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Introduction to real-time sports statistics provided by Lahtis Enterprises

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280710 Lesport Realtimestats

  1. 1. LeSport real-time sports statistics
  2. 2. Contents ● About us ● Company background ● Mission & vision ● Core competencies ● Industry experience ● LeSport product range overview ● LeSport real -time statistics ● Advantages of real-time sports statistics ● Product features – descriptions and screen shots ● Why choose LeSport products over competitors ● Customer Testimonials
  3. 3. ABOUT US
  4. 4. Company Background ● Established in Finland: 1998 ● HQ in London: 2007 ● Parent company Lahtis Enterprises – specialist provider of IT solutions to sporting industry ● LeSport products developed in response to need in market for technologically advanced, customisable solution for managing real-time sports statistics ● Currently largest sport & statistic provider in Finland managing: ● 250,000 ice hockey players ● 200,00 floor bandy players ● Millions of Euro's transferred through billing system
  5. 5. Mission & vision Our mission is to provide affordable IT solutions to the sports industry, in a timely manner, using the best and latest technology and ensuring the solutions are easily customisable to specific client requirements As the largest sport statistic software provider in Finland, with supporting IT products and services, our vision is to provide the same high level of service to sports federations, leagues and teams, in all sporting categories throughout Asia, Europe and North America
  6. 6. Core competencies ● Competitively priced ● Full service solution to clients ● Customised client solutions ● In-house production ● Passionate, dedicated and customer focused team ● Strong partner network
  7. 7. Industry experience ● Working with the sporting industry since 1998 ● Wide experience with international federations, teams, players, referees and clubs ● Highly proficient in ball sports – field & ice ● Knowledge expert in icehockey, lacrosse, floorbandy, volleyball, salibandy and rinkball
  9. 9. LeSport product range Real-time statistics ● Available in Pdf and XML formats ● Includes real-time stats on events, line up, shots, face-offs, time on field, breaks, +/- calculation shots, saves, penalty shots etc. Series controlling ● System development from ground level or can be integrated with current systems and databases ● Customised to your exact needs ● No requirement for secondary system ● Easily expandable
  10. 10. LeSport product range Billing ● Manages athelete transfers and registrations automatically ● Effortless and secure billing control ● Web and Pdf invoicing ● Banking connection for automated payment monitoring Custom ticketing ● Full service, customisable bar- code ticketing solution ● Free to use ● Real- time ticket purchase reporting
  11. 11. LeSport product range Competition portal ● Design and development for top international leagues ● Integrates online ticketing, real- time statistics, live streaming TV, live news feeds High impact advertising space ● Linked to leading league portals LeSport statistical pages receive up to 5million views in 1 month ● Affordable and guaranteed returns
  13. 13. Advantages of real-time statistics ● Increase website traffic: fans, teams, betting agents, media ● Improve data organisation: all information online in one place ● Saves time and money: system automatically manages billing, gamesheets, league statistics ● Data archived online: reports can be easily downloaded; straightforward to view latest membership records, team information etc. ● Aids simple evaluation of players and teams as complete match/season performances statistically calculated and easy to view
  14. 14. Product feature: Online game-sheet LeSport software supports production of... Technologically advanced online game sheets meeting international standards Automatically generated, updated and stored online ● Fully customisable ● Downloadable in pdf format
  15. 15. Product feature: simplified set-up ● Sample of game and team selection set-up ● User-friendly ● Limitless information can be entered such as goalies, referees, linesman, managers... ● All areas can be adapted are per clients requirements
  16. 16. Product feature: game start screen ● Blank sheet at beginning of game ● Admin clicks on game clock to start ● Admin enters timing/type of shot, penalties, goal actions throughout game ● Screen divided into home and away team views
  17. 17. Product feature: game shot map ● Admin records player shots throughout game including: ● Player making shot ● Time of shot ● Location of shot ● Graphical shooting map generated supported by detailed real time shooting report ● Roll over shot feature displays basic stats associated with shot
  18. 18. Product feature: front view menu ● Detailed selection menu with stats selection via championship and league ● Indepth breakdown of available statistics grouped by: ● Series ● Schedule ● Player ● Team ● Customised to your requirements
  19. 19. Product feature: team and player stats ● Sample easy to view breakdown of championship results ● In-depth breakdown of competition scoring leaders ● Limitless possibilities for statistics to be calculated and displayed
  20. 20. Product feature: spectator & referees ● Breakdown of spectators by team V home V away average ● Detailed statistical output on referee by: ● Name ● Penalties assigned ● Reason for whistle: abuse, charge etc.
  21. 21. Product feature: real-time report sample ● Can be generated at any stage during the game ● Automatic generation ● Real time game clock on report with minute by minute action ● Details overall game statistics at a glance ● Statistics can be viewed in detail: faceoffs, lineups, shots ● Report can be downloaded as Pdf: ideal for media
  22. 22. Why choose a LeSport product? ● Can be customised to your exact requirements ● Highly competitive on price: commitment to value for money ● Features updated regularly in response to new technologies and customer requirements ● Software can be adapted or integrated into any system and can read multiple databases simultaneously ● System is rented: cost efficient to clients, product features constantly updated and shared ● IT support services and products can be provided - “one-stop shop”
  24. 24. Customer testimonials “We started to use LeSport score and result service in 2002 at a basic level. From 2002, we have started to rapidly develop and customise LeSport products more for Hockey on a much larger scale. Today we handle all our score and result service, referee settings, club registers, player statistics, history statistics, event statistics, licenses and automated billings through the one system. LeSport score and result service is the only system we need in our organisation to handle the games and all game related tasks.” Pirkka Antila Manager of Hockey Operations in Finland