Fashion across the ages


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Fashion across the ages

  2. 2. ANCIENT GREECE The kind of clothing worn in Ancient Greece was wide and they always wore long dresses and tunics. The clothes used to be made with linen or wool. The jewellery was so important in the Ancient Greece. They used to wear bracelets, earrings and necklaces. No only the women wear it, the men wear jewellery too till the 4th Century.
  3. 3. The tunics were the most typical clothes. For men, they were shorter and for the women, the dresses were till the foot. The ancient Greeks used to going without shoes or sandals on the street. At home, they used to go barefoot. During the winter, they used to wear a heavy wool Cloak to keep warm. Ancient Greek women also used make up. Pale or light skin was considered a status symbol for women. The women who lives in the Ancient Greece also loved to wear their hair long. Here we can see a man and a women wearing tunics.
  4. 4. The clothing did become more complicated in the Middle Ages, and more used to distinguish men and women of different professions from each other. The richest part of the society, often wear turbans or silks from the East. The clothes of the peasants was very simple. But the clothes of the highest social classes were more elaborated and luxurious. MIDDLE AGES In this picture , we can see two children who are wearing middle ages clothes.
  5. 5. MEN: Men mostly wore tunics till their knees, though old men and monks wore their tunics down to the ground, and so did kings and noblemen. Men sometimes also wore pants under their tunics. On their feet, men wore leather shoes if they could pay them. WOMEN: All women wore one tunic down to their ankles. On their legs women sometimes wore tights or socks, but women never wore pants. The women of the high society often wore tall hats. In this picture, we can see a man and a woman with the typical tunic of the middle ages.
  6. 6. 1920’s The 1920s is the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. The women for the first time began to wear more comfortable clothes. The dresses were wide. The skirts were shorter, to the knee. Could be watched broad shoulders. Bell hats appear.
  7. 7. Men likewise abandoned overly formal clothes and began to wear sport clothes for the first time. Trousers were relatively narrow and straight and they were worn rather short so that a man's socks often showed. For evening wear men preferred the short tuxedo to the tail coat, which was now seen as rather old-fashioned and snobby. In this photo, we can see the shorts for men.
  8. 8. NOWADAYS Nowaday, the fashion is so diferent than the others periods. All the society wear more informal. Just for beneficals The women wear shorter skirts and dresses. Jeans are so common and everybody wear them. We have so many types of shoes to choose (boots, sandals, trainers,...)
  9. 10. THE FUTURE Nobody knows how will the fashion be in the future, but we can make predictions. In this pictures, we can see dresses that some designers design it for the future. The shoes that are in the photo, are new project for the future but nobody has invent them.