ Search for budget-friendly accommodation – this may include house-sharing or apartment. We consider the location of the school where the student qualifies and patterns it with the cost of living in the said area to ensure that student will be comfortable with his/her stay. ▫ Search for part-time job and processing of work permit– JEC gives a 100% assurance that the student will get a part-time job. The acceptance of the job though will depend on the student passing the job interview so JEC provides a list of prospective employers.
  • 14. Optional add-on:▫ Airport pick-up service▫ Cellphone –only if student applies through Jellyfish, Inc in Japan. Jellyfish will then waive the ¥5,000.00 application fee for the first two (2) months.▫ Other needs and guidance – We do personalized packaging depending on the need or want of the student
  • 15. Cost of Living vs. Income: Definition (Expenses) Cost per month Food Php 15,000 Accommodation Php 15,000 Transportation Php 2,000 Mobile Phone Php 1,000 Utilities (Electricity, Water, Internet, etc.) FREE (included in the accommodation) TOTAL Php 33,000Minimum Salary in Japan:Php 450/hour x 112 hours per month = Php 50,400.00Estimated Savings: Php17,400.00 per monthNote: Savings seen above is for working a minimum wage job on weekdays only. Imagine, you can evenearn up to Php70,000.00 a month by being an English teacher. And you still have your weekends free.So you have more opportunities to save more!
  • 16. Requirements:• Student / Applicant: ▫ Updated resume ▫ NSO Birth Certificate (original) ▫ Passport photocopy ▫ Government issued identification ▫ Diploma (original, from latest education attained) ▫ Transcript of records (original, from latest education attained) ▫ Accomplished student application form (to be provided by Japanese Language School through JEC) ▫ Photograph (4cm x 3cm, white background, 5 pcs.)
  • 17. Requirements:• Sponsor (in Philippines) ▫ Certificate of relationship with applicant  Marriage Certificate (issued by NSO; original) ▫ Certificate of bank balance (more than Php1,000,000) ▫ Certificate of employment ▫ Income verification  Income tax certificate (issued by company / government)  Salary certificate (issued by company) ▫ Identification card (issued by government of possible) ▫ Insurance certificate ▫ Passport photocopy ▫ Accomplished guarantor’s form (to be provided by Japanese Language School through JEC).
  • 18. Requirements:• Sponsor (in Japan) ▫ Certificate of relationship with applicant  Marriage Certificate or Kosekitouhon (issued by government; original)* ▫ Certificate of bank balance (more than ¥2,000,000) ▫ Certificate of employment ▫ Income verification  Income tax certificate (issued by company / government)  Salary certificate (issued by company) ▫ Identification card (issued by government of possible) ▫ Insurance certificate ▫ Passport photocopy ▫ Alien card registration certificate or Resident certificate / Jyuminhyo ▫ Accomplished guarantor’s form (to be provided by Japanese Language School through JEC).
  • 19. Nihongo competency levels JLPT LEVELS (low to high) DEFINITION Basic greetings N5 Read and Write Hiragana and Katakana Interaction with easy daily situation N4 Understand passages on familiar topics. Write a 400 character composition and 500 kanji Understand conversations and make one to a certain level N3 Can write composition on general topic based on opinion and write 800 kanji Understand most news and drama; ability to hold cohesiveN2 conversation.(Expected level to finish upon 1 year of intensive study) Can write composition of 600-800 characters and 1,000 kanjiN1 Expression of opinion with logical and well-grounded reasoning(Expected level to finish upon 1 year and 6 months of intensive study) Read and write logically and understanding of 1,500-2,000 kanji
  • 20. 2908 Unit One San Miguel Avenue, corner Shaw Boulevard, Ortigas Center, Pasig City (02)570-1290 Globe: 0905-2346617 / 0905-6664028 / 0905-6664027 / 0905- 6664161 Smart: Jellyfish Education Consultancy Jellyfish, Inc. (Japan) – Jellyfish Vietnam Co. (Vietnam) – Jellyfish Education Consultancy (Philippines) – SOON!
  • 21. Thank you very much! 